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by worg
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Jul 07 2012
Let me check it, I hadn't upgraded my system in a long time, so maybe [and I'm almost sure] it's a breaking change in unico-engine. Unfortunately my time is limited now [I'm attending college and I've got a job now] but as long as I've an hour or two I'll check it, thanks for the feedback ;) - Oct 28 2012
Yes, edit gtk-widgets.css file inside gtk-3.0 folder and remove any block with :backdrop in front of a class.
If you've worked before with css or c lang it's pretty easy - Jul 26 2012
Gracias a tí por usarlo.
Saludos! - Jul 26 2012
Thanks… and as usual any issue or rendering problem let me know! - Jun 14 2012
Gracias por usarlo primero que nada, y que bueno que te guste ;D, sobre la beta déjame la bajo y veo que cambiaron (para el lúnes te tengo una respuesta, y quizá nuevos paquetes para precise) ya que no uso ubuntu

saludos y gracias por avisar del bug. - Mar 30 2012
Thanks - Dec 13 2011
Thanks for using it bro! - Dec 13 2011
Hola, te recomiendo que pases el tema a /usr/share/themes/ en lugar de ~/.themes porque a mí me ha dado errores con los colores y degradados poniendolo ahí (igual y es cosa de mi distro, no uso ubutu)

Saludos! - Dec 13 2011
Try downloading again, it seems to be fine now, I think it was a Dropbox issue - Dec 13 2011
Hey!! could you check out the orange variation? and let me know any suggestion/bug/improvement - Dec 13 2011
I had noticed before the VirtualBox issue but, as they're using qt and hardcoding their pane colors (white) there's no known fix for that (other than disabling qt theming based on gtk)

Let me work on the LibreOffice stuff - Oct 27 2011
Thanks, you can tweak your theme, just open the theme path and edit gtk.css changing a lot (I use a lot of different blue colors) of # codes to the corresponding hex of orange ubuntu-ish -if you've ever worked with css or web is pretty easy-.
I could do it and send you but, unfortunately I'm a little bit bussy nowadays. - Oct 27 2011
Thanks dude!!
There's still some work to do (ubuntu software center stuff) but I think is a good theme - Oct 23 2011
Thanks!! - Aug 31 2011
Thank you for using it!. I've made some themes before but I never felt them were ready for 'daily use', now I realized that a work can be released even not being perfect. - Aug 22 2011
Thanks for using it!, I've noticed the issue on unfocused GTK2 tabs and I dunno why I hadn't fixed, let me work on that. - Aug 22 2011
Thanks for the feedback, I'll work on that as long I've some free time.
- Jun 28 2011
Thanks!. - Jun 22 2011
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Jul 25 2011
Great work dude!.
Added to my wallpapers. - Jul 26 2011