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Plasma 4 Widgets 813 comments

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Jan 17 2013
Thanks :-) - Jun 13 2009
Hm, the vrn engine doesn't work for me. I tried several stations in Kaiserslautern but everything I get is an empty window. - Jun 12 2009

Browser 2 comments

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Oct 04 2008
Ehm, no they don't need to have position:relative. The parent container has to be positoned so the position:relative/absolute of the subcontainers take the parent container as point of reference. - Oct 05 2008
Hi, really nice app.
Is there the possibility to create subcontainers (a div in a div), e.g. I want a container including a picture and text. The subcontainers should have "position:relative" and should only be draggable inside their parent container. - Oct 05 2008

Karamba & Superkaramba 40 comments

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Nov 13 2008
could you add an option to reset the email counter and only show the number of new messages since the last time the email applet was clicked.
Reason: I use a pop account and leave my messages on the server, so aRoK shows the total amount of emails not only the new one. - Apr 14 2008
Triple post :-D
Mail works, it was my fault, false configuration :-/
(although an SSL option would be nice) - Apr 13 2008
Ok, i had to remove the previous config files but now the slideshow works. Thanks. - Apr 13 2008
Hm, doesn't work. :-/
I still tries to load pictures from /mnt/hdb1.... - Apr 13 2008
I use a pop3 gmx account.
In KMail I use SSL to recive the mails. Can you add an option to use SSL? - Apr 12 2008
Same problem here. Trying to change the pictures in doesn't work for me.
Another problem: Mail fetching doesn't work. I only get: Query mail server for minutes.
By the way: Fantastic widget. - Apr 12 2008

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 22 comments

by CKulT
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Dec 17 2007
Are you planning to add this feature? - Dec 15 2007
Is there a way to change the icon? - Dec 13 2007
Mh, - Dec 13 2007
Nice app.
Could you change the background of the button to transparent, because this white background looks strange on a transparent kicker. - Dec 13 2007
KDE Priority handler

Utilities 27 comments

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Oct 29 2007
Hm, the download link is broken. - Sep 13 2007
Kopete OTR Plugin

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 57 comments

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Mar 03 2008
I think you uploaded the wrong package (it's 0.5 and should be 0.6). - Sep 10 2007

Audioplayers 574 comments

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Aug 01 2011
Is there the possibility of enabling the "hide menu" option in a config file? - Jun 22 2007
KIO Slave sysinfo:/

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 241 comments

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Oct 26 2007
I've got a Intel Core Duo 1,66 GHz and it only shows: Genuine Intel(R) CPU T2300 @ 1.66GHz - Jun 06 2007
Yeah, this works. Thanks! - May 23 2007
2 problems:

1. It doesn't show "System: Kubuntu 7.04, it shows "System: "

2. With a black color sheme, the upper half is white/blue and the other half is black instead of white.

Anyway, thanks for porting this to Kubuntu. :-) - May 20 2007
Kickoff-qt on Kubuntu 7.04

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 79 comments

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May 30 2007
You won't get the unwanted g++ and gcc files (okay, that's a checkinstall 1.6.1 bug). And you have a deb with dependencies. - May 28 2007
I had the same problem with g++, gcc and binutils when using the Kubuntu 7.04 checkinstall (1.6.1). It's a known bug.

Here you can download an old version (maybe a dapper version). Remove the 1.6.1 completly and install the old version and it won't package gcc, g++ and binutils files anymore. - May 28 2007
I've uploaded the files. Maybe you could use them for your package: - May 27 2007
Hm. Now it's kicker 3.5.7, but I'm not able to change the kicker font color (was a new feature in 3.5.7). "Use custom colors" simply doesn't work.
To have custom colors I had to copy all files named "libtaskbar*" and "taskbar*" from the original kicker.deb to "/usr/lib" and "/usr/lib/kde3". - May 27 2007
Could you post the source code or make a new package with KDE 3.5.7 and Kicker 3.5.7? - May 22 2007

Video Apps 494 comments

by rvm
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Apr 16 2014
It's fixed in Qt 4.3.0rc1 :-) - May 09 2007
Qkay, ist a Qt 4.3.0beta bug, Qt 4.2.3 works fine. - Apr 29 2007
Okay, it doesn't always appear in the middle of the kde kicker: It appears always at the same x-postion as the smplayer main window. - Apr 29 2007
Hmmm, maybe a Qt 4.3.0beta bug? - Apr 29 2007
I have got a problem with the Systray-Icon. The rigth-click menu doesn't appear over the icon. Instead it appears in the middle of the KDE kicker. - Apr 29 2007
I think it's perfect like it's now. - Apr 25 2007
This works for me too.

The problem in Kubuntu is, the include path is
`kde-config --prefix`/include/kde
and not
`kde-config --prefix`/include/ - Apr 24 2007
Exactly the same problem here with
Kubuntu 7.04
KDE 3.5.6
Qt 3.3.7 - Apr 24 2007
No problem here with SMPlayer. I can play the DVDs. - Apr 23 2007
"Now the control widget is only one toolbar, but if it gets too small it will replaced by another widget with less buttons."

I really like this, but could you add a Play/Pause button to the small widget.

Another question: Is there the possibility to hide some of the widgets (like "audio/subtitles" or the main toolbar)? - Apr 19 2007
Qt::WX11BypassWM works fine with Qt 4.3.0beta.
Thanks! - Apr 15 2007
Same problem here, with Qt4.
There is a gap where the KDE-Kicker would be.
If I move the cursor up, the controls will disappear. - Apr 15 2007
How to compile it from sources root?
cd src
cd ..

I get:
In file included from global.cpp:23:
keys.h:23:25: error: q3valuelist.h: No such file or directory
keys.h:26:21: error: QKeyEvent: No such file or directory
In file included from global.cpp:24:
images.h:24:19: error: QPixmap: No such file or directory
keys.h:64: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of ‘Q3ValueList’ with no type
keys.h:64: error: expected ‘;’ before ‘<’ token
keys.h:65: error: ‘KeyAccelList’ does not name a type
make[1]: *** [.obj/global.o] Fehler 1
make[1]: Verlasse Verzeichnis '/home/zdadrdem/Pakete/Source/smplayer-0.2.40/src'
make: *** [src/smplayer] Fehler 2 - Mar 25 2007
I had the same problem. SMPlayer searches in /usr/bin for translation-files.
As a solution I changed the path in Makefile from /usr/local/smplayer/translation to /usr/bin - Mar 25 2007
Whoa, that was fast!
Thanks! - Mar 19 2007
This is one of the two features that I'm missing.

The other feature is "set volume default" because I'm having a laptop and I'm using the hardware volume control and not the software volume control. - Mar 19 2007
This is one of the two features that I'm missing.

The other feature is "set volume default" because I'm having a laptop and I'm using the hardware volume control and not the software volume control. - Mar 19 2007
Thanks for the fix!
Now everyting is fine. :-) - Mar 18 2007
I tested xv, x11, gl, gl2, but nothing works. This problem still only exists with Qt4.

My System:

Kubuntu 6.10
Kernel 2.6.17-11
nvidia-glx 1.0.8776
KDE 3.5.6
Qt 4.2.3

Nothing special, except
driver "nvidia"
renderaccel "true" - Mar 17 2007
Tasty Menu

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 499 comments

by mart
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Dec 13 2007
Oh, I changed it completely in ~/.kde/share/icons - May 03 2007
Have you changed the kmenu-icon for 64x64 pixel? - May 03 2007
Exactly the same way as you describe. Which linux distribution are you using? - Apr 30 2007
Another Program: Sure, but I don't know another.
Downgrade: and use Dapper-checkinstall - Apr 07 2007
not lock, look ;-) - Apr 07 2007
I think it's a bug in the newest checkinstall.
Lock at the package: It contains g++, gcc and other files.
To avoid this, I'm using checkinstall 1.6 (instead of 1.6.1). - Apr 07 2007

Plasma 4 Widgets
by fpuelz

Score 85.2%
Jun 13 2009