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David Nolden Aachen, Germany

System Runners by dilettante 5 comments

Hi! This looks good, I'll soon try it out.

Just something about the shortcut: I think "ALT+Space" is a too worthy shortcut for something that sits around permanently. For example we use it in KDevelop for Navigation(Much more frequently accessed functionality than starting an app). Why don't you just use the same standard shortcut KRunner uses, ALT+F2? - Oct 23 2008
Tea Cooker

Plasma 4 Extensions by swizec 10 comments

I wouldn't trust binary packages created by a random guy, especially if he calls himself "warezman" and has nearly no information in his profile. So I recomment removing the link again. - Jul 21 2008

Plasma 4 Extensions by mherbert 196 comments

This is exactly what I was yet missing in kde-4!

I've noticed that when I enable previews, it also shows previews for *.desktop files instead of their associated icons, it should better keep those. :) - Jul 04 2008