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Jakub T. Jankiewicz Bliżyn, Poland
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Dec 09 2018
You may download updated package. - Dec 18 2010
I update the package. - Dec 15 2010
I add these icons you requested and I create icon for lotta but you don't include the filename.

Icon for accessories is already there but it seems that it shows icons from AwOken for hint.

Icon for monitors is in the package too but it display icon from next Icons in the stack which is Humanity or gnome (it's skip AwOken). If you find the name of the file put it in comment. - Dec 14 2010
I thing that icon for ATI Catalyst can't be changed. I have this tool and I can't find the place where this icons is defined. If you have replacement for it in some icons that you have installed put the name of the file. - Dec 13 2010
Put the filenames of this icons. I don't have these programs and I don't know how to call them. They should be visible in folder for icons that have replacement for these or in /usr/share/icons.

Easytag is the package but I forget to add one symlink. - Dec 13 2010
If you still have problems I create script that allow to change color theme of icons with double click method. - Dec 12 2010
This message means that tar can't find a file clarity.tar.gz. First you must go to directory where you download this file, with cd command (when you start terminal emulator it's always in your home directory). In Firefox if you click left button it download to standard directory something like ~/Download (you can check this in Firefox preferences). If so you must type
cd ~/Download to change directory.
If you get the file clicking right and "save as" you can select directory where the file be downloaded.

You can also search for that file:
find ~ -name clarity.tar.gz
this should return the path where that file is located.

Then you must unpack that file because it's compressed to do this you must use tar
tar xzvf clarity.tar.gz
this will create directory Clarity in directory where you are. you must copy this directory to ~/.icons (if you don't have one you must create it mkdir ~/.icons)
cp -r Clarity ~/.icons
then you must go to that directory
cd ~/.icons/Clarity
in this directory is Makefile (this file is use by makefile program to do his magic) you must run make program which follow the rules in Makefile. if you type make without parameter it display list of available themes and if you put the name of the theme it build your icons.
so if you want blue icons type:
make caeruleus
you must wait until make is finish and you should have blue icons. (Sometimes you must change icons to some other and then select Clarity agent because icons are hold in memory and they must be refreshed)

PS: If you unpack the icons some other way then from command line, like with fileroller from GUI, you don't need to use tar - tar just unpack the file. I just put this for people that don't know how to install icons. If you successful set Clarity icons and you have grey, and you want to change colors you must simply go to ~/.icons/Clarity and type make caeruleus (or other theme) and make will automagically build icons. if you ever see open source software (it's source) it always use make to compile - this is Unix matra:
./configure && make && make install - Dec 11 2010
The problem was with comments before svg main tag in icons files. I fix this problem so it should work now. - Dec 07 2010
I will download Fedora LiveCD and when I have time, I will check this out. - Dec 06 2010
To install this theme.

$ tar xzvf clarity.tar.gz
$ cp -R Clarity ~/.icons

And it should be installed.

to switch colors of icons (I create Makefile so you just type make)

blue icons:

$ cd ~/.icons/Clarity
$ make caeruleus

orange icons:

$ cd ~/.icons/Clarity
$ make luteus

violet icons

$ cd ~/.icons/Clarity
$ make violaceus

green icons

$ cd ~/.icons/Clarity
$ make viridis

The rest is if you want to create your own color theme or add new icons. To create your own theme you must hove some SVG knowledge. If you just want to change color

I put this in Readme so It will be clear. - Dec 03 2010
They are based on AwOken (which is based on Token) but I add new icons and modified exited so they all have the same look and feel. - Nov 30 2010
Drakfire Black

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Dec 12 2010
In Firefox Theme the drop down combo for choosing different search engine is missing and sometimes plus for adding new tab is not displaying.

PS: It's look great. - Nov 30 2010
Ubo Icons Theme

Full Icon Themes
by ubo

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9   Jan 24 2011