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Isabelle Stévant Rennes, France

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Apr 05 2013
Thanks Agust to resurect my theme ^^
I promise I'll work again on e themes soon! - Apr 04 2013

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Jun 17 2012
You can find the wallpaper here : - Jun 18 2012
New Millenium

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Dec 05 2010
For the moment I've got no time to edit this theme, but I will ask to e developpers if it is possible to replace the pager background with thumbnail of the current wallpaper. - Dec 23 2010
I totally agree, that's what I wanted to do but I forgot ^^" - Dec 05 2010

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Apr 06 2013
Nice to see how people use parts of my job! Just continue! Nice job! - Aug 27 2009

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Jun 01 2009
Hey! That's mine!!
Do not forget to notice it ;)

Thank you to update my theme ^^ - May 31 2009
Fake Brushed Metal

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Nov 24 2008
The problem is not to be inspired from the Mac style, but to use the originals pictures. In my themes, I create all the pictures to be in a legal way, but using originals Mac OS pictures is not correct... - Sep 12 2008

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Jun 23 2008
Your carbon texture is quite thick (don't know if it is the correct word...)

Personally, I use this one:

It is very realistic and light ;) - Jun 27 2008
Imago (ex BlackTheme)

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Aug 24 2012
I think you didn't experiment the new theme options on e17 ;)

Go on theme advance setting, there you can choose an other theme just for a module.
Clic on the module, click on the theme you want for this and asign, that'it ^^ - May 13 2008
I think I'll build a GTK theme to go with, it doesn't seam to be complicated :p - Apr 10 2008
It isn't a free wallpaper, that's why it is not the default one of my theme. You can find it on this good website:

Enjoy! - Sep 23 2007
I dont't know about cvs, I use the Ubuntu repos, and there are in late! - Aug 22 2007
Weather is a module, you have to activate it in the module config. To run it, you need to insert it on a shell. On the screenshot, the shell is transparent, that's why it seems to be integrated on the desktop but it's not.

To have the weather of your town, go on google and search "ICAO your town", if there is an airport in your town, wereas search the nearest airport from your living place, an enter the ICAO code on weather config pannel. - Aug 22 2007
I dont't know what you mean... - Aug 21 2007

But for the buttons, please read the older post before asking! - Aug 21 2007
That's not a bug, it is a voluntary effect. It is the same that you could find on Darkness theme but a little slower :) - Aug 20 2007
I was thinking about that, Are you sure you have installed GTK-2.0? I have tested GTK-switch 2 with Kore theme and it works! - Jun 27 2007
I don't use GTK theme switch, but I edit the .gtkrc-2.0 of my /home directory.
If you have gnome, you can test the theme to see if it works, and if it is the case, you can edit .gtkrc-2.0 and specify the theme localisation and normaly it will work.

(excuse me if my english isn't very good sometime, I need to improve ^^ ) - Jun 26 2007
The update is inspired from the Kore-GTK theme you'll find on Gnome-Look website.
Enjoy! - Jun 22 2007
I don't use a black gtk's theme with this one, I like the contrast white/black, but if you want, I can recommand you Cobra theme :) - Jun 18 2007
Thank's a lot!
I will submit my themes when I'll finish them, for the moment, I have so many work to do on them! - Jun 18 2007
Apple 17

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Apr 02 2008
Yes you can make round corners for the menu background, that's not so difficult, there is an option in the code that you just have to de-comment (item: "shaped" "1";)

But for this theme, I don't think it will be nice, so for the moment I let the square menu. - Apr 22 2008
I've corrected the scrollbar and improve the menu background. I didn't change the font because DejaVue makes the border too big, so if you want the theme to work well, do not use personalised font!
Exebuf and winlist are now with a real bg as the menu and the dialog.

- Personalise widgets
- Improve buttons an other stuff - Apr 02 2008
I have not finished this theme, but I was too impatient to see what people think of it :p

Please tell me what you think I have to work! - Mar 29 2008

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Apr 12 2008
I'll study that, thanks! - Apr 12 2008
E17 Black Wallpaper (from Black Init)

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Apr 02 2008
Wallpaper hosted! - Apr 02 2008
If you want, I can host it, and I'll put it on my web site:
But it is in French... - Mar 29 2008

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Mar 27 2008
You can just make a link to your edj wich is on web site, no? - Mar 27 2008

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Mar 26 2008

It is under the GPL licence so yes you can, but I want to use it for my next theme (wich will be finished very soon)...

But if you want, use it :)

I'll probably make some modification to include it on Apple 17 ;) - Mar 27 2008
A good looking theme

E Animated Backgrounds 6 comments

by duckz
Score 58.0%
Mar 21 2008
I've already try to make transparent background for the e17 menu but I failed.

It seams that e17 doesn't support it, sad =( - Mar 21 2008
Star theme

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Apr 12 2008
Thanks to the Milky theme! - Mar 20 2008
Grey Theme with Larger Fonts

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Mar 17 2008
Ouch! Double post! Sorry! - Mar 18 2008
It's probably dued to the icon theme you use. Try an other icon theme, going on the configuration panel. - Mar 18 2008
It's probably dued to the icon theme you use. Try an other icon pack going in the configuration panel. - Mar 18 2008
Very good!
I wanted to update it but the fact is that I didn't have the time anymore to work on my themes :(
I'll do that probably in a few mounth... - Mar 18 2008
Cristal Drop

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Oct 30 2007
Thx Seraphyn!

I've done this theme in 2 hours so I still have to work on it!
I'll change the wallpaper, correct some stuff and of course change the icons.

It's based on the default e17 theme, I've used some elements of Glossy P GTK theme, like check buttons and scrollbar.

If you have other suggestions, do not hesitate! - Oct 31 2007
Entrance Black Theme

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Oct 30 2007
It's done :) - Oct 30 2007
Sorry, I'll propose a version without Elbuntu logo ^^ - Oct 30 2007

My solution to change entrance theme is to rename the new theme as " default.edj"
and paste it in "/usr/share/entrance/themes".

I don't know if there is an other solution, but it works :) - Oct 06 2007

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Aug 15 2007
Just an observation, I see on the screenshot that you don't have the last version of BlackTheme. Go to download it to see the changes! - Aug 15 2007
Great work!
But I find the logo a little bit dwarfed, was it like that in the 'Clean' thème? - Aug 15 2007