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Skydomes by Matiee 23 comments

links not working to download ? - Apr 21 2018
tron legacy burg theme

GRUB Themes by mazur888 4 comments

download wont work. - Jul 15 2013
Fingerprint Bootsplash 1024x768

Bootsplash Various by peterson 23 comments

bootsplash:- (loading graphics before kdm)

1:- extract '29662-fingerprint-bs.tar.gz' to '/etc/bootsplash/themes/'
2:- edit '/etc/bootsplash/themes/fingerprint-bs/config/bootsplash-1024x768.cfg' making sure the picture files/paths are correct.
3:- edit '/etc/sysconfig/bootsplash' making sure THEME= whatever the directory name is, under /etc/bootsplash/themes/.
(for instance mine:- 'THEME="fingerprint-bs"')
4:- konsole and type 'mkinitrd'

ksplash:- (loading graphics after kdm)

1:- konsole type 'kcmshell4 ksplashthememgr'
2:- select 'install theme file' and select 'login-scan-splash.tar.gz' the 5mb version for KDE4.

kdm:- (fingerprint theme for kdm)

1:- sudo zypper in kdebase3-kdm
2:- extract 'login-scan-fusion-0-3-1.tar.gz' into '/opt/kde3/share/apps/kdm/themes/'
3:- yast2 -> system -> sysconfig editor
3a:- navigate to 'Display Manager' then change 'DISPLAYMANAGER' field from 'kdm4' to 'kdm' (NOT kdm3!)
3b:- navigate to 'Display Manager' then change'DISPLAYMANAGER_KDM_THEME' to 'login-scan-fusion'
4:- konsole and type 'kcmshell kdm'
4a:- set background as 'no picture' and options -> colors = black. (u see the background color before kdm and after kdm, setting it to black makes it blend in.) - Feb 07 2010

by Matiee

Apr 21 2018