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Joerg Zimmermann Cologne, Germany
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Wallpaper Other 2 comments

by zimmi
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Sep 29 2006
these are the "kinda nice" little ones, they just build their nets and wont come inside your house. the ones that come in our house are realllllllllly ugly. look here

these are ugly as can be, and the run around your feet at night :D - Oct 02 2006

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by jlue
Score 85.8%
Jun 27 2020
these are real nice, cant wait for some with a bit more color :) - Dec 18 2005
k3b icon

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May 08 2004
looks nice, how about a sreenshot ? - May 08 2004
New Sparkling Icons

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by zimmi
Score 50.0%
May 07 2004
lol, this is so emberesing, i completely missed that button :D - May 08 2004
the font is called Mail Ray Stuff you can get it here
  • - May 08 2004
  • to tell the truth, i got no idea, suse9.1 did it right from the start like that and i havnt figured out where to change it. - May 07 2004