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josh brown Sherman, United States of America

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May 11 2016
The link is fixed. - May 09 2016

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Nov 11 2015
I'm glad to hear you like it so well with Xfce4! You will be glad to hear that I am currently working on Candra, I have the light and medium gtk3 themes ready, I still need to do the dark theme and the gtk2 versions. Gimme a little more time, I should be able to knock it out within the week.
Cheers! - May 02 2016
Hey, I plan on updating it soon. Currently I am finishing my Cloak-Theme(you should check it out).
It wont be much longer for the update its just that I have to do a full rewrite, Gtk updates suck!
Cheers! - Apr 29 2016
Fixed in 3.16.
-Cheers - Nov 20 2015
I darkened them on 3.18, you must be using 3.16 which i honestly forgot to make the change in. My bad. I'll get right to it.
Cheers - Nov 20 2015
Open the gnome-shell folder and open the gnome-shell.css in text editor. find '#panel' change 'background-color:' to whatever you would like and remove the line 'border-image: url("panel/panel.svg") 1 1 1 1;'. The '#panel .panel-button:hover' and '#panel .panel-button:active' may both need to be changed in the same way. Good Luck.
Cheers! - Oct 20 2015
3.18 is available now.
Cheers! - Oct 13 2015
What is the error that you found? I can't fix it without this information.
And the theme contains the gtk-contained.css and gtk-contained-dark.css. They are made into a binary for so the theme stays loaded in memory loads faster and cleaner.
Thanks, Josh - Oct 11 2015
I'm Glad it works for you and that you like it.
Cheers! - Oct 08 2015
its in the gresource binary. its not meant to be changed. If you google you may find a way to open the gresource file so that you can make changes. - Oct 07 2015
When Arch Linux upgrades to 3.18 I will also with this theme.
Cheers! - Oct 01 2015
Thank you very much!
Cheers! - Sep 30 2015

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May 05 2016
I made a Metacity theme and worked on Nemo. The latest package '2' has theme included.
Cheers! - Apr 17 2016
Arch with Cinnamon will work. The transparency is written into the theme css, so I don't know if Cinnamon will honor it or not. Transparency is enabled by default in Gtk3 apps. - Apr 16 2016
I have not made a Metacity Theme yet. So far only Gnome is themed. I have no idea if Cinnamon will show the transparency. I know that Linux-Mint does not use Gtk-3.20, therefore this theme will not work. - Apr 16 2016

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Mar 10 2016
I forgot to post that you must go to the Dorian-theme-slate folder, open 'gtk-3.0' folder and with your favorite text editor open the 'gtk-contained.css' file.
Go to the bottom of the page and you will find "/*
@import url("unity.css");
@import url("ubuntu_styles.css");
Change this to: @import url("unity.css");
@import url("ubuntu_styles.css");

That will make the nessasary changes to the theme for Ubuntu. If you have any furthor problems let me know. btw-download latest version posted today it makes a few changes. - Mar 10 2016
thank you!
I'm glad you like them!!! - Mar 25 2015
I will look into it. thanks for the heads up. - Mar 17 2015
The folders can be found here:

Thanks, Cheers! - Mar 17 2015
Thanks, fixed - Mar 16 2015

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Jan 24 2016
I'm glad you have an opinion. A little over 3000 people disagree with you. I do agree that it is heavy, you need a computer built within the last couple of years to not notice it, it will weigh down an old computer. The png images are used because that is the entire point of this theme. On the plus side this theme remains an original. I have many other themes on this site that go from normal type appearance(adwaita,ambiance) to flat and minimal(see the Candra Themes). This is really all about having fun and sharing it with others. You ought to try and be less negative. You can catch more flys with honey.
All my best. -Josh aka killhellokitty - Jan 28 2016
Thanks, it feels great to hear that the theme works so well for you! I love Openbox, so I always try to add its theme. ;-)
Cheers - Nov 20 2015
Thanks. 3.16 to 3.18 wasn't so bad they just got more specific on widget naming and added better support for touch. I can work with the changes. ;-) - Nov 18 2015
By the way, the 3.18 version of Nemo will have the same path-bar style as Nautilus shown in the pic. - Nov 12 2015
Thank you for posting the pic, that helps a lot. You are using Gtk-3.16 and that is the problem. You could update to Gtk-3.18(the current version of gnome) with the gnome3 PPA like Ubuntu, and that should fix the problem. It you are a newb, and are more comfortable with staying with what you have got, let me know and I will get a copy of the older gtk-3.16 for Nemo and make you a patch. Yes, I'm that cool my French friend ;-)
Please let me know what is best for you and I will help.
Cheers- Josh - Nov 12 2015
This is built for Cinnamon 2.6.13 using Gtk-3.18.
It will make a difference if you aren't using the devel version of cinnamon and gtk-3.18. If you are using this version then please send me a link to a picture of the issue and I will do my best to fix it.
Cheers! - Nov 12 2015
I truly appreciate your message. Thank you! - Nov 02 2015
revision 14 on deviantarts download page. I can't do anything about gdebi unfortunatly debian/ubuntu only apps can be difficult. Sorry - Aug 29 2015
Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I have fixed the issue in revision-14. you can download it at
Please let me know if you find any other issues.
Regards, Josh - Aug 29 2015
I've tried using git-hub and it has confounded me. I know it should be simple to work with, but for some reason it kicks my a**!

All the how to's i've tried have been unsucsessfull for me. - May 05 2015
I take back my earlier statement. The panels were indeed broken. I believe I have fixed them in version 22. Please let me know if the problem continues. - Mar 25 2015
I tested it with a white background and had no issues. If you can send me a pic as to what going on it may make it easier to debug for you. - Mar 25 2015

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Aug 19 2014
I am sorry, but honestly I do not know how to change the colors within the calendar. I'm not even sure where it picks up the colors from. I tried a few things and none of them worked. I wish I could have been of more help. But I am glad you like the theme, I am very proud of it.
Cheers- Josh - Sep 07 2015
lines 5798-5821 & 5823-5832 aref for the scrollbar sliders. You can change the color there.
The theme doesn't have scrollbar buttons enabled but you can enable them:
1st: line 5617 enter true
2nd: line 5618 enter true
3rd: lines 5637-5648 need a background color
4th: lines 5707-5718 need a background color
That should do it. It sounds like a lot of work but it will only take a few mins.
Luck, Cheers! - Apr 08 2015
Flat Remix ICON theme

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Jun 23 2020
Hey Daniruiz06 This is Josh, yes we have had a split from Cencoft and the head developer and myself are making our own distro based on Arch Linux/Manjaro. We would still love to have your amazing icon set as default in our distro. The Gtk themes are finished so I can send you a copy so that you can work out coloration bugs between our theme and your icons. The theme is for gtk-3.16 so I hope that is what you have installed otherwise it will mostly work in gtk-3.14 except for the scrollbars. I look forward to hearing back from you and moving forward.
Josh Brown-Williams head of design Texas USA.
my email is: - Sep 07 2015
Are you still interested in our project?
I look forward to hearing from you! - Jul 24 2015
Wow! Im so happy to hear it. Im Josh
You should probably contact our head of development first. His name is Tomas:
Let him know we have spoke and I am looking forward to you joining our team!
- Jul 19 2015
We are putting to gether a new linux distro and your icons would look amazing with our new gui.
Would you permit us to use your icon set? And would you be willing to fill in any icon gaps we may encounter. We are all volunteers.
Hope to hear from you soon.
-Josh - Jul 18 2015

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Jun 13 2015
I checked and that icon pack does indeed have volume icon and bluetooth icons within it. It would mean its an issue with mate not reading them. I can't figure out why not. I am very sorry. I don't know what else to do for you. - Jun 17 2015
They look like default gnome icons. A lot of sets use some of the default icon set. If I generated them for yuo I wouldd go ahead and package them as an icon theme . All you would need to do is install theme. Let me know what theme you like best and color preference and I'll see what I can do. - Jun 16 2015
Ultra or Woken? - Jun 15 2015
Its not mine, I only changed the colors of the files so that they woud match the theme. I am willing to change the two icons in question for you and i'll provide you with a download link for the altered version. the bluetooth icon and ? what color would you like them? - Jun 15 2015
That is all set by the icons you choose. It has nothing to do with my theme. Try out some different icon packs, I beleive ubuntu has two monochrome icon packs. You will need to experiment till you find the icons that work for you.
I wish I could be of more help.
Best Luck- Josh - Jun 15 2015

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Jun 10 2015
Thanks soooooo much!
Cheers! - Jun 09 2015
DeLorean-woken-icons @ are based on Alecive's FlatWoken icons at
Cheers! - Jun 06 2015

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Mar 02 2015
You are welcome. Thats cool you remember way-back when I first made this theme. Its been a while.
Cheers! - Mar 25 2015
Qt5 Configuration Tool

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Jun 10 2020

weird thing is it worked on my old laptop.
- Mar 11 2015
The output is on Pastebin:
Thank you very much for your time and patience with me! - Mar 05 2015
I am using the default qt5 package from arch linux - Feb 27 2015
I was using Windows as an example. It doesnt allow for any change. Everything except you app stays as Fusion. - Feb 26 2015
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Feb 25 2015
Equinox GTK Engine

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by tiheum

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May 02 2012
Mint Swirl

Wallpapers Mint
by scottzilla

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Jan 22 2012

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Equinox GTK Engine

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