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Apr 10 2020
Maybe some day, but not anytime soon. - Mar 25 2020
Sorry, I have no idea. What I can do, is to add some options in the next version, so the plus button can be customizable. Then, you'll be able to use a custom character, either Unicode, or just plain ASCII. - Mar 24 2020
The plus symbol is a a Unicode character ( It's supposed to be correctly displayed regardless of the used font, as long as you have standard fonts with Unicode support installed on your system, for example Noto Sans. So, the issue shouldn't happen, unless you're missing the standard system fonts, or have them misconfigured. Can you see other Unicode characters, or they are rectangles as well? - Mar 24 2020
The Plasma Add-On Installer can only extract files from an archive and copy them to appropriate places. That's not enough to make the applet work, as it uses some native C++ code, that must be compiled against your system libraries. - Sep 03 2019
I'm not sure I understand that use case. Launch a program on a given workspace if it's not there yet? Or something like that? Anyway, this applet doesn't provide such a thing and it's out of its scope. Maybe a KWin script would be better for that. - Jul 31 2019
Yes, check out the updated archive file and read description. - Jul 22 2019
I'll take a look into it. - Jul 21 2019
KWin supports static virtual desktops and you can only alter the number of them. In recent Plasma versions there is a new Virtual Desktops Settings Module and you can actually remove intermediate desktops through its UI, but it also uses some custom code to shift and synchronize virtual desktops.

So, I don't know about Wayland and upcoming features related to it, but at the moment, I'm pretty sure that additional features provided by this applet aren't something KWin maintainers would consider implementing, especially on X11.

Dynamic virtual desktop management is a thing I missed in Plasma, so I made this little applet mainly for personal purposes. However, it's coded so terribly, it better stays a third-party addon. I'd be glad if Plasma got some additional, officially supported features regarding virtual desktops, though. - Jul 21 2019