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Jakub T. Jankiewicz Bliżyn, Poland
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Dec 09 2018
Just published version 0.5.1 with scaled icons to 64x64. - Dec 09 2018
That's weird, if you've installed from deb package you should have that directory. Try

find /usr/share/icons/Clarity/scalable/ -type f | wc -l

it should give you 920. If you installed in ~/.icons/Clarity then change that path and you will not need sudo. - Dec 09 2018
Yes I can confirm, I've installed evolution on my Xubuntu 12.04 in VirtualBox and the icons are quite large.

You can fix it by executing this code:

find /usr/share/icons/Clarity/scalable/ -type f | sudo xargs sed -i 's/width="128" height="128"/width="64" height="64" viewBox="0 0 128 128"/'

this will be cleared after you change icon color if you also execute this on src directory you will have permanent fix will create 0.5.1 version with a fix. - Dec 08 2018
Weird I will probably will need to create smaller icons just for evolution like with 16x16 (but probably will not create all icons like with 16px only those for evolution props).

What window manager/Desktop you're using? Maybe I will replicate this on my machine or in VirtualBox. - Dec 08 2018
Here is how it look like in Fedora/XFce

Will need to add icons for evolution not all of them are created. Do you have all of the large or only the blue ones? - Dec 07 2018
It looks ok in Fedora XFce, what distribution you're using? Did you install in ~/.icon or /usr/share/icons directory (I think it shouldn't matter)?

When I've opened the preferences, I think the icons where at 64x64 but they look the same on other themes in XFce. - Dec 07 2018
You need librsvg package Also I think I've broken the build just uploaded new version of tar ball. The repo is also fixed + updated change-theme script. - Dec 06 2018
It seems that you can change that text you just echo "# Completed" added in tar.gz package and in repo. - Aug 15 2017
You can download tar.gz file, it contain source files or get it from github and extract to ~/.icons/Clarity directory. - Apr 21 2017
It's no way GUI to say completed, the user can't change that message. - Jul 05 2015
You can't change that text (it's also translated to your language). - Jun 10 2015
You only need configure and Makefile (but Makefile will be created by configure) if you want to build icons from command line. - Jun 10 2015
There was an issue with Huge icons before and PR from JumperPunk fix it. You can try to download icons form - May 03 2015
I have Xubuntu 14.04 and I don't know how to fix this in 15.04. You can try to ask on or - May 03 2015
Or you can link it to dropbox icon,

$ cd /usr/share/icons/Clarity/scalable/places
$ sudo ln -sf ../status/dropboxstatus-logo.svg folder-dropbox.svg

You will see that icon don't change. - Sep 28 2013
I said that when I Replace that symlink with dropbox icon the folder icon didn't change it stay standard folder icon. So you can't change dropbox icon, I can push that icon to git repo so you can try for yourself. - Sep 28 2013
There is folder-dropbox.svg symlink but when I replace it with an icon the folder was not changed. - Sep 26 2013
It seams that you can't change dropbox folder icon. - Sep 26 2013
BTW: you can always use make to change theme

sudo make <THEME>

or run from terminal

sudo bash ./change-theme - Sep 08 2013
I use 13.04 and I uninstall Clarity and then install it again and change-theme is working normaly. It's something with Ubuntu. Try ask on why script is not executing but opening in text editor. - Sep 08 2013
I get email from gnome-look but this message is missing. You can fork icons on github add all your changes and create pull request. I'll check them, if they are fine I'll merge them, I added few icons to github that are missing in packages, if you merge your changes I create new packages so everybody get new versions. Here is the repo, I would prefer if you fork and create pull request, but if you prefer to just upload those icons somewhere it will be fine, I still check them. - Oct 03 2012
I don't have much time to work on it, but if have links, that are missing, you can send them to me or add comment here. I'll add them to the package.

Also if you find other bugs or request an icon, I can add it too. - Jun 10 2012
Take a look at files in src directory they start with template_ and they are svg files that have two markers {{TITLE}} and {{PATH}}. So you need to create file like this.

You can take existing icon modify it in Inkscape save it as clean svg (in template_???.svg file) and then put {{TITLE}} and {{PATH}} into righ place. {{PATH}} should be inside "d" attribute of the "path" element.

You can also use text editor to modify SVG file directly.

When you put that file in src directory you will be able to select it from change_theme script. If you want to use make instead you need to run ./configure. - Jan 24 2012
You can change the logo using make, but I can create a script just like for changing theme. - Jan 15 2012
I think it's my fileden ID this is list of older uploads
- Jan 13 2012
I updated the license notice in README.

PS: In your PKGBUILD file you put the path to the file (with version as variable) but every time I upload new version of the package, the path will be different, because the path contain the date of the upload. - Jan 12 2012
Thanks. Yes, I know, I need to dput it again with dep added. - Jan 12 2012
That's mistake, it should be GPL, besides in all icons there is separate copyright notice and on the page and everywhere there is GPL. I will fix README. - Jan 09 2012
I added your symlinks, and I will add missing icons, I will publish packages soon.

In your PKGBUILD file you link to the path of the pachage and the version number, but when I upload new version of the package to fileden, the path will change (because it contain the date when it was uploaded).

The license is GPL not CC-BY

And thinks for using my icons. - Jan 09 2012
I just build blue icons using both make and change-theme script that in both cases all icons are changed. The icons that ramain unchanged are only wireless loading, system-upgrade, few actions and linux logo (those in static folder).

I will make wireless loading icons, and spelling changeable.

As for covergloobus, banshee and playonlinux they are not in the package. Clarity inherit icons from AwOken icons (they are similar) so they are taken from that theme. - Dec 28 2011
There was a bug in build script I think I fix it. Can you try it now (in version 0.3.1).

If you still have those issue, can you tell me what Distribution are you using? - Dec 28 2011
I've created 16x16 pixel icons using ImageMagic in build script.

There also was a bug in build scrips. I think I fix it. - Dec 28 2011
Clementine was already there I added one symlinks for it. in 0.3.1 I added Libre Office and Flash. - Dec 28 2011
Did you try to copy that icon and replace symlink?

rm scalable/status/nm-device-wwan.svg
cp -f scalable/status/nm-signal-100.svg scalable/status/nm-device-wwan.svg

Are other symlinks works? - Sep 08 2011
These icons are fixed. I must create themeable versions of these. - May 27 2011
Which windows manager/GNU/Linux distro you are using. - May 23 2011
This is image scalable/status/user-available.svg, this file is generated based on line in src/compound_icons_rules, so you need to delete that line too (if you don't delete it it will generate this file when you change colors). - Apr 24 2011
It seems that it don't scale vector icons. You can try to generate smaller icons 16x16 or 24x24 using ImageMagic (convert command), or delete this icon so it will take it from AwOken. - Apr 18 2011
WIFI status is "hard coded" I will create themeable version. Empathy icons are taken from AwOken (Clarity inherits from it) I don't know why they are giant. could you show screenshot (I have empathy installed but I don't have any contacts) - Apr 17 2011
Thanks. I always do typos in this word. - Apr 16 2011
Did you try "make caeruleus" from Clarity directory? change-theme need zenity for gui. - Apr 12 2011
crunchbang with openbox - Apr 08 2011
I use crunchbang (#!) liveCD and install deb package via dpkg and set icons using lxappearance. (Icons configuration is save in ~/.gtkrc-2.0 and ~/.gtkrc-2.0.mine) - Apr 04 2011
Dropbox app and status icons in version 0.2.9. - Feb 10 2011
It's in new version (0.2.6). - Dec 26 2010
These icons are in the latest (0.2.5) version. - Dec 25 2010
I added virtualbox-bin and fix qjackctl.

If you want to change eclipse icon you can try to replace that icon from eclipse folder from the icon from Clarity/scalable/apps. - Dec 23 2010
I've create those icons you requested. If they didn't show up. you must post filenames of these icons. (they should be in one of /usr/share/icons subdirectory or /usr/share/pixmaps) - Dec 22 2010
It's because these icons are not in the package they are taken from AwOken Clarity inherit from it.

PS: I'll create icons for these programs soon. - Dec 22 2010
I create that symlink. You may download the package. - Dec 20 2010
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