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Apr 10 2016
This theme is for GTK 3.14. Your problem is probably caused when using an earlier version of GTK. (For example in Ubuntu which is behind with the releases.)

There are some earlier builds that should work with GTK 3.12 here: (Not maintained any longer though.) (Click download tarball.) - Oct 27 2014 - Oct 27 2014
Dark theme isn't a priority at the moment. I find it to be very inconsistent by mixing dark and bright colors. - Oct 27 2014
In gtk-widgets.css search for CSD and in .titlebar remove the line with text-shadow. - Oct 27 2014

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Sep 13 2017
If you only use the close and minimize button that maximize button should still be the minimize button. The CSS can't know if there are 3 or 2 buttons on the titlebar and will use whatever nth-child in order. So you either have to use 3 buttons or just 1, or edit the CSS manually to not use the maximize glyph. - Oct 18 2014
Yep, that's a change I did after I made the preview. - May 18 2014
Managed to fix this with the help from gtkparasite.
The latest build can be found at: - May 15 2014
Oh, and I forgot:
Uncomment everything within .titlebar .titlebutton in gtk-widgets.css and gtk-widgets-borders.css. - May 14 2014
A fix for xfce users would simply be manual intervention as for now. Open gtk-main.css and change:
@import url("window-controls.css");
/*@import url("window-controls.css");*/ - May 14 2014
I understand what you mean now. This could be tricky or impossible to fix unless I completely remove the CSD buttons. I can only fix this for people using window buttons on the right side. So Ubuntu users would get a menu icon there instead of a close icon as it should be for them.

Hmm... - May 14 2014
Can you provide more information on what apps you use? Any XFCE settings to get a "fallback app menu"?

I currently just have file-roller installed in my xfce WM and it just displays a common menubar below the CSD titlebar and nothing else out of the ordinary. - May 14 2014
Do you have any custom settings in your Firefox profile folder?
Remove, move or update this file if you have it:
~/.mozilla/firefox/<random>.default/chrome/userChrome.css - May 03 2014
Can't see anything wrong on my ff29 profile. - May 03 2014
You'll have to edit the css file gtk-main.css. - Apr 22 2014
If the applications are GTK3 they won't apply GTK2 settings from Mate's appearance editor. - Apr 22 2014
Do you have the murrine gtk2 engine installed? - Apr 22 2014
Didn't the yesterday update fix the client side decorations in Ubuntu 14.04? - Apr 14 2014
Forgot: Browse code > View revision > download tarball. - Apr 08 2014
Click "browse code" and then "download tarball". - Apr 08 2014
Make sure you're not using an outdated version of the theme too. The colors and the window border looks outdated from the current version. - May 02 2013
This theme requires Gnome 3.8. The problem looks like a common problem with outdated versions. - May 02 2013
I had to remove it because of an odd bug in Ubuntu causing pink lines instead of dots. You can enable it by changing:
to 1px in gtk-widgets.css. - Feb 16 2013
QT apps probably use the assets from the GTK2 theme which doesn't use the same assets as the GTK3 theme. Check and radio buttons are styled with the murrine engine in GTK2 and with image assets in GTK3. I haven't exactly tried to mimic the murrine engine. - Feb 08 2013
Read this: - Jul 08 2012
Looks like an issue with your font settings.

Use gnome-tweak-tool to change the settings to:
Hinting: Slight
Antialiasing: RGB

It could also have something to do with cairo or compiz not being activated. - Jun 24 2012
I find transparent menus somewhat less usable. Especially when there's no alpha-blur available in mutter/clutter. I just want to see the menu items and not some application with text under the menu.

As for the blue color, I'm hoping it's a step for a more color neutral look. It may change, not decided yet. - Jun 12 2012
I've been thinking about this, but I do have some doubts.

Those sizes you suggested aren't the same size as the current for me, they're bigger in fact. I have to change the sizes to 0.9em, 0.85em and 0.8em to get the same sizes. So if I do this adapted to my screen I may mess up the fonts for others. - Jun 12 2012
I would suggest reporting the bug to the eclipse devs to make a better gtk port. - May 31 2012
This theme is designed to be used with a custom bg color or image in your GTK2 panels.

It's white to fix a bug when a custom transparent background image is used. (Like the included panelbg.png for example.) - May 11 2012
An update is on its way, but I need to wait for Gnome 3.4 to be added to ArchLinux's stable Extra repo before I update. I don't use testing/unstable repos. - Apr 10 2012
The panel in XFCE resizes the icons based on the xthickness and ythickness set to the panel in the panel.rc file. Try changing those values to 0.

Other panels with proper design resizes the icons based on the height of the panel and uses the x and ythickness as a padding between items. - Dec 21 2011
Unfixable. This bug have to be reported to those who are responsible for the gtk integration of Thunderbird. - Dec 15 2011
I did increase the vertical padding on the titlebar a couple of months ago. Though I'm not sure why I did it, maybe because I tried to adjust the button placement.

Try changing this value to a lower one (like 9 or 8) in the metacity-theme-3.xml file: distance name="title_vertical_pad" value="11"

As for Simpleton. My next metacity theme I'm working on will be borderless and pretty similar... except for the buttons. Zukitwo GTK2/GTK3 and the Nord shell theme can work as a replacement for the widgets and stuff. ;) - Dec 06 2011
To find application specific styles in GTK2 I used to use gtkparasite. I've read that they've made some patch for GTK3 (or working on one), but I have no idea if it works. - Dec 05 2011
Is it Zukitwo-Dark you're using? If so, can you tell me if the same bug is present in Ubuntu's default theme Ambience? -

If it is you should report the bug to the developers of that extension. - Nov 09 2011
CSS is a little bit different. What you're looking for in gtk-widgets.css is border-radius. :) - Nov 07 2011
That's a bug with gtk3-appmenu. If you don't have any use for desktop icons you can disable the file manager to handle the desktop in gnome-tweak-tool.

If you do use icons on your desktop you'll have to cripple Unity (if you use that) by removing appmenu:

sudo apt-get remove appmenu-gtk3 appmenu-gtk - Nov 07 2011
Sounds like you have an issue with your laptop's monitor and not the theme. - Nov 04 2011
If you're referring to the activities icon it's not a Fedora logo. It's an infinity symbol. - Nov 04 2011
This is an issue with fonts. The larger fonts you use the larger the spacing gets. Unfortunately I haven't found a solution to this yet. - Oct 31 2011
I'm just going to say what DanRabbit, the author of elementary gtk said:
"no, the black is too sharp of a contrast and it hurts your eyes after a while. Better to go with an almost-black."

I agree with him. It actually does that to me after trying. But this is very individual I guess. :) - Oct 22 2011
Putting the text color to black causes something that makes it look worse for me. I can't really explain it actually. Try adjusting your monitor's contrast/brightness. Make sure you can see each steps in this image: - Oct 22 2011
Your fixes breaks a lot of other things. And maybe these dark menus weren't such a good idea anyways, because of so many application with bad gtk integration seems to break. - Oct 22 2011
Sounds like you've installed the themes in the wrong folder and/or didn't close and re-open gnome-tweak-tool after you installed the themes.

Folder structure:


- Oct 21 2011
Unity is quite a mess right now. Barely any documentation about how to theme it. But if you could provide a screenshot maybe I could take a look at it. (But I can't test my possible fixes.) :P - Oct 20 2011

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Oct 22 2014
Umm, I can't see anything wrong on those screens. O.o - Apr 22 2014

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Aug 17 2012
Fixed. :) - Jun 07 2012
Try to change the color in the settings.ini file too. - Dec 10 2011
Open gtk.css and gtkrc in a text editor and replace #94ab82 with any other hex-color you would like to use. (#a2b8ca for example.) - Dec 10 2011
Hmm. That's strange. Are you using any extensions on the top panel? - Dec 10 2011

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