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Various Stuff 7 comments

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Feb 22 2012
Wow, thanks a bunch, dude. - Feb 13 2012
Au contraire Seajay, thank you for your feedback ; Although I spend time ensuring that the greetings options play nice w/ each other, on some systems, display glitches may occur, in this case put all greetings options to yes, and start removing some. I myself don't use the greetings, hence all the settings defaulting to "no" ; I put them back on to test them them over time - Jun 01 2011
Hi SeaJey ;

Those lines duplicate what kituu already does :

The export HISTCONTROL=something deal with history handling. The way it's configured in kituu is :

-only remove duplicate commands.
-Export the history file to any new shell.

(hss allows searching in the history, it's an alias for history | grep)

If you're ok with that policy, then remove them. Same with the less stuff. What system are you using ?

- May 29 2011

Plasma 4 Extensions 19 comments

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Apr 28 2011
I'm afraid your new version is no longer backwards-compatible with KDE 4.4.* the combo gadget for selecting the file is gone :(
That's too bad, because it's reaaly good.

Suggestions :

  • search for a word and color it

  • in config window :
    string to search for <field> change color to <color menu> (simple, basic 8 colors)

  • Merge several logs together

  • in config window :

    Log 1 <field + openfile button>
    Log 2 <field + openfile button>
    Log 3 <field + openfile button>
    Separate : <radio button yes/no>
    Separator character : <restricted text field>|<basic "-, _, # menu>

    Thank you very much for your time/work - Jul 02 2011
    CPU and System Viewer

    Plasma 4 Extensions 10 comments

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    Feb 20 2012
    Michael, that's really nice, I've been looking everywhere for this.

    1-I was wondering if there was hope for an option to no display the label at all, just the plot(s) ?

    2-And could the plots *fill* up ? That would provide a quick visual clue that something is wrong

    3-And while we're at it, I'd really like a "black background" option.. I find it awkward to have to switch theme just so a particular widget is really usable/looks good, but then what about the others..?

    I use a vertical panel, and your widget flows nicely, without the huge vertical margins that some widget display.
    - May 31 2011
    CPU and System Viewer

    Plasma 4 Extensions
    by incunabulum2000

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    May 31 2011
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    Oct 25 2010

    System Software
    by Sho

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    Oct 24 2010
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    Oct 24 2010

    Plasma 4 Extensions
    by dmakovey

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