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Aug 19 2014
Debian Wheezy uses Gnome-3.4. What that means is that this theme version will not work as intended. The latest version of Synaptic has been converted to Gtk3, so it works just fine. You need minimum of Gnome-3.6 to run this version of DeLorean. Wish I could be of more help.
Cheers - Sep 13 2013
Thank you for your words of praise.
I am very sorry to hear you are having such difficulty with installing these themes. I wish I had some words of advise to offer, but I have no idea from where the issue is arising. Best wishes.
If you wish to attempt to debug with me to get it installed, please let me know.
Cheers! - Sep 13 2013
3.8 is slightly lighter than its predecessor so that I could add a Dark-Theme to it. The Dark Theme obviously wasn't finished when you tried it out. You may like it.
Thanks, and I appreciate your comment.
Cheers! - Sep 13 2013
Thanks! You are very welcome. - Sep 13 2013
Wow, thanks! Thats awesome.
Cheers! - Sep 12 2013
Thanks! You are right the Dark-theme is hot. Cheers! - Sep 12 2013
DeLorean-Dark -- Gnome 3.4 & 3.6

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Dec 30 2012
I just published the DeLorean-Light-Theme-3.6 [BETA]. You can find it here: - Dec 30 2012
I am working on a light themed version right now. I should have it posted within the next couple weeks. - Dec 21 2012
The background image is largely responsible for the delay between unfocused and focused windows. In addition the css is near 10,000 lines of code for this theme. As compared to Adwaita's aprox 4,000 lines of code. I made the decision to use the "backdrop" state for windows and I'm sticking with it. In the near future I intend on this theme becoming a binary, and that will speed up performance. - Dec 15 2012
You are welcome ;-)
Cheers! - Nov 13 2012
I'm glad that fixed it for you. As for why the theme only works properly when installed in /usr/share/themes, I have no idea. sorry. - Nov 12 2012
I'm not sure what you mean by 'title-bar', are you refering to Metacity? Have you selected the delorean-theme for Metacity, if not then what ever metacity theme you were using previously will take on SOME of the color characteristics of this theme but look totally off. - Nov 10 2012
I havent noticed this problem, but I will have a look. btw, is this for 3.4 or 3.6? - Nov 10 2012
for Firefox I would suggest installing the matching delorean-dark-Firefox theme. The other apps you mention are either qt or gtk2. I had to remove the mesh toolbar background and replace it with the curved solid in gtk2 because it was causing strange glitches in toolbars and toolbar buttons. - Oct 06 2012
Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. Thank you for pointing out the changes with nautilus and others in 3.6. I will fix that as soon as I have the opportunity. - Oct 06 2012
Almost forgot. You will need to log-out and log-back-in for the changes to apply. - Oct 01 2012
No problem. Open the included gtk-3.0 folder and then open the 'gnome-applications.css' file in your favorite text editor. On aprox. line #86 begins the 'canvas-item' or desktop-icon theming section. choose '.nautilus-desktop.nautilus-canvas-item' and change the 'color: XXXXXX' to what ever you like also the color of the 'text-shadow' The next few entries after that are for the states, ie. active, selected, prelight. Change those accordingly.
Cheers! - Oct 01 2012
One option is to add the code for firefox into the gtkrc as listed below by a fellow member. I would recommend installing the Delorean-Dark-Firefox-theme It fixes all those issues. Or you can visit the ArchLinux Firefox wiki for information on how to add the option of having black text and white background in entry-search-bars into your userChrome.css. Here: - Sep 25 2012
yes changes can be made in 'gtk-main.css' for colors. Or if you know the name of widget you can make the change to that particular widget in 'gtk-widgets.css'.
Text is usually either: 'theme-text-color' or 'theme-fg-color' but not always. You may find it very difficult to make changes to the coloring of this theme.
You will need to log-out and log-(back)-in for changes to the GTK to be universal. Otherwise without logging-out any newly opened app will display the changes made to gtk. - Sep 23 2012
Gnome-Devs change the syntax for every ugrade version of Gnome-3.*. I have made changes to the GTK3 portion of the theme for Gnome-3.5-3.6. HERE I have not had time to look at the changes within the Gnome-Shell. I will have it finished by the time we have a STABLE release of Gnome-3.6 - Sep 23 2012
Since my last message to you, I had decided to begin work on the upgrade to 3.6
You can find the first vers HERE also it has been added to my launchpad PPA for Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal.
It is a work in progress. I thought i'd let you know. Cheers! - Sep 23 2012
I will be updating for Gnome-3.6 in the near future. Currently it is still in Beta as 3.5*. - Sep 23 2012
I'm glad you were able to fix the problem. - Sep 23 2012
The theme is built on the 'Adwaita-Engine' with some styling by the 'Unico-Engine'. Please feel free to let me know if you have any further problems with the theme.
Cheers! - Sep 22 2012
The tabs in Gtk3 apps are indeed beveled, as well as the background behind the tabs.
I need more information, what Linux distro and vers. are you having the problem on? Do you have the 'Adwaita'-theme installed? Did you install 'Unico-engine'? - Sep 22 2012
Thank you for taking the time to share the info on FF text-inputs.
The specific widget however is Quote:
widget "MozillaGtkWidget*GtkFixed*GtkEntry*"

The style you listed as 'custom' is very helpfull. I was unaware that i could set cursor color that way. I did apply this to the Gtk2 theme for those who choose not do install the DL-D-FireFox-theme. Thank you!
Cheers! - Sep 22 2012
No the entrys are all dark with light-text now. Don't worry - Sep 22 2012
Thanks! - Sep 20 2012
Glad the fix worked out. - Sep 17 2012
On the download page under the heading 'FIXES' I have listed the fix for the UbuntuSoftwareCenter. At this time Ubuntu has chosen for the Software-Center to have its own CSS in its own folder. I hope they will change that in the near future. In the mean time follow these directions: Quote:
Find the following definition in '/usr/share/software-center/ui/gtk3/css/softwarecenter.css':
@define-color super-light-aubergine
Then, change the value to :
@define-color super-light-aubergine #2c2c2c;

That will fix the problem for you. Cheers, and thanks for the message. - Sep 13 2012
Thanks for pointing that out. I have corrected the problem with the separators and changed the menus to match those of the Shell. I also reworked the Fallback/Classic mode. It resembles the Cinnamon theme. I'll upload the new version on the 12th of Sept. - Sep 11 2012
What separators are you referring to? Menus? Gtk2?3? Im not certain what you are referring to - Sep 09 2012
Id like to be using the arrows, but they are still far to limiting with what you can do when using them. I pick shadows over arrows anytime. I'm hoping that 3.6's CSS changes will allow us more flexibility. - Sep 09 2012
Kmint-1.0 Plymouth Theme

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Oct 06 2012
You are very welcome! I hope it is fine with you that i posted the link to your instruction page. You are actually the only person who has made a comment about this theme. Thanx again! - Oct 06 2012
Thank you for you post and the link to your updated instructions. I posted this plymouth some time ago, and am no longer using linux mint or any debian derivative. So i am out of touch with the entire plymouth thing. I hope you find the theme enjoyable. Thank you for taking the time to help improve the experience for others. --Cheers! - Oct 06 2012

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Aug 01 2012
I am glad you enjoyed my theme. I will be updating it for Gnome 3.6 in the next month. - Aug 29 2012
Thank you for your very kind words. varNaM still has a ways to go before it is finished. I do intend on making a theme for Opera-Browser in the near future, as it is my preferred browser. I also need to port my previous Thunderbird theme to varNaM and lastly I have the Libre-Office to figure out. Thanks again for your words of encouragement. - Aug 12 2012
I tested MediterraneanNight in Firefox, and it works just fine with my Firefox theme. Just to let you know.
varNaM uses all complimentary colors. Dark-burnt-orange is used for shadows. Deep-navy-blue is used for dark borders. Text is either light-blue or light-beige and sometimes chocolate. I wanted to play with color and avoid black and white. Anyway....Thanks again for your help. Cheers! - Aug 10 2012
MediterraneanNight is a beautiful theme and very well done. Differences are many between themes. I chose to use background images in my themes which create a myriad of design and color issues...I guess i just like creating obstacles for myself. I guess I could give-up on textured widgets, and do a more universal theme, but that would be too easy...LOL!
As far as the code changes to mozilla; they aren't anything that should cause issues regardless of the theme. The changes i hard-coded were only for the URL and Search-Bars. the other few aesthetic changes are theme independent and rely upon gtk2's color scheme. Firefox will still change to match the appearance of the currently selected theme, same as it does now, only the URL and Search-Bar's will remain clean and readable.
Spread Sheets and Libre-Office on the other hand is a whole other bag of worms. - Aug 10 2012
Thank you so much for your kind words.
I'm glad the Thunderbird theme will work for you. I understand the long hours of looking at the computer. That is actually the reason I started creating themes. The eye strain over many hours with a light theme can really do a number on my eyes.
Did you notice the Firefox theme for varNaM on my Deviantart page?
I will be maintaining this theme for the long haul. I still have a ways to go till it is finised. Cheers! - Aug 09 2012
I am happy that it fixed the problems with Firefox for you. I intend on maintaining both varNaM and the Firefox themes. I'll begin working again on varNaM in the next couple of weeks. Cheers! - Aug 09 2012
Did you download the Firefox theme for varNaM on my Deviant-art page? You will also need to install the user chrome. I have also included one with instruction in the firefox theme package.
Hope this helps - Aug 08 2012
Both Thunderbird and Firefox require changing their individual CSS code. For the time being you can use this Thunderbird Theme I had done previously. It will match closely to the varnam theme. Go ahead and give that a try. - Aug 07 2012
I meant to ask if you found a problem with the vertical progressbar trough in the theme? If so, please let me know what app the problem is visable in, and what linux distro and desktop you are using with it. Thanks - Jul 11 2012
Hi, I am assuming you are refering to gtk3. 'gtk-widgets-backgrounds.css' line# 69. for the background color. 'gtk-widgets-borders.css' line# 18, for all variants of 'trough' border. 'Gtk-widgets.css' line# 538 provides the padding between the 'trough' and the 'progressbar'.
I hope this answers your question. - Jul 11 2012
Thank You for your vote! I was begining to feel like this particular theme was a bust. I apreciate your taking the time to leave comments. Cheers! - Jul 10 2012
The problem with using the PPA for Linux Mint is that Ubuntu has very specific issues when drawing this theme. These same issues do not exist with Linux Mint. These 'ubuntu-specific' issues are due to Unity, Overlay-Scrollbars, and its use of Metacity-2. The version of 'varNaM' in the PPA is specifically designed to address these issues for Ubuntu.
***You can uses the PPA with Linux Mint, but you will need to comment out both the 'ubuntu-specific.css' & the 'ubuntu-specific-dark.css' for the theme to draw properly, and look as intended.
Navigating to '/usr/share/themes/varnam-gtk-ubuntu/gtk-3.0/' and open the files (with your favorite text editor): 'gtk-main.css' & 'gtk-main-dark.css' and go to the third line from the bottom of each and comment-out the lines that say '@import url("ubuntu-specific.css");' using a '*/' before and a '/*' trailing at the end. The line should look like this when you are finished: '/*@import url("ubuntu-specific.css");*/'.
And thats it. After doing that it will draw without artifacts and look as intended on Linux Mint 13 while using the PPA to keep it up to date.
****Don't forget to repeat this after an update from the PPA.
- Jul 10 2012

GTK3 Themes 2 comments

by tedt
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Jul 11 2012
Nicely done. - Jul 11 2012
Equinox GTK Engine

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Apr 27 2011
I had only used Murrine-engine and Pixmaps before my most recent endevour. I just have never liked working with murrine...So I took the leep with Equinox, and Its the best themeing experience I have had with gtk2. Its cleanly designed, It is elegant in appearence, and most importantly it doesn't get in the way. I guess what I am trying to say is, Great Job! ThankYou - May 02 2012
DeLorean_Noir Theme

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Mar 26 2012
I am working on it. Its complicated using the image files for the windows especially with gtk2. Its still a work in progress.
Cheers - Mar 08 2012
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Feb 25 2015
Equinox GTK Engine

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by tiheum

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May 02 2012
Mint Swirl

Wallpapers Mint
by scottzilla

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Jan 22 2012

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Equinox GTK Engine

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