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Dec 13 2011
Points of possible discrepancy:

Hidden files--non-hidden files in hidden directories show in both--something easy enough to change.

I think the runner does reject duplicate file paths. The GUI's option worked sparingly.

I have not looked at this since the last submission and what I am using has some not submitted funny business that did not work but searches should be the same. I'll take a look when I have a chance.

In any event, your are not being restricted to PDFs! - Mar 23 2011
Do you get the same or similar results using either the recoll -t command line or the recoll GUI?

I get many more results from the command or GUI for whatever reason. Many look like duplicates. However, I am getting various file types in both the command and the runner, not just PDF.

Please check your recoll configuration and the recoll-runner configuration. Note that because I am processing recoll -t ... command line output (rather than calling recoll code), I have fewer options available than the GUI. - Mar 23 2011
Thanks for the RPMs. OpenSUSE users take note :-)

Anyway, this plugin, at least at present, is sooo simple that maybe all those variations may be unnecessary. - Aug 01 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions 12 comments

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Jan 31 2011
Looks ideal for a krunner plugin. Some folks use the runner more for text based stuff, others will prefer the individual plasmoid interface. - Jan 31 2011

Database 12 comments

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Jun 30 2011
Using chromium-browser (and NOT Google's version but the Debian opensource package), I get a "Google is evil" message saying auf Deutsch and English that the authors will not allow their stuff accessed via chrome.

I assume IE is OK. Microsoft is the epitome of righteousness.

Better avoid Firefox because all those goodies run off a 4G interpretor called ... Chrome!
(A joke ... no connection.)

I guess I'll try and download using Opera. They should be neutral enough. - Dec 23 2010

Utilities 41 comments

by medoc
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May 06 2014
The recoll runner is posted on this site so give it a try!

I used C++ and I run the recoll CLI. Might try to lift code from recoll sources sometime for direct calls but this might not be a great advantage.

Python scripting is an alternative and is safer since it will not slam plasma in a clinch. However, having to keep interpreters or vm's (Java) resident full time would seem to me too heavy a hit for spot-usage runners or plasmoids. - Sep 18 2010
Recoll is the only one which does not slow down my old PIII clunker. I do not dare try to run nepomuk and strigi, the kde4 resource hawgs. Those kde4 daemons are crippling.

So ... I am sure I am not the only one who would like to use recoll INSTEAD of the above. I will likely roll my own runner using the CLI and parsing its output when I have time to devote to it. Some .so based backends would be nice, even a library to directly access recoll's/xapian's data. - Apr 17 2010
Grouping Desktop

Plasma 4 Extensions 93 comments

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Jul 24 2010
Switching to this mode kills my desktop layout. So does switching out.

In the grouping mode, non-plasmoid icons (i.e. folders, devices, programs) can no longer be moved, are stuck in the upper left corner where they got mashed. Since it was these I wanted to group, I did not try further but went back to regular desktop. Had to move and resize everything to restore. - Jun 27 2010

System Software 3 comments

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May 31 2010
OT: Let's limit the use of -uck words in these postings, please.

How does Longene relate to the Linux Unified Kernel project (out of China!)? There's works with a patched wine (why it is a pain) and kernel patches for windows kernel-level calls. They also rely on reactOS. - Jun 01 2010

Music Production 2 comments

by rncbc
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Mar 24 2020
Published link is incorrect. I searched sourceforge and got the sources from:

Eager to try this. Xgedit windows 95 program I bought a long way back works 100% using wine. Nice and better to have something opensource and native! - Apr 22 2010
Socket Sentry

Network 39 comments

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Aug 01 2010
This is really nice. Many of us who will run this will also have knemo running. Why both? Maybe lay this display as an option to knemo (which is a panel applet) or visa-versa? - Apr 06 2010

Tactics & Strategy 2 comments

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May 25 2011
This is nice but shares just one problem that the former yahtzee program had: ne parle francais.

Has all those qlinguist? tanslation files. How does one actually use them? - Mar 14 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions 88 comments

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Oct 22 2009

Source link is broken :-( - Feb 07 2010
The latest qalculate on Debian Sid (unstable) breaks the applet. The applet apparently tests for its presence on startup and the new version is "not found."

Quick fix? New version?

BTW: The runner version still works OK. - Feb 07 2010
KHistoryComboBox does it. I actually use it as a container and do not display it but it worked just fine when I did show it.

What history functionality is in the present code?

The icon is really OK if one likes hot pink :-) - Aug 27 2009
Fantastic. Which I could get Israel currency on that site.

A few ideas:

1. If I select to write the results to the input text widget, I do not need all that height. Give me a more compact (one-line) view :-)

2. A clear button <x would be of help.

3. Again, history (v). I think these can be provided by stock kde widget rather than the simple editbox.

4, I am not thrilled with the icon but that's a matter of preference. - Aug 27 2009

Strange that Israel currencies are not there. How might one request their inclusion?

Looking forward to the next version. - Jul 15 2009
Yasp-Scripted (Systemmonitor) v1.0.8a

Plasma 4 Extensions 301 comments

Score 82.1%
Feb 25 2011
There is something just like this (if I could only remember the name!!). NOT a plasmoid though I posted to plasma-developers about making it into a plasmoid. Very similar scripting, everything but the kitchen sink. So ... reinvented the wheel, not so horrible :-)

1. Everything in plasmoids needs be asynchronous. If it is "waiting for" something, plasma will hangup waiting. Your implementation may in fact be OK, but should pass the wait after a short! time, leave field blank (as the above app did).

2. Most any attempt to live-edit the script and reparse crashes plasma. So no way to try and fix scripts. The above app was well behaved doing this (did not crash itself and of course did not touch plasma).

I am looking for a ksensors replacement so a better system monitor is the best idea. - Jan 02 2010

Audio Apps 75 comments

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Mar 08 2015
Even though python symlinks/alternatives to python2.5, the presence of 2.6 (presently incomplete but needed for some other app) prevents cmake from finding all the qt/kde bindings and much else. I had to move 2.6 out of the way and symlink that to 2.5.

This is the output:

~/frescobaldi-1.0.0/build$ cmake ..
-- Found PythonInterp: /usr/bin/python2.6
CMake Error at cmake/modules/Python.cmake:11 (message):
The following Python modules are missing:


Call Stack (most recent call first):
CMakeLists.txt:14 (python_test_script)

-- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!

In other words, it somehow gets to the 2.6. Finding this is done by a cmake module. Not smart enough, I'm afraid :-) - Dec 27 2009
Never flagged in synaptic or anywhere, the PyKDE4 packages were for 4.3.2, not 4.3.3. Upgraded and voile.

I am using UTF8 as the default encoding. Lilypond files produced by noteedit showed in the code and previews correctly. Files from nted previewed fine, but in the code view, the Hebrew letters came in as ... Chinese!

Changing the encoding in the open/save options fixed that, but it seems that this could/should be flagged in the lilypond files themselves and the default be taken from KDE. - Dec 02 2009
Either of the import lines is an immediate segfault.

I have three groups of PyKDE4:

1. /usr/share/sip/PyKDE4 with .sip

2. /usr/lib/pyshared/python2.5/PyKDE4 with .so

3. /usr/share/kde4/apps/pykde4/ with a and examples

All are (should be) Debian Sid - Dec 02 2009
Both commands simply yield
"Segmentation fault" - Dec 01 2009
P.S. No crash log dialog is presented. - Dec 01 2009
I am using the current latest version of frescobaldi but this problem has been through most of the recent versions.

I am running kde4, pyqt4, from Debian Sid. - Dec 01 2009
I had early versions of the program working, very impressive!

However, for some time now, the program simply segfaults opening lilypond files. Since it is attempting to open the previously active file, it segfaults immediately.

BTW, Lilypond will format and Lied will open the files. Problem is that lied cannot display non-latin characters, though recent fltk supports utf8. - Nov 29 2009
Piece of Web

Plasma 4 Extensions 31 comments

Score 72.2%
Dec 14 2009
I enabled the ping and all flows nicely--still best do it without the ping and be fully asynchronous.


1. To be able to read it :-)
Setting background color, adjusting the transparency (if supported), etc. CSS? (need to remember how to use that!).

2. If a link is displayed and clicked, what should happen?

Open in plasmoid? Will usually be too small, set to show a smaller section, huh? Another window in right click choices does nothing.

So the user's default browser (or one chosen in the config) should come up with the link. Plasmoid should be unaffected by this. - Dec 16 2009
ALL data test/load be they from local or from the internet, must be asynchronous! Otherwise, plasma will wait and wait with a black screen. I have had this happen. Very embarrassing.

I cannot ping out (I guess I can enable it in my firewall).

A plasmoid must initiate the test or load, go on its merry way, allow init() to complete, allow the GUI to be active. A signal of completion must be received and then the data can be used. The graphic can have the "busy" animation meanwhile, but the UI should remain crisp and active, graying anything dependent on the data. Use provided (or write) dataengines where appropriate.

The ping to me is a no-no. No data or no connection? After a certain time (one-shot QTimer), a message box and a no-data graphic. Allow me to retry/refresh from the config dialog since internet connections do go up and down. - Dec 16 2009
Hint: I tried it out again, took half hour to get the web page up, then restarted it when I clicked to select the area. So ... I removed the plasmoid. The dialog was still up!

Low and behold, the web page loaded and I got the prompt to select the area, did so, tested it, wonderful!

Just no plasmoid. Crashed plasma on exit but to be expected.

So it is the plasmoid itself (or its interaction with the dialog--BTW, give it some poetic symbolic title :-) -- that is stalling the business. - Dec 16 2009
May be a good idea. However, I never got that far. The response of the dialog needs to be fixed before I can try all this out.

Check threading. - Dec 16 2009
As I said, I have had problems with dialogs in other interpreted or scripted UIs. Java, for example.

To keep the Java UI responsive, I have used threads. The UI is on the main thread. Everything else is in background threads. BTW, Qt4 is designed to mimic the Java API.

Also, internet and other loading in plasmoids must be asynchronous. Start a thread to load, signal the main thread when done. Similar issues with the UI! - Dec 15 2009
So if you are using qtwebkit, it should be doing much much better. However, I have had interpreted apps with unusable dialogs.

I am using tinyproxy and dansguardian. I could try bypassing this. However, until I could even enter a URL was interminable. Once I got the page, I could not attempt to select to piece I wanted in the applet because the thing simply would not respond. - Dec 14 2009
The setup dialog is so excruciatingly slow that one simply cannot use it. It should come up with some valid content rather than a javascript empty document error timing out over and over.

If the ruby cannot perform, then a compiled language may be in order (using qtwebkit).

OK, I am using a 600mhz PIII, but CPU cycles are not the problem.

This is too nice an idea to give it up in frustration. - Dec 14 2009
1. Unzip to a parent directory, i.e. pieceofweb.

2. How does one install it? Give script or instructions. - Dec 14 2009

System Software 11 comments

by pen2
Score 58.0%
Dec 13 2009
make does nothing at all.

Have korundum4 from Debian Sid. - Dec 13 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 2 comments

Score 50.0%
Jan 18 2010
The plasmapkg thing does not work.

How about a normal cmake build? - Nov 17 2009
Keyboard Status Applet

Plasma 4 Extensions 9 comments

Score 58.0%
Nov 10 2009
Compare to a kde3 panel applet of similar idea. When placed on the panel or size reduced similarly, this thing should have an iconized view. Right now, attempted scale to smaller sub-icon sizes fails. - Nov 11 2009

Board 165 comments

Score 72.2%
Oct 31 2011
The backspace erase was the only, albeit, awkward way to do it.

A menu or right click item to clear an answer would be helpful.

Best would be an eraser tool. Click it, click on boxes to clear. Just like a "real" crossword. Surprised there is none in the program now! - Sep 30 2009
Backspacing no longer erases. In fact there seems to be no way to clear unwanted letters from the puzzle.

The backspace functionality was minimal but was there. Need to be able to erase! - Sep 29 2009
Yes, the puzzle->load dialog no longer comes up.

Nothing can be loaded without this that does not appear in the recent list. Something I just saved-as did not get added to this list. - Sep 23 2009
I prefer the newer opening screen. However, I would more like to have the program come up with the puzzle on which I was working, where I left off! The recent puzzles has its place on the puzzle/file menu.

I opened a puzzle, entered some text, saved, exited. Restarted the program and opened the saved puzzle. In both 0.7.4 and 0.7.5, the saved puzzle did not have the entered text. This save is apparently just to have a local copy of the network content.

So saving a puzzle and saving a local copy of the original, blank puzzle are two separate functions, both desirable. Being able to save and start where one leaves off is a make or break for this fine program!! - Sep 23 2009
Top priority would be a save/load since we are doing serious crosswords which take more time than the usual toys :-)

Wishlist (and this is important): Most of the puzzles offered are titled. The title carries vital hints for solving the overall puzzle and especially longer items therein. Boston Globe puzzles are examples but most others use this schema. So simply display the title somewhere.

NY Times? I think they charge. - Sep 16 2009
yaWP (Yet Another Weather Plasmoid)

Plasma 4 Extensions 1198 comments

Score 85.8%
Mar 23 2013
There is a lunar phase dataengine. Could this be used instead of a full moon always for the night icons?

Also, how difficult might it be to get the temperature on top of the panel icon? Space is at a premium. - Aug 29 2009

Graphic Apps 9 comments

Score 58.0%
Feb 09 2010
Here is the relevant part of the log:
Common::OpenGLHelper: Initializing...
Common::OpenGLHelper: GL-version is 1.2 Mesa 7.4.4.
Common::OpenGLHelper: GL-vendor is VA Linux Systems Inc..
Common::OpenGLHelper: GL-renderer is Mesa DRI G200 20071017 AGP 1x x86/MMX/SSE.
Common::OpenGLHelper: Attempting to init GLEW.
Common::OpenGLHelper: Successfully inited GLEW.
Common::OpenGLHelper: Checking for important extensions...
Common::OpenGLHelper: -- GL_EXT_framebuffer_object...
Common::OpenGLHelper: Extension GL_EXT_framebuffer_object not found
Common::OpenGLHelper: GL_EXT_framebuffer_object extension is not supported. Failed to proceed.

I guess I need to wait for Debian Sid to catch up, at least to 1.3. - Jul 20 2009
I am using, hopefully temporarily, a old matrox g200 card. Yes, an old clunker. The program starts up disabled sayin the opengl capabilities of this junk are not good enough, useless to continue.

Can we do a little better than that :-) ? - Jul 19 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 53 comments

Score 50.0%
Mar 26 2009
It once did work in konqueror. Now get unsupported protocol. Konqueror is becoming more and more a dog.

The URL does work in Opera though opera's ftp functionality is quite limited.

If the URL is (possibly) OK, I get that permissions error. If it is not, then the program correctly complains. - Jul 18 2009
If I give the applet a bare URL to FTP site, I get "cannot rename partial file, check permissions".

If I try to include login info in the URL, i.e.

I get malformed URL. The problem may be that the user name also contains '@' and '.'--may need to replace %## notation. So tried %40 for the @. Now I get the "cannot rename partial file, check permissions" error so it will accept the URL.

How do I get it to work? - Jul 16 2009

System Software 236 comments

Score 83.1%
Mar 28 2014
I took the rsync command, tried EVERYTHING. Nothing gets transmitted. The remote site does not support this protocol (I am after them to implement it) so maybe it simply cannot work. I have seen numerous postings about mounting ftp sites and using rsync, however.

I might prefer to see some sort of error message if the transmission is not REAL but rsync goes merrily on its way. - Jul 17 2009
I now have no rsync errors.

When I have a useable connection to the remote, the backup procedes, but simply too quickly. Nothing is actually uploaded. As if I had specified simulation but I did not!

Get the pieces to the whole file and the decending numbers ###/totalfiles and such.

Very little network activity at all--just for directory information from the remote, I suppose. - Jul 15 2009
Fantastic app.

I mounted a remote ftp using curlftpfs and ran a session.

It goes through the motions at too-great a speed. Nothing is actually written (I did not ask for simulation!

I get a lot of
rsync chgrp operation not permitted(1) errors - Jul 15 2009

Arcade 39 comments

Score 63.3%
Mar 08 2012
I would not put this line into a distribution copy just yet. The raster is not really stable enough. Performance enhancement is maybe 50% in this game.

Anyway, the inclusion would need to be something like:
if ( want acceleration && dri available ) {
// set to dri
if ( qtversion >= 4.5.0) {
// set to raster
else {
// set to default
} - Jul 15 2009