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Wolfgang Arlt , Germany
I'm not sure if you did it correctly:
As described earlier in my comments, you have to use the private ICS address of your Google-Calendar. You will find it the following way:
- Log into your Google-Calendar.
- Click on the Icon for settings and in the drop down menu you select again "settings".
- select "calendar" for calendar settings
- select your calendar
- now you have to copy the link-address of the green icon (ICAL) of your "private" calendar address.
- this link can be used for the eventCalScreenlet. Just paste it into "iCalendar ics path/file".
I did the same. Please let me know if it works. - May 17 2012
did you use the correct path:
/home/USERNAME/.evolution/calendar/local/system/calendar.ics ?

Wolle - Sep 18 2010
Composite needs to be enabled.

Problem solved - Aug 18 2010
For Google calendar you only have to put link of your private google ics file. You will find this link inside the google calendar under settings.

You could also sync the google calendar with opensync/multisync and open the file localy. The bennefit is that you do not need to stay online all the time.

Eventcal is a 'event viewer' based on ics files. ics files are standardized files wich are build for events and NOT for tasks.

best regards,
Wolle - Jul 14 2010
I checked your Problem.
It was because the calculation for line break was wrong if special characters are in use.
I fixed it in V3.32. - Jun 08 2010
Changed in V3.31 - Jun 05 2010
should be fixed in V3.31 - Jun 05 2010
Why not. Will change it soon..

Wolle - Jun 05 2010
Yes, it's because of the missing Internet connection in the first moment.
Will prepare a fix soon...
Wolle - Jun 05 2010
Yes, I was to quick. It was simply finger fault.
But your solution does only work for 24 hour format. So I made a FIX in V3.27.

Wolle - Jun 01 2010
Done !
In V3.22 you will have the option to show the event time in 12-hour clock.

It will show:

Wolle - May 29 2010
Nice idea !
I'll add it as an option in the settings in my next version.

Wolle - May 29 2010
Thanks for your feedback. It works with V3.15 - May 22 2010
I made a 'finger fault' by typing the weekdays. It's already fixed in V3.12 (soon available here). - May 18 2010
The little white dot indicates, that
'show iCalendar events' is activated, and that
'auto hide on events' is activated.
This option will minimize the window when there is no event whisthin the 'future days'. As soon as there is any event, it will maximize the window.
It's for those users how are not using the transparency. - May 15 2010
I have no idea why it stopped working. It could only have something to do with the settings.
Please uninstall it and delete the following folder (if still existant): /home/USERNAME/.screenlets/eigenCal
And delete also the folder with the settings: /home/USERNAME/.config/screenlets/eigenCal
And install it again with the screenlets-manager.
Hope that works. - May 13 2010
That's not an easy request but I'll work on it.
It could take some time as I'm curently busy with other work. - May 10 2010
1) Yes, I found that bug and fixed it in V3.13. Thanks !
2) There is currently no support for more than one calendar, but you could sync all calendars into a local calendar file with the 'multisync' pakage and use this for the eventCal. - May 07 2010
I never had this issue.
Did you check the file /home/[USER]/.config/Screenlets/eigenCalScreenlet.log ??
Wolle - Apr 16 2010
I made a mod of eigenCal. It's a littele bit smaller and has a different layout for the actual date.

The name is: eventCal

Wolle - Apr 05 2010
Disk Usage Screenlet

Conky by Whise 19 comments

my screenlet looks different to your screenshot: The Text is located behind the bar.
- Mar 26 2010
in V3 you'l have rounded corners. Will be available soon.
Wolle - Mar 11 2010
I implemented some RRULE to be taken into account:
But still many RRULE's are missing like BYDAY or BYSETPOS.
Implemented in V3 which will be soon available.
Wolle - Mar 11 2010
I prepared a bugfix in V3.0 which will be soon available.
Wolle - Mar 11 2010
One more thing which will work:
You could sync the google calendar with opensync and open the file localy. The bennefit is that you do not need to stay online all the time. It will work I did that before.
Wolle - Mar 11 2010
this depends on the timezone settings on Google.
Unfortunately the eigenCal doesn't support any time zones yet.
However, if you change the time zone on Google to GMT London, all events should be shown with the correct time.

Wolle - Mar 11 2010
the theme is just the calendar paper at the background. May you just didn't notice ?

Wolle - Mar 03 2010
Please post me the section of one event:

Wolle1 - Feb 14 2010
yes, you are right. As I see it's always some thing to do.
I'll have a look on this. Looks like the rules are not taken into account.
This will take some time. Thanks for your feedback ! - Feb 11 2010
the screenshots are not up to date. We'll upload some newones soon.

Some clarification:
- 'Today' will only be shown if you have a event Today. This has been changed in one of the previrious versions.
- The ics path is no longer only the path. It allows you to have a different name than calendar.ics. Alo this has been changed in one of the previrious versions.

- Feb 10 2010
If it still doen't start...
Please delete the folder with the settings:
and it will work again. - Feb 09 2010
Yes, there was a Bug (again). It was only showing the last event of the date. I made an update. It will be available soon.

Unfortunately eigenCal is only bild to support one ics file. But you could start another instance of eigenCal for your second calendar.
May opensync can do something so that you have a third file which contains all events. But be carefull as it could sync all calendars. - Feb 08 2010
Yes, please rename bz2 to tar.bz2. I think eigenstil will soon upload a new file with the correct extension. - Feb 08 2010
OK, for Evolution the ics file will be /home/USERNAME/.evolution/calendar/local/system/calendar.ics
- Feb 07 2010
please try to delete the folder /home/USERNAME/.screenlets/eigenCal
and install it again with the screenlets-manager. There is no need to unpack it first.
Today is only displayed if there is any calendar entry for today.
Did you point to the correct ics file ? What are you using (Thunderbird, Evolution,...)?
Inside the propertories under options ->iCalendar I changed the Background Color to be transparent. - Feb 07 2010
Yes, you can forget about the suggested workaround as of V2.1 it will work directly with the Evolution icl file.

Wolle1 - Feb 02 2010
You can forget about the suggested workaround as of V2.1 it will work directly with the Evolution icl file.

Wolle1 - Feb 02 2010
There is a workaround to have the Screenlet working with Evolution:

As the Evolution ical file uses a different format, you could use opensync to synchronize Evolution with Thunderbird. It's only to have a ical file which eigenCal is able to read. You don't neccesarely need to use Thunderbird if you prefer Evolution.

However, I'll try to fix this issue. But I wont promise.

Wolle - Feb 01 2010
Feb 11 2010