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warren booth , Australia
Ubuntu Start-Button

Icon Sub-Sets by mangkorn 3 comments

Hi necrosway.

Open a terminal window, type 'gconf-editor'.

Locate the apps -> panel -> objects branch. Under here, look for object_type = menu-object within the object_* menu items.

Once found the page with object_type = menu-object... edit the section called 'custom_icon' value and put in the full path + the start menu image name.. eg /home/wookie/.customs/startmenu.png. Once you have done that, tick the tick box called 'use_custom_icon'. Close the conf editor.

Now we need to add the custom main menu to the Gnome panel, right click on the panel and select 'add to panel', select main menu to your panel. Sorry I might be wrong, might be main menu custom.. Been awhile.

Warren. - Nov 19 2008