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Roland Brochard Toulouse, France
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Network 20 comments

by zuzuf
Score 66.7%
May 14 2013
Thanks! - May 28 2013
Can you connect to ftp://localhost:2000 ?
You may need to allow port 2000 in your firewall. - Feb 25 2011
Currently it's not possible but I am planning to split qShare in 2 parts, one for GUI and a core part without GUI to run the service in order to avoid possible conflicts between several running instances on some platforms and allow multiple users to use it at the same time on the same machine on some other platforms. Adding a -nogui option would be easy with this design but it'll be for qShare 2.0 :P - Oct 05 2010
done :) - Apr 03 2010
You should try version 1.3, it has better support for UTF8 paths. - Apr 03 2010
That's strange, there is no option concerning network interface for sockets so I didn't put any and I have it working over my wireless network. Maybe it's firewalled ? - Jan 11 2010
Which browser do you use ? Beware that qShare runs by default on port 2000 which is not FTP default port (accessing port 21 usually requires admin privileges) - Dec 30 2009

Graphic Apps 2 comments

by zuzuf
Score 53.3%
Apr 26 2013
This application is in maintenance phase. So no big changes, only bug fixes and new features if I(or someone else) need them ... unless one finds a good reason for big changes. - Jan 08 2013