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Mar 24 2006
sry but already tried it without any effect.
anyway thanks for help - Jan 30 2006
first thanks for you very fast reply

both folders exist, i rather thought that perhaps some packages are missing as xfce is a very small desktop if you use it out-of-the-box.
but the engines are installed and the whole theme looks well except the window decoration...
confusing =) - Jan 30 2006
sry if this might be a stupid question but i had some problems installing your theme.
i have debian and xfce running. also i installed gtk2-engines-* so pixmap and clearlooks are available.
nxt step i copied your theme to ~/.themes.
now i'm able to choose it in user interface and it seems to be running well, but the window decoration is still default and i can't find t-ish there..
so what did i do wrong?
sry for my english and thanks for your help.. - Jan 29 2006