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Xyzzy Magicat Petaluma, California, United States of America
Shiftie Colors GTK

GTK2 Themes by 3dshifter 1 comment

Can't download — link to DepositFiles claims it was removed due to copyright violation, bleep it! - Feb 11 2017
Default Screenshot

KDE Plasma Screenshots by JCLMan 2 comments

I haven't managed to figure out exactly how to use it, but if you haven't found another solution yet, SUSE Studio might be a good option:

IIRC you can pair it with any repository, which lets you use the Build Service to either find just about any package you want, or to create your own personal repository for your distro to use:

At least a few people at the SUSE forums should be interested in a multimedia distro project, so you really should try posting about it there. - Dec 11 2014
Window Decoration Theme for Plasma Next

Plasma Window Decorations by garthecho 44 comments

Your description might have given people the impression that votes would convey their opinion of the direction KDE is going in. Given minimalistic flat/non-gradient graphics are going hand-in-hand with users losing options to control how the UI looks & acts, it makes sense KDE fans might react poorly, if you see what I mean.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I rarely bother with even friendly constructive criticism because of the increasingly common attitude of "if you don't love every aspect of my work, STFU and go make your own." It's easy to forget how responsive the KDE crew was to complaints about problems in early versions of 4, as just every non-KDE program & OS/DE team since then has blown off protests.

Just some thoughts hopefully showing you the reasons behind some of the reactions you're likely to see whenever you link your work to KDE 5. :-) - Jul 01 2014

Plasma 4 Extensions by rangalo 53 comments

The download/install widgets feature claimed that it installed PyWeather upon being asked, but unfortunately it doesn't actually show up in the list of available plasmoids. (I'm in the old KDE because I just did a clean reinstall of SimplyMepis 11.) - May 04 2013

deKorator Themes by Ezy 1 comment

I just found this theme a few hours ago, and I really wish there were more interesting & professional-looking themes available like it. Thank you for porting it! - Jan 25 2013
The KDE folks should include this theme as one of the official defaults -- it's *MUCH* easier to see against any background/theme that uses color, or by older users with less-than-perfect vision. If there's no OpenDesktop group for people that dislike simplistic monochrome icons, there should be!

You might warn people here on the page that if only some icons become colorized, it's because Ark & some other apps silently fail to replace existing files so we need to handle them manually. (It took me a couple of tries before I figured out why only the wifi icon changed.) - Oct 25 2011

Plasma Themes by Pleinair 4 comments

It'd be helpful if you had screenshots that are just of your theme... That's mostly because the KDE Theme Browser in System Settings only shows thumbnails, so posting your whole desktop reduces your theme work to a little blip lost in the wallpaper. Hard to tell if a theme is what I'm looking for, under the circumstances. ;) - Oct 24 2011
Laptop external display hotplugging

System Software by qb89dragon 36 comments

Not trolling, but for whatever it's worth: most of the content that's not for Ubuntu (here or elsewhere) also doesn't specify a distro or use a distro-specific repository; at most it uses a particular packaging type that most other distros also read. (DEBs packaged for Ubuntu often won't run even on other Debian-based distros.)

That's just something I've noticed as a "mainstream" user since leaving Ubuntu behind a year ago. The attitude folks from those other distros have is that the distros are like family members or flavors -- the real rivals are Windows & OS X. (I also noticed that the idea of Ubuntu being more user-friendly was already an outdated myth.)

I hope you have a good week! - Apr 12 2011

Kopete Styles by kanutron 85 comments

For my purposes -- having a tiny always-open chatbox on my desktop -- some of the variants in this theme are the nicest.

The only problem I ran into came after trying to send a URL... First my text was stuck boldface/underline, then once I fixed that, every message I sent showed up on my end as "link" (but was showing normally to the other user) until I closed/reopened the window, and the next time I tried it, everything came through as a big blacked-out box on both ends. Turning off rich text entirely fixed the problem, thankfully. - May 03 2010

Metacity Themes by nikolajthygesen 5 comments

I got sick of several overdone motifs (right now it seems to be white/light-gray everything) quite a while ago. I started using DiamondBOX a few days ago, really didn't think I'd like it half as much as I do. It'd just be nice if the titlebar/borders were a wee bit less thick, since even on my huge monitor they take up quite a bit of screen real estate! - Feb 13 2010
Minimalistic Clock (by FX)

Plasma 4 Extensions
by vityafx

Dec 11 2014

GTK2 Themes
by IamJustUs

Jun 10 2014

GTK2 Themes
by IamJustUs

Jun 07 2014
Mepis Waves Edited

KDE 4 Splashscreens
by DJStarBuck

Aug 19 2013

deKorator Themes
by maslinux

Jan 25 2013
Oct 26 2011

Full Icon Themes
by charleswight

May 20 2010

Metacity Themes
by nikolajthygesen

Feb 13 2010
Jan 03 2010
Dec 11 2009
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KDE 4 Splashscreens
by dmk-kyrt

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