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by yogin
Score 76.7%
Jul 08 2011
Hi. QComicBook has this feature as well (via File > Open directory) from the first release (if I got you right). - Jul 31 2011
I can't reproduce this problem. Changing background color in QComicBook 0.8.1 works as expected... - Jul 22 2011
Hi, I'll take a look at it. Please report issues on, this makes it a lot easier to track them. - Jul 22 2011
Problem fixed in the bugfix release 0.8.1. - Jul 08 2011
Hi. I'll try to get it fixed in 0.8.1. Thank you. - Jul 05 2011
I need your screenshots of QComicBook! Please see News section of the QComicBook website: - Aug 15 2010
QComicBook is now hosted at github:

QComicBook 0.5.0 tarball: - Dec 16 2009
My web hosting (including qcomicbook tarballs) is no longer available. I'm looking for a new web hosting - please see if you can help. I'll provide new download location(s) once they're available. - Dec 16 2009
This is fixed in qcomicbook-0.4.3. The workaround is no longer neccessary, both p7zip and p7zip-full should work fine. - Sep 04 2009
I've received a few emails/questions about development status of QComicBook (whether it is still under active development etc.). The answer is - IT IS, but it slowed down a bit due to my other activities. I put most effort into porting QComicBook to Qt4 and it is almost ready. Besides that, there are some minor improvements, e.g. support for nested archives or tar/7z archives. The bad thing is imlib2 support will most likely be dropped as I cannot get it working with Qt4. So, stay tuned and expect a new version soon. - Jul 23 2007
I guess there must be something wrong with your setup - I know at least Fedora and Ubuntu packages were built succesfully by other packagers. Please ensure the output of 'pkg-config --cflags --libs imlib2' actually matches what you have on the system (e.g. is available). - Dec 02 2006
1. Menu entry is not currently installed (I think I'll fix it soon), but qcomicbook.desktop file is included and you can install by hand. You may also try binary packages (if it is available for your distro) - chances are it's fixed by packagers.
2. Yes, I think some kind of support for such pages will be added in future releases.
3. Definately, QComicBook will move to Qt4 soon.

Thanks for you comment! - Nov 30 2006
I've just got similar errors when trying to compile qcomicbook in Ubuntu 5.10. Ubuntu installs Qt in non-standard directories causing autodetection to fail.

If you're using Ubuntu, try this:
./configure --with-Qt-lib-dir=/usr/lib --with-Qt-include-dir=/usr/include/qt3

(don't forget to have libqt3-mt-dev and libqt3-headers installed). - Jan 10 2006
The source tarball contains everything I use for building - there is nothing more... As you can see there is, acinclude.m4 etc. so you can rebuild everyting with aclocal / automake /autoconf. - Jan 07 2006
See older messages on this forum... By the way - when you download a MP3 player (amarok, bmp, xmms...), do they point you to any websites with mp3 music to download... I guess they don't ;) - Nov 14 2005
I'm going to port QComicBook to KDE soon; the next release - QComicBook 0.2.5 - will probably be the last Qt-only-based release. Initially I will focus on basic things, like menu layout, but eventually I'll implement most (all?) things you mention. Stay tuned. - Nov 10 2005
BasKet Note Pads

Utilities 347 comments

Score 77.3%
Oct 01 2010
This application is great, I wish it was a Qt4-based only (no KDE lib dependencies)... - Oct 27 2010
Really great and usefull tool! I miss one thing: if I create a text note and it's a large one, it takes a lot space in the window and I need to scroll to see other items; it would be very useful to be able to configure such item to just display a first line of contents and show all text when clicked (maybe display "shade" icon which resembles KDE window manager behavior?). Thanks for great app, I can't wait for 0.6.0 :). - Dec 24 2005

System Software 134 comments

by yogin
Score 58.0%
Jun 30 2010
Hi, thanks for suggestion. The current behavior of "Select All" on Duplicated files page is definately a problem. I'm going to improve this page in the next release so that removing all files by accident will be impossible/harder. Unfortunately the idea with grouping duplicated files in duplicated directories is hard to implement and therefore I'm not going to do that any time soon. However, I'm going to change this page a bit, so that files are grouped in "virtual" directories with names indicating their number, size and possibly content, e.g.
+[5 mp3 files, 15kB each]
+[2 text files, 1kB each] - Sep 13 2008
Hi, thanks for your suggestion. This is definately a problem and I'm going to do something about it in the next release. - Sep 13 2008
The backup file is a plain .tar.gz archive. You can unpack it with 'tar -xzf backup.tar.gz'.

Thanks for suggestion about 'restore' functionality in KleanSweep. I'm going to make it easier, probably by creating self-extracting archives (if requested by user). - Sep 13 2008
False positives are not possible, because KleanSweep compares file contents (not just sizes or names -- in fact, name is not taken into account at all). The only possible way to fool KleanSweep is to change file contents after scanning is finished (files are not compared again on removal).

If you observered anything else, then either: file content has changed after scanning was finished or you found a bug (in that case please provide more information). - Sep 13 2008
I don't think it's really needed... The main purpose of reports is to allow users to create a report before deleting anything, so they can consult their decisions with others easily. - May 23 2006
This feature is available since the beginning... - May 23 2006
Yes, I want to add support for Gentoo, however my first trial was disappointing as I found out there was no (good) way to obtain the list of installed files. My first attempt was to use 'equery -C list -i' to obtain a list of packages and then for each package do 'equery -C files ' to obtain individual files. This was painfully slow. I need to take a look on how it is implemented in the tools you point me to. Is there anything close to 'rpm -qa' in Gentoo? - May 10 2006
To uninstall, you need to do this:
# scons -c install

Kleansweep uses scons instead of make (so 'make uninstall' has no use here). - Feb 20 2006
You need Qt developement tools... But you don't need to compile from source in Suse - there are Suse packages ready: - Jan 16 2006
Orphaned files searching is based on dpkg (in Debian or Ubuntu) or rpm (in rpm-based distros) database which holds the list of installed files. Some important system files however are not recorded in this database, so orphaned files searching will not get any better in next release of kleansweep, as it is limited by this factor. It will be always based on user's knowledge and decision. Unfortunately. - Jan 07 2006
KleanSweep doesn't follow symlinks as it is a bit tricky... I see File::Find perl module (which I use for filesystem traversal) optionally supports it, so I may consider this in the future... But.. why don't you just temporarly mount this partition with another mount point? - Jan 06 2006
The backup file is a plain tar archive, so you have to untar it (tar -xf archive.tar or using e.g. mc). If your system however is no longer usable (e.g. doesn't boot correctly), you need to boot any live-cd (knoppix is a good choice), then mount your partitions and restore your files. Just a reminder though before you proceed - please keep in mind that kleansweep finds files that can *potentially* be unneeded (e.g. in Debian/Ubuntu many config files in /etc may be listed as orphaned because they were created on the fly by packages and are not recorded in dpkg database). So be careful! - Jan 05 2006
Things changed a little bit with kleansweep-helper compared with early kleansweep release. Now kleansweep just executes kleansweep-helper so it must be in the PATH (in earlier releases the helper script was kept in kleansweep data directory). Please check if you can execute 'kleansweep-helper' manually in the console and that it's not giving you an error. Is perl correctly listed if you execute '/usr/bin/env perl'? - Dec 21 2005
As far as I'm aware, klik installas packages in their own subdirectories, so this may be a problem. Kleansweep executes 'kleansweep-helper' so it must be anywhere in your PATH (e.g. in/usr/bin/). So you can copy/symlink kleansweep-helper to /usr/bin or set PATH properly so the application subdirectory created by klik is included in the PATH. - Dec 20 2005
There is no 'uninstall' recipe in scons. Instead you should type:
# scons -c install - Dec 16 2005
Agree... Be careful. Always review the list for removal and don't skip backup archive creation... Also don't use RPM-based orphans searching on Debian / Ubuntu (if you have rpm installed) as it will list virtually all files on the system (see older messages on the forum)... - Nov 16 2005
That's ok, I can understand your anger after your files were lost. Thanks for giving kleansweep a second try despite that. Unfortunately I can't reproduce / find the problem you described. If you are still willing to help, you may help me with debugging the problem by compiling kleansweep-0.2.1 with debug enabled and sending me the debug ouput. Compile it by typing:
# scons configure debug=1
then install & run it this way:
# kleansweep > kleansweep.log 2>&1
and try to recreate the scenario you described BUT DO NOT
proceed with files removal (or if you want to try it anyway, backup your system first). Then send me the kleansweep.log. Hopefully this can give me more clues. Anyone having problems with kleansweep, please use this procedure too. - Nov 11 2005
Ok thanks, this sounds better and gives me some clues. Just one question - was it kleansweep 0.2.0? What bothers me is that you were using RPM orphaned files searching on Ubuntu; I know rpm can be installed anywhere but as it's not native on Ubuntu you will get virtually ALL files listed as orphans as they aren't registered in rpm database... Anyway, it should not happen the file got removed if it wasn't marked for removal - this could be a bug assuming it's not your oversight; I'll examine it. By the way, were these files (like xorg.conf) archived in the backup archive on removal? - Nov 03 2005
For now I doubt there is a package for FC4, but you may try to search using various rpm search engines. But as I'm using Fedora personally I'll probably take care of creating packages by myself soon. Stay tuned. - Nov 03 2005
What you suggested in 1) sounds fine and I'm going to add it soon. The 2nd proposal is good too, but I don't want to add package management options. It deserves a separate utility similar to deborphan (who knows, maybe I'll create one ;)). The 3rd is really beyond of kleansweep. Thanks for ideas! - Nov 03 2005
Please stop spreading FUD. Your comment is worthless and contains no details that could help me in resolving the problem. Please stop using this software if you can't be creative in any way. I've received very positive feedback so far which helps me a lot and NO ONE reported such serious problem. I'm really open to suggestions which everyone who contacted me may confirm, but I'm really sick of hearing complains like this, which bring completly nothing to the author. Unfortunately every OSS project is facing people like you from time to time. - Nov 03 2005
You can easily create Slackware package without checkinstall by using DESTDIR variable - see INSTALL file. Then just tar+gzip the destination directory. - Nov 02 2005
Make sure you have kdelibs-devel installed (I'm not sure if this is the exact package name for Suse). In Fedora:
# rpm -qf
kdelibs-devel-3.4.3-1.0.fc4.kde - Nov 01 2005
You can find rpms for Mandriva and Suse on the project homepage. - Oct 11 2005
Yes, I'll need logo for "About" dialog (and maybe for a splash screen). But for now application icon is most important. - Sep 29 2005
I'm looking for temporary access (regular user account is enough) to Gentoo based system with gentoolkit installed; I need it to develop support for seeking orphaned files in Gentoo. If anyone has Gentoo-based server running and would like to help, please contact me by email. - Sep 27 2005
Yes, icons are not ready yet... Anyone? ;) - Sep 27 2005
Thanks... Thanks to everyone who voted for my app. I hope to meet the expectations! I know kleansweep is still buggy and needs polishing, but I keep working on it and read all your comments and emails carefully. Thanks for all bugreports and feedback, I really appreciate it. - Sep 18 2005
Good idea, I may consider it in (near) future and provide an option to use locate. Unfortunately for some tests (like orphaned files) ordinary disk scanning will be still the only solution. - Sep 18 2005
You can overwrite an old version. The 'libpng...' error is probably caused by broken empty application icons; I'll replace them soon. - Sep 17 2005
kleansweep-helper should be in your PATH. It is possible you don't have /usr/local/bin in your PATH when running as root. Does it also happen when running as regular user? - Sep 13 2005
KGtk (Use KDE Dialogs in Gtk Apps)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 453 comments

Score 76.7%
Nov 03 2011
Great idea! I'm going to keep an eye on this project. By the way, is this possible to have it working with LD_PRELOAD set system-wide? - Mar 06 2006