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Jacopo Serafin Velletri (Roma), Italy
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by yorsh
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Nov 28 2007
Thanks but i will need time a lot of time - Nov 29 2007
Hi, thanks for the comment yet if i don't understand well all the comment, i'm sorry for my english, so i sent you a message in italian i hope you will read it, thanks however for the advice, and i seen your homepage, nice, but what program do you use to create icons theme? - Nov 28 2007
Thanks a lot - Nov 27 2007
It's possible that you seen there icons because i create only the reflection and so i take the icon and the i add the reflection the icon aren't made by me only the reflection aicons are made by me - Nov 27 2007
Thanks, i'm italian so i'm sorry for my english, i followed your advice about the screen and i know that the set is small but with the time it will grow, for now is small because i attend a university in Rome and i have not so much time eheh however thanks yet again for your good comment. - Nov 27 2007