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wilbert berendsen , Netherlands
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Nov 21 2008
0.6.0 beta now has a score wizard :-) - Jun 03 2008
This is a rounding error in KPDF. Enlarge the preview (by middle-dragging) and the problem goes away. - Apr 30 2008
Possibly yes, but I think LilyKDE will remain LilyPond-centered, so may be it will more look like OOoLilyPond in that you could click on notes and then edit the LilyPond source for it. - Mar 29 2008
Well I have no real roadmap, but yes, there are some plans for a quick score setup wizard like LilyPondTool has, with some templates and even a preview, etc. It should also be able to parse an existing document and quickly adjust the score layout.

Another plan is to integrate rumor so you can play on a keyboard and have the notes appear in Kate. But I'll have to buy a keyboard first :-)

Some other functions I think of:
- import wizard (Midi, musicxml and other formats)
- generate PDF with ly-file embedded, and easily re-open such PDFs for further editing (using pdftk)
- splitting and merging notes and articulations/dynamics etc.
- playing the notes or melody at the cursor
- convert relative/absolute
- transpose music
- scheme tool (type some Lily input and it shows the output of \displayMusic)
- (auto)insert or remove barchecks (|)
- etc. - Mar 27 2008
Just fyi: on my system Kate quite so often crashed on exit if I had run a LilyPond job from within Kate.

That even got worse when I upgraded my Python to 2.5. What follows is technical but may be useful to other plugin devvers (I can imagine parts of LilyKDE are useful for other type of (PDF)document-building plugins).

When developing Python plugins with Pate there is a small problem you need to take care of: When you let some types of KDE or Qt resources (like a QCursor or a KConfig object) live in the global Python module space, they seem to be freed multiple times, leading to crashes, because Pate (the embedded Python interpreter) cleans up its objects, but Kate, KDE and Qt itself also clean up all the objects they track.

Using valgrind I discovered that a QCursor object (set as a default argument) got deallocated by QApplication as well as Python. Changing the function so that the QCursor object was only created in the local scope of the function made the crashes go away.

Anyway, revision 235[1] contains the fix and the next LilyKDE version (that will be 0.4.10) as well. So if you are suffering of Kate crashes, let me know or just use the svn version (that most times is quite stable).

I hope you enjoy LilyKDE as much as I do, in both using and developing it.

[1] - Mar 27 2008
Please try a newbie forum or buy a nice Linux book. Try to keep discussions on this page on the topic of LilyKDE. All the best! - Mar 26 2008
the 'make install' command indeed did not create That is fixed now in SVN and 0.4.6. - Mar 16 2008
btw, really thanks for any help regarding Python 2.5, as I test LilyKDE currently only with Python 2.4, because that is still the default in Gentoo...

So currently Python 2.4 may be your best bet, but it is my intention to fully support Python 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6 as it comes out. - Mar 15 2008
Thanks for your report.

Strange! Do you have ~/.kde/share/apps/lilykde/lilykde/ ?
Did you make && make install in the most recent LilyKDE version?

What gives this at a python prompt:
$ python
>>> from kdecore import KStandardDirs
>>> map(unicode, KStandardDirs().findDirs("data", "lilykde")) - Mar 15 2008
My system (Gentoo) had Python 2.3 and 2.4. Pate somehow linked to 2.3 (even though 2.4 was the default Python), and only when I removed 2.3 it linked correctly against 2.4. That could be the issue... - Mar 14 2008
Did you try

Which versions do you use (python and Pâté)? - Mar 14 2008
try installing pate with
./configure --prefix=$(kde-config --prefix)
make install - Feb 26 2008
What distribution do you use? PyKDE is included with every major distribution, so it would not be necessary to build from source (I did however, by using Gentoo :-) - Feb 21 2008
Thanks for your report! This is fixed in 0.4.2. It only occured if you did not have run earlier version, that's why I didn't notice... - Feb 21 2008
Yes, LilyKDE is currently only compatible with KDE 3.5.x. As soon as I change my production box to KDE4, it certainly will be updated :-) - Feb 15 2008
You could ask the Pate author, but if your KDE resides in e.g. /usr/kde/3.5/ then you would configure pate using ./configure --prefix=/usr/kde/3.5/ . It's worth the effort, Pate as also a few very nice plugins of its own :-) - Feb 14 2008

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Nov 07 2006
I use a recent rsync with the --link-dest option. It makes a new (dated) tree for every backup, but hardlinks unchanged files (to an older backup of the same tree). The backup-trees are on another hard disk. This works great, as navigating old files and recovering them (or recovering older versions) is very easy.

It would be nice if Keep could support such a setup (even just use rsync in the background). - Dec 29 2005

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by redsh
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Mar 17 2007
Very nice!

This would be a great addition to kde-games :-) - Nov 09 2005
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Apr 28 2004
This one really should be included in kdeartwork! - May 10 2004
Gentoo Transparent Curve Wallpaper

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Aug 20 2004
Very nice! - Apr 21 2004

Music Production
by plcl

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Aug 22 2010