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GTK3 Themes 62 comments

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Jun 12 2016
Thanks! Tastes differ. Frankly, I don't like scrollbar buttons. I have only a few GTK apps and use E17gtk with them. For Qt, I use Kvantum, whose default theme is very similar to E17gtk but has scrollbar buttons; however, that's optional and I've removed them in its other themes. - Jul 28 2019
Yes! I decided to keep this theme updated. Its homepage is on GitHub. - Jul 03 2016
I updated it for GTK+-3.20.X and put it on GitHub ( Do not use the download link here because it is old! - Jun 12 2016
I repeat my reply to Masque here:

After updating my Manjaro installation, getting gtk-3.20, and taking a look at gtk source, I found out that this time, Gnome devs made so many backward incompatible changes to keep their senseless monopoly on how gtk3 "should" be styled. Updating the theme for use with gtk-3.20 is possible but would waste hours of my time for nothing! To me, this is a senseless job I don't have the slightest reason to do, especially when I'm very busy with other productive jobs.

If you use Enlightenment, you could easily replace your GTK3 apps with Qt ones and use Kvantum's default theme, which is very similar to the default theme of Enlightenment. - May 02 2016
I am really sorry to say this:

After updating my Manjaro installation, getting gtk-3.20, and taking a look at gtk source, I found out that this time, Gnome devs made so many backward incompatibale changes to keep their senseless monopoly on how gtk3 "should" be styled. Updating the theme for use with gtk-3.20 is possible but would waste hours of my time for nothing! To me, this is a senseless job I don't have the slightest reason to do, especially when I'm busy with developing my Qt engine and some other Qt apps.

I won't remove this theme just for its gtk2 part. - May 02 2016
I'll start to work on it when gtk-3.20 comes to Debian Testing. It may take some time to know what (useless) changes are made in that version. - May 02 2016
It's a long time I haven't used Enlightenment (because of its peculiar way of desktop management, which is inconsistent with many apps) but I like its dark look. So, this theme isn't specifically for use under E anymore. - Apr 27 2016
I don't think that's a theme issue. Anyway, you gave me motivation to update it for gtk-3.20. Now I'm very busy with Qt but I'll surely do it. - Apr 23 2016
Oh, it's a surprise to me that it works after such a long time! I'll update it when I have free time. - Apr 23 2016
KvGray for Kvantum

Kvantum 4 comments

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Oct 14 2014
Thanks but all of my Kvantum themes on this site are outdated. The up-to-date versions are included in the latest version of Kvantum itself (

Please note that I don't change anything on or - Jun 17 2019

Application Styles 115 comments

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Jul 08 2017
You've done a great job -- I saw your themes when we were talking on GitHub. - Sep 12 2018
I answered your question but this site seems buggy. You could report bugs, request features or ask questions at - May 26 2017
I rarely (if ever) come here. Kvantum is developed at github and your bug reports, feature requests and questions are very welcome there.

That being said, there are some themes included in Kvantum, that can match some gtk themes:

(1) The default Kvantum theme fairly matches E17gtk (;
(2) KvAmbiance matches Ubuntu's Ambiance;
(3) KvArc and KvArcDark match the Arc gtk theme and its dark counterpart (sorry, I have no link to those gtk themes);
(4) Kvantum also includes KvGnome and KvGnoemDark. A year ago, they matched Gnome default theme but since Gnome devs change everything once in a while, I started to developed and change those themes freely. However, they still match Gnome theme to some extent. - May 26 2017
It seems that you haven't taken time to try Kvantum...

Kvantum doesn't have any issue with qml; it's qml that has issue with complete styling. The problem just can't be seen with simple styles like Breeze.

Anyhow, I won't add a comment/reply here anymore. THIS PAGE IS OUTDATED. Bug reports and feature requests should be posted at the GitHub page. - Nov 25 2016
I'd be grateful if you tell about the bug you've found (preferably at GitHub). - Aug 14 2016
Glad to know you enjoy it :) - Jun 27 2016
Thanks for your contribution! - Jun 08 2016
BTW, as the .pro files are made for systems with Qt5 as their default Qt (i.e. most systems), Kvantum Manager and the extra themes won't be installed if the default Qt is Qt4. You should either compile them separately from their own folders or edit ''. - May 22 2016
> Also, you don't have to specify dependencies for the finished package in the debian/control file

That was intentional: deb packages built against Qt >= 5.5.1 didn't work well in systems with Qt-5.5.0. - May 22 2016
Please read my reply above! - May 19 2016
Oh, now I remember! Thanks for reporting! That's because of a workaround I included in Kvantum for QTBUG-47043. If I remove it for Qt < 5.5, Kvantum should be compiled against Qt-5.3 too. Please test again after I make a commit in GitHub (see the title of the latest commit) and tell me about the result! Thanks in advance!

As for the Debian folder, you're right. But, although I use Debian, I don't like to make an exception for Debian based systems. What about Arch-based systems (I like them very much) or rpm-based system? Should I include build folders/files for them too? I don't think so -- at least, not yet. - May 19 2016
Strange! The specific header `qxcbwindowfunctions.h` isn't used by Kvantum.

I don't think Jessie has a DE that recognizes Qt5 style plugins automatically. You should use one of the methods explained in INSTALL.

Thanks for the arch-independent tip! I only build 64-bit packages because I can test them. - May 18 2016
In a sense, yes, it's old but maybe not too old. Doesn't a direct Qt5 compilation work in Jessie? What is the error message?

Anyway, this is the deb folder I use but I don't know whether it'll work in Jessie (because of different versions of many packages):

As for openSUSE build service, I prefer not to build packages that I can't test. My system is Debian Testing and I have a Kubuntu LTS on VirtualBox. I also have Manjaro but with metak's nice packages there's no need to a separate Arch package. - May 15 2016
The default Qt is Qt5 in most distros, so the folder PATH/qt/plugins/style/ should belong to Qt5 if it exists and the Qt5 plugin should have been installed correctly in your case.

I don't have KaOS but Manjaro. They seem to have the same versions of Qt5 and KDE (5.5.1-1 and 18.08.2-1, respectively) and yet I don't see any problem here. Does your problem persist after logging out and in? Is your system fully updated? - Oct 30 2015
KvCurves for Kvantum

Kvantum 6 comments

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Jul 04 2015
Please don't download my themes from this site because all of them are included in Kvantum in better forms. - Jun 26 2017
I'm impressed by KvNC! That's not just some changes in some parts; it's good work! - Oct 01 2015
Why not? With another name, of course.
BTW, KvCurves is now one of Kvantum's extra themes, that are installed as root with it. - Sep 30 2015

Full Icon Themes 10 comments

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Apr 14 2017
Thanks! I didn't know that an external link to github was possible; added it right now. - Apr 14 2017
Thank you!
The theme isn't up-to-date here. I'll add the latest version to my GitHub page soon. - Feb 10 2017
You're welcome! A minor update will come soon (without announcing), - Dec 01 2015
Thanks! That's because LXQT is my main DE now ;) - Sep 19 2015

Utilities 1 comment

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May 15 2014
This is a really nice app! I changed all of my Yad scripts to Qarma ones under LXQt and now they not only look native but also work better. Thanks a lot! - Jul 08 2016

GTK3 Themes 95 comments

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May 05 2014
I'm really sorry to say this but, due to (useless) backward incompatible changes that Gnome devs always make to gtk3, updating gtk3 themes is a waste of time, IMO. So, I won't update my gtk3 themes anymore (actually, I don't use gtk3 anymore). - May 21 2016
That's because the deb packages are made for the latest Ubuntu and Debian. One of its extra themes (KvGray) is not unlike GnomishGray. This is another one: - Dec 06 2015
> I also use kde and see if I can find your qt themes.

KDE, LXQT or anywhere else, you could use Kvantum. It has 12 different themes of its own when installed. - Dec 06 2015
Thank you very much for your kind words!

I'll be very surprised if GnomishGray still works with recent gtk3 versions because the Gnome devs have a habit of breaking themes with every gtk version... However, it's more than 3 years that I've left gtk for Qt and I may not update this theme anymore. - Dec 06 2015

GTK2 Themes 8 comments

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Jul 24 2017
Thanks for your feedback! - May 06 2016
That is possible but Kvantum has a much more polished theme for Qt4/Qt5, namely, KvGnomeDark. I made this theme for a few GTK2 apps I had. - May 03 2016
The workaround for FF is like with other dark themes and is explained in README.

The OB theme is included in Kvantum (KvGnomeDark) and can be used without Kvantum too ( - May 03 2016
KvSimple for Kvantum

Kvantum 36 comments

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Sep 11 2015
No, I don't. But if you change every occurrence of LXQt to LxQt in lxqt-panel.qss, it should work. - Jan 13 2016
Good to know that! My laptop is Asus too; it goes very well with Linux. - Nov 25 2015
Oh, the theme is OK. I hope you'll enjoy your new computer ;) - Nov 20 2015
Download it again! I fixed an issue with the keyboard indicator too. - Nov 19 2015
It should be fixed now. - Nov 19 2015
I'll look into it as soon as I have time. Now I'm busy with fixing a bug in pcmanfm-qt. - Nov 05 2015
Thanks for your feedback. - Oct 22 2015
Done! Download the latest archive and read INSTALL! - Oct 19 2015
I prefer a translucent dark panel with all themes, having added a blurring effect to it with compton. But OK. I'll add a matching panel theme later and will let you know. - Oct 15 2015
I use the default Adwaita theme. For GTK2, I've modified it a little, as explained in INSTALL. - Oct 13 2015
You're very welcome. BTW, you could find the meanings of all keys in Theme-Config (usually installed in /usr/share/doc/kvantum/doc/). - Sep 12 2015

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Evolvere Icon theme

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Subtitle Composer

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Eucalypt Mist

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Rodent file manager

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DockbarX Themes
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