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GnoMenu - consolidated menu for gnome

Various Gnome Stuff 146 comments

by Whise
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Aug 29 2011
read the readme - Jul 07 2010
thats strange, please post a bug on launchpad i dont check this page much - Feb 16 2010
maybe in the future, i would have to rewrite the listview in cairo for that - Feb 03 2010
im trying to update the theme spec file, documenting is actually harder then coding :) - Feb 01 2010
in the xml IconX="10" IconY="10"

your icon will be placed in 10,10, no iconsize is specified so your icon will have normal size

if your specify IconSize="48" your icons will be resized

remember system icons get resized to fit either the normal icon size or IconSize if it is set - Dec 19 2009
previously you had to manually resize them inside the png, now you dont , just use the png's normaly and specify their x y and size (if necessary) in the xml file, check the menu (default theme) for info - Dec 19 2009
for what i know docky doesnt support any third party applets, but im working on it - Dec 18 2009
lol, you dont like clicks do you, well nobody forces you to use it, just stick with your regular gnome menu... until gnome-shell comes...

anyways, i only need one click since with this menu i can create a favorite list of apps - Dec 16 2009
YES, i needed to change the way icons are drawn in tabs, please update your themes, take a look at the kde menu or menu menu.

sorry - Dec 16 2009
dont use sudo run-in-window
just run-in-window - Dec 16 2009
can you tell me what theme? url? - Nov 03 2009
if it coulnt install it that because the theme doesnt work - Nov 03 2009
why did you do that? install the themes through the preferences menu - Nov 03 2009
how do you install them? - Nov 03 2009
GnoMenu on Docky

GnoMenu Skins 9 comments

by Whise
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Jun 27 2010
im guessing your talking about the theme in the screenshot, it will work in awn also - Jun 28 2010
looks like docky code changed quite a bit in the last weeks,step by step

1 update the bzr
2 remove /usr/share/docky/helpers/
3 remove /usr/share/docky/helpers/GnoMenu

install the latest bzr in your system and restart docky - Jun 25 2010
its very very easy to install from source because python doesnt require any compiling..

If not you will have to wait quit a while - Jun 25 2010
Folderview Screenlet

Conky 163 comments

by Whise
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Aug 06 2010
use your window manager to put it always bellow, i guess a smart person like you have figured out how to do that already - Jun 18 2010
read the changelog - Jun 18 2010
i was the developer of screenlets project. i was driven away by someone who claimed that could do a better job... that was more then 2 years ago... where is that project now?? dead, you should complain agains him - Jun 09 2010
maybe thats the problem , could you send a screenshot please - Nov 26 2009
HOW MANY folders and files (visible) do you have on that folder? - Nov 25 2009
also about the features request:

1- ill try

2 - you can already do this

3 - this feature wont be implemented, just use you file browser for that - Nov 17 2009
run it in console and post the output here please - Nov 16 2009
i think so...?!?! - Oct 29 2009

DockbarX Themes 997 comments

by M7S
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Jun 24 2014
i was checking talika and it works with minimized windows, maybe this can work also in dockbar - Jun 03 2010
although now (.3.9.1) i have previews that dont reshow them selfs after a few ms, this version is infact a regression from the previous version, because previews dont show for minimized windows...

The main reason i need previews is for minimized windows, no one needs previews for active windows

please try to make the preview system from last version work properly, this workarround is a lesser solution

Ill poke arround in the code from 0.3.9 to see if i can come up with a solution to the other bugs - Jun 02 2010
hi problem in prefs.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/bin/", line 1264, in <module>
File "/usr/bin/", line 793, in __init__
File "/usr/bin/", line 975, in update
alpha = colors[a] * 256
KeyError: 'color1_alpha'
- Apr 29 2010
GnoMenu Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions 15 comments

by Whise
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May 23 2010
can you run this in console to find out why it crashes?

plasmoidviewer GnoMenu - May 13 2010
can you run this in console to find out why it crashes?

plasmoidviewer GnoMenu - May 13 2010
are you running the bzr version or the 2.5?

the poping under other windows is a kwin bug, just go into your kwin prefs and select the GnoMenu window to popup above all other windows - May 13 2010
Star Trek

GnoMenu Skins 15 comments

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Mar 18 2010
good theme, i wanted to do this myself a while back.

one thing , the system info could provide actual info, it would be great - Mar 16 2010

Various Gnome Stuff 6 comments

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Jan 30 2010
you can already acheive this look with gnomenu - Jan 30 2010
Dark Candy

GnoMenu Skins 24 comments

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Jan 26 2010
that option works but you have to set the text color to white (#FFFFFF) - Jan 24 2010
hi, my tab text is black, maybe something is wrong - Jan 23 2010
ill be posting new developments here - Jan 20 2010
i will be working on theme documentation in the next days, if in the meantime you wish to check out the new features of gnomenu try out the bzr branch in the launchpad - Jan 20 2010
the readme may help but creating themes is still messy in the documentation - Jan 19 2010
also i noticed that people may not want the text color on tabs to change automaticly if the tab is not selected so i added the option in xml to not change by adding

to the xml tab code - Jan 19 2010
one thing , this theme is not instalable with the theme installer because the content type in the xml is bad, should be "Menu" not DarkGlass - Jan 19 2010
Alienware Darkstar

GTK2 Themes 46 comments

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Mar 26 2010
how does the menu command work?

does it bring up the regular gnome-run? if so you dont need to compile extra software to acheive this, gnomenu already does this , just check out the xp menu it has a similar function - Jan 12 2010

GnoMenu Skins 1 comment

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Dec 11 2009
hi.. thanks :) i apreciate it - Dec 12 2009
Gnomenu icon and orb

Icon Sub-Sets 3 comments

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Dec 06 2009
you can just use one of the other theme's xml and change it with your details, - Dec 06 2009
wow, looks amazing and looks very close to the png one.

thanks alot - Dec 06 2009
screenlets human

Icon Sub-Sets 4 comments

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Dec 06 2009 - Dec 06 2009
nice icon, i was the developer of screenlets in the past.

I see you have great talent for making svg, i have a request to make you,
Im the current developer of GnoMenu please check out this blueprint , maybe your the one that can make a svg logo for gnomenu - Dec 06 2009
W7 for GnoMenu 2.5

GnoMenu Skins 5 comments

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Mar 28 2010
just one more thing , this theme doesnt look good on the upper panel because the height in the menu xml doesnt match the background image height - Dec 05 2009
its not just that.

recent files
recent apps
web sites

my "computador"

maybe some of these dont have their name set the same as the text - Dec 05 2009
nice idea , however there is a problem with translation not matching - Dec 05 2009
GnoMenu on Cairo dock

Gnome Screenshots 2 comments

by Whise
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Nov 15 2009
its already released in version 2.0 - Nov 16 2009
Score 63.3%
Oct 19 2009