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Jan 05 2017
Thanks for the attention to the problem.

I have managed to solve my problem like this: I unticked the "AUDIO-BITRATE-UNCHANGED_default=64k" option and ticked "KEY-IN-OPTION", in the subsequent window I just gave these 2 option: "-ab 128k -b 3000k" (f.e.). So the only trick is to set the video bitrate too... I do agree, that this is not the matter of ur script. But with anything else I do, the video bitrate will be significantly decreased.

Anyway, now I can happily use this converter, so thanks a lot and a thumbs up! - Jan 25 2011
If I use the default options, everything is the same as in the original video, but the sound quality is decreased to 64k. I don't think this is a good default value, as most of the videos have 128k. But as soon as I change any of the settings (no matter if audio or video), it decreases the video quality and now the sound is fine. So there's no way to have both the video and audio of the original quality at the same time... - Jan 08 2011
Score 81.9%
9   Jan 08 2011