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Erick Luis Braganza Parra Ureña, Venezuela
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The Last Amazing Grays Iconset

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Jun 29 2010
Just great ... really great ... just thanks! - Mar 20 2010
Monochrome Circle

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Jan 25 2010
Oops! that comment wasn't supposed to go there ...

Sorry my bad but great theme! - Feb 02 2010
But you should put description's theme ...

I want it on my pc too =P - Feb 02 2010
Dark but Functional

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Feb 02 2010
But put description's theme, I want it on my pc too! - Feb 02 2010

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Jul 21 2009
Just that ... AWESOME!!!! - Dec 17 2008

Wallpaper Other 6 comments

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Aug 24 2008
In the morning the background is green ... I don't know if is a good idea put the background green but some girl told me that will be more "Happy" ...

- Aug 24 2008
Corrected Background Fedora Animated

Wallpaper Other 5 comments

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Aug 24 2008
I wanna mean ...

Can I use the direct link from FlyFlyer or this change when pass the time? ...

I have sleep and talk in English confuse me sometimes ... LOL - Aug 23 2008
I can use the direct link in FlyFlyer or change with the time? - Aug 23 2008
vision (codename inspiration)

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May 30 2008
Chamo you're the best doing themes for Gnome (y) - May 22 2008
Can you upload the font that you use in that theme? please ... - May 22 2008
This theme is really cool, I

When you finish, please put the theme with all parts: Background, Icons Theme, Theme (With metacity) and Fonts!

Inspiration definitive is an inspiration for anybody ...


P.D: Sorry for my bad English - May 05 2008

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Jul 27 2008
Nice theme, I like it! :) - Apr 16 2008

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Oct 19 2007
The best on this page!

my congratulations, you give life to my desktop!

Thank you, one more time! - Sep 02 2007
Transparent Kicker

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Aug 28 2007
Pana lo mejor sería que postearas en inglés así la gente no se pierde tu contribución y puede ser entendida y apreciada todos, ya sé que es bueno impulsar el Español pero no de esta manera, mantengamos un orden así las ideas no se pierden ... :D

+ or - the Translation ...

Dude you must post in English of that way we don't loose the contribution to the community and can be understand for everybody, I know that is good impulse the Spanish language but not in this way, keep and way of do the things :D

Sorry for my bad english ;) - Aug 28 2007
Me gustó el truco haber si lo intento yo también ... :D felicitaciones ;)

babelfish thank you for the translation and darknoize think that not everybody can or want to talk in English so we have to be nice with every contribution to the community :D if you can't understand it, you can translate it or you can ask it. The world have more lenguages than English :)

That it's about the Software Libre (Free Software but not free of charge, free of freedom) and GNU/Linux :D

Sorry for my bad English :) - Aug 28 2007
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Mar 20 2010
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Aug 20 2009