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Religion is Poison

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Jun 21 2004
Actually, "Religion is poison" is a quote of Mao's. - Jun 21 2004
From Russia, with Love

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Jun 07 2004
Ignorant of history?

Not quite.

This piece was made more in satire, mainly to get a rise out of Steve (shoemakermfg), because of his reaction to my "I'm Communism" wallpaper.

I am well aware of Stalin's crimes against humanity, so don't preach to the choir. - Jun 18 2004
You're right, Stalin is not one to be idolized. I only did this image as a slap in the face to shoemakermfg, for his hateful remarks on my Lenin wallpaper. If that makes me a prick, then so be it. - Jun 07 2004
I said "no", because Hitler was not a Communist. The focus of the series was in regards to communist leaders. - Jun 07 2004
Tux vs SCO

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Jun 09 2004 - Jun 10 2004
Eventually. ;-) - Jun 09 2004
I'm Communism

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Jun 21 2004
One would think the embarrassment of a single public word eating would be enough of a deterrent to stop you from saying aloud / posting that which should never even have been thought. Since you appear slow in learning your lessons, perhaps there should be a caloric toll for each word you consume.

Since your pants are probably feeling tighter just pondering this, an intelligent person would be quick to install some type of filter that diverts the flow of absurdity from the vocal chords (or carpal tunnels, in this case) down through the intestines where it really belongs. If only you had discovered the filter before embarking on your "Crusade of Freedom", your words of wisdom could have exited out of the appropriate orifice, instead of humiliating yourself.

In other words (read: "to dumb it down for you"), you talk too much sh1t. - Jun 09 2004
Religion is an opiate for the masses; a system of control, used to keep those with power in power. This was another fear that the Western world had about Communism, as it employed true separation of Church and State. From that aspect, it was easy to target the Soviet Union as an enemy, since the American public knew next to nothing about that part of the world, politicians set out to scare the public with threats of "Godless Communism" ruling the planet.

Anyway, I could go on about this for hours, there's simply too much history on this matter, and this is neither the time nor the place for a history lesson... but you get my point. - Jun 09 2004
So was Jesus. - Jun 07 2004
Yes, you are asking too much.

Turn the page. - Jun 06 2004
I'm glad to see that someone else is as amused by this debacle as I am, myself. - Jun 06 2004
maybe for my next project... - Jun 06 2004
Thank you. We're all refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view. - Jun 06 2004
Politics is an art in and of itself.

I happen to enjoy political making and viewing political artwork. This image was posted to share with those who also enjoy viewing political art. If you don't like political art, then it wasn't made for you.

You may now turn the page. - Jun 06 2004

Now is the time when we Americans must band together as Americans and realize that our white American male God loves America and created America in Heaven's image. God bless the United States of the USA and its American Americans. American USA God America. - Jun 06 2004
Your only motive here seems to be the censoring of those who do not agree with you. You should really just get over yourself. - Jun 06 2004
That was great Steels, thank you. - Jun 06 2004
This might be a new thing for you, but the Internet is the largest gathering of human beings ever assembled, so of course, something on the Internet will (and already seems to have) offend you.

The freedom to express oneself is the prime reason that the Internet has become so important and why there are so many diverse resources.

Still, some people, such as yourself, have a little trouble getting used to such license. Eventually, we all come to realize that if we don't like something, we can ignore it. However, for some new users (this means you, Steve), the temptation to complain is too strong.

So someone complains... "Yes, I do believe in freedom of expression, but comparing the President of the United States to a retarded Nazi feminist minority member with AIDS is just too much and should not be allowed. After all, we must remember that using the Internet is a privilege and not a right, and that if people like you continue to pollute the network with ignorant, racist, dangerous opinions, the Internet will be taken away and... blah, blah, blah..."

Well now. All that such a diatribe means is that, as an Internet user, the writer is still immature. I assure you that no one, anywhere, will pay the least bit of attention to a self-righteous pronouncement of what is right or wrong (including your own). So, should you ever run into such a person (or happen to be one), remind them (yourself) gently that the best part of the Internet is its diversity, and that tolerance of other people's opinions and ways of thinking is a virtue. Indeed, if there is one Internet Golden Rule, it is: CENSOR YOURSELF, NOT OTHERS. - Jun 06 2004
Do we need to have a remedial reading lesson, Steve?

You see, Steve, at the bottom of every page on this site is the following text:

"Copyright 2001-2004 Team
All rights reserved. has no liability for any content or goods on this site.
All contributors are responsible for the lawfulness of their uploads."

Let's review, Steve: has no liability for any content or goods on this site.

So let's all hope the administration is freedom-minded than yourself, Steve. - Jun 06 2004
As an American who loves freedom, you would call for this site's administration to remove my freedom to submit/display an image that you don't agree with???

Where is this Love of Freedom that speak so highly of? Censorship is Un-American, Steve. Freedom of Speech extends everywhere: in school, government property, on the streets, even on the Internet. We already are granted this right by the Constitution, which you seem to need some reminding of. Censorship is unacceptable anywhere, anyplace. I'm really getting sick of all these limits to our Constitutional rights. If you don't like something, don't complain and cry about it, just turn the channel, turn the page, shut it off, or turn your head. No one is forcing you to see it. - Jun 06 2004

I am afraid that you are, still, very sadly mistaken. Granted, Russian Communism evolved into something quite ugly, but it would be wrong to blame the figure in question, Lenin, who held a much more pure view of Communism than did those who followed him. So for me to create an image of Lenin exclaiming "I'm Communism" is to say that his ideals of the Communist state are what I admire, not that of those who came after him and turned a great movement into quite the clusterfsck. So, again, please educate yourself before making hateful (or loving, as you call them) remarks. - Jun 06 2004
Maybe not every person that comes to this site is American, like you. I sincerely hope the other users on this site and the administation are not as ignorant as you. Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov was (and still is) a hero to many who lived (and still live) under the oppression of Imperialist regimes.

I urge you to educate yourself a bit more before you embark on making such hateful remarks: - Jun 06 2004
Soviet Arizona

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Jun 09 2004
HAH! Thank you. Check out the Stalin one I made for Steve... - Jun 06 2004
Mine wasn't so well received: - Jun 06 2004
Mine wasn't so well received: - Jun 06 2004
I love it! - Jun 06 2004

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Jun 05 2004
Because that's what almost everyone else on this site does, and that would be boring. When I look for wallpaper on this site, I specifically avoid the images riddled with K's and gears. Therefore, I provide wallpapers for like-minded individuals. - Jun 06 2004
Green Spiral

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Jun 05 2004
Thank you. - Jun 06 2004