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Netspeed Widget

Plasma 5 Monitoring 49 comments

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Oct 06 2019
You need to install the package plasma-addons. - Jan 26 2020
The speeds are shown on top of each other or side by side depending on the height of the widget and the minimum font size set up in the kde system settings. You can overwrite this though starting with version 1.7 using the "Layout" option in the settings dialog. - May 28 2019
For some reason the applet doesn't get updated when changing the font. But after restarting plasmashell, it should use the correct font. Does that work for you? - Jan 30 2019
I just tired it with an up-to-date antergos, no problems there.
Could it be a display driver issue?
Does the digital clock applet work?
Can you describe the problem in more detail (maybe provide screen-shots?). - Jun 03 2016
Thank you, but there are many other system monitoring widgets out there, this is supposed to be only for network monitoring. - Feb 28 2016
Yes, it's the correct version. It's probably a caching problem, try logging in again. - Jan 18 2016
I fixed some layout problems, could you update to version 1.1 and check again? - Jan 18 2016
You can't, either upload it somewhere or send me an email to hessijames at gmail. - Jan 18 2016
Could you please provide some screenshots, plus I don't know what you mean by "slot". - Jan 18 2016
I don't have a router running dd-wrt or tomato, so I wouldn't know how to test it. - Jan 18 2016
Popup Launcher

Plasma 5 Menus 49 comments

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Oct 06 2019
I reported the issue at:
And I'm tracking the issue at: - Sep 03 2019
I have created an issue for this on github: - Aug 18 2019
Hm, that sounds like a plasma issue, not sure what I could do about that. - Aug 13 2019
That's a good idea, I added an issue for it on github. But I don't have much time at the moment, so don't expect anything, sorry :(. - Oct 26 2018
You can drop the .plasmoid file onto the (unlocked) desktop. A menu with an "Install" option will appear. - Oct 28 2017
I updated the package with a possible fix, can you try it again? - Oct 28 2017
Thank you. - Sep 02 2017
I added some error logging in version 1.1. Could you please send me the output again.
It should print messages like:
"Error: Menu category ... does not exist"
"Warning: Menu category ... has no entries"
Btw. you can look up the menu entries yourself using the application "plasmaengineexplorer" and selecting the data source "apps". - Apr 17 2016
I'll have to think about a config option for the icon size. Having much larger icons than text seems to me like a very unusual setup.

Using proper colors in the config dialog is a mess. Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems impossible to get the colors of the widget theme. I fixed some of the color problems, it should be more functional now, but it won't be perfect. Please tell me if something is unreadable though.

I also increased the size of the application icons in the config dialog a bit, so the action (move up/down, remove) should be easier to use. - Apr 17 2016
So does the scrolling not work? Can you double check that.
All I can think of right now is to install plasmawindowed and run "plasmawindowed org.kde.popupLauncher" in a terminal and see if there are some useful messages. Maybe there is a dependency missing or something. - Apr 16 2016
Again, I'm using the plasma units (which are fixed). I don't know if it is even possible to access the icon size config option from a plasmoid. - Apr 16 2016
Can you be more specific?
This works fine for me. - Apr 16 2016
I know of this problem, but I don't know how to fix it. The only tip I can give you is to use the icon name instead of the path. This only works for icons in the current icon theme. So instead of using "file:///usr/share/icons/.../konqueror.svgz" use "konqueror". - Apr 16 2016
Fixed it, will release a new version soon. - Apr 16 2016
I get the icon size from plasma units. These are dpi-dependent. Have you set up dpi correctly? Can you post a screen shot? - Apr 16 2016
Ok, good to know.
I find it rather strange though, that (k)ubuntu would split the QML modules into different packages (and not install them all by default). - Apr 09 2016
Places Widget

Plasma 5 Menus

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Feb 19 2019
Thank you for your comment. There is an issue for this feature request on github ( But I don't have much time right now, so please don't expect any progress. - Oct 26 2018
Thank you for your comment. But sorry, that would be outside of the scope of this simple widget. Adding such a feature would be too much work for me. - Oct 26 2018
I can't reproduce that problem. Have you tried logging out and in again? - Feb 08 2018
Thank you! I updated the package. - Oct 28 2017
Color Folder

Dolphin Service Menus 71 comments

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Aug 06 2018
The output looks good.
Does color folder show up in the context menu of directories?
Are you using the Frameworks 5 version of dolphin? - Apr 09 2016
Could you try the from and run it using "bash ./".
Also, could you tell me the bash version using "bash --version". - Feb 02 2016
Hi. Although the idea is similar, I don't think it would be a good idea to merge both service menus.
I would suggest you create your own release and if you wish, we can each add a link to the description so interested users can find the other service menu more quickly. - Mar 30 2014
Unfortunately this doesn't answer my question. But I have to assume that use are using a smb:// url. In this case it is not possible to color the folder. Dolphin will simply not show a different icon because it would have to check every directory for a .desktop file and that wouldn't be efficient over a network. - Feb 12 2014
Could you please be a little bit more specific. I don't use samba so I can't test anything.
Did you mount the folder or are you accessing it with the smb kio slave (url starts with smb://)?
If you use the smb kio slave then it is not possible and the color folder context shouldn't even show up.
Otherwise, have you checked permissions? Could you try changing the icon manually (right click on the folder -> properties -> click on the icon). - May 07 2013

Audio Extractors/Converters 608 comments

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Oct 01 2017
No, sorry, I don't have time for that. - Apr 09 2016
Sorry, but the qt5 branch is not ready to be used. And by the looks of the error message you don't have gcc/g++ installed. - Nov 11 2015
There is a qt5 branch on github (depends on frameworks 5, too). Though I don't have the time to work on it at the moment. Also this branch is more than just a port, it's a partial re-write. - Apr 12 2015
Thanks for the hint, I'll put mpv compatibility on my todo list.
Where did you install the .deb from? I never tested soundkonverter with mplayer2 but since it can be used as drop-in replacement for mplayer (as far as I know) it seems the packager just pulled mplayer2 in. - Aug 24 2014
I'm sorry but that's not possible, soundKonverter relies on some important features provided by KDE. - Jun 23 2014
I'll keep it in mind but I don't have much time at the moment. If you want to make sure that I won't forget it, you should file a feature request at - May 14 2014
I found this comment while trying to fix a recently reported bug. Turns out it's the same bug you reported. In case you are interested: - Mar 31 2014
With version 2.0.91 you can configure the cdparanoia plugin and disable paranoia. - Feb 17 2014
Have a look at Version 2.0.91 for album artist support in the CD ripper. - Feb 17 2014
That could be. But it seems that this problem lies withing taglib and not soundkonverter. So I don't see what I could do. - Oct 22 2013
Works fine for me with taglib 1.9.1 on opensuse 12.3.
Have you tried removing the build directory and compiling again? - Oct 20 2013
You installed soundkonverter into /usr/local. Maybe some environment variables aren't set properly. Off the top of my head I can only think of KDEDIR (and KDEDIRS) which should be set to the install prefix because soundkonverter provides it's own plugins and plugintypes.

At least for testing you could install soundkonverter into /usr (or whatever your default kde prefix is), you can completely remove all installed files by running "make uninstall" (see - Jul 30 2013
Please try running kbuildsycoca4 --noincremental - Jul 29 2013
No, soundkonverter is not intended to do that.
If you want to keep a directory with converted files in sync with a master directory, you will have to start soundkonverter every time files change (or build a solution that automates this, e.g. use the soundkonverter command line interface). Then make sure that you use the same output options (e.g. by saving them as a profile).
And you can skip files that already exist by setting "conflict handling" in the soundkonverter settings to "skip files". - Jun 29 2013
Hi, thanks for you comment. I can't reproduce the problem. Could you be a little bit more specific?
Greetings, Daniel - May 15 2013

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Apr 06 2012
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Feb 21 2012
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Feb 16 2012
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Nov 01 2010
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May 02 2010
Col d'Osquich

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9   Sep 23 2012
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9   Jul 23 2012
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9   May 30 2012

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Plasma 4 Extensions
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9   Jun 27 2011
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Dolphin Service Menus
by Yama

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9   Apr 24 2011
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9   Oct 27 2010