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Video Players 2 comments

Score 71.7%
Jun 20 2016
Not yet. I can add it - Mar 17 2014

Graphic Apps 11 comments

Score 63.3%
Dec 31 2012
adding #include <iostream> is ok
you can update source code using git
git pull
git submodule update

- Dec 30 2012
I modified source code. You can update and build.
git pull
git submodule update - Dec 28 2012
I don't know why. Try run ./PhotoKit --no-opengl - Oct 23 2012
make debian package is supported now. I have tested on my ubuntu 12.04. First, you must update source code:
git pull;
git submodule update;
Then go to a directory to build the app(optional).
qmake -r /path/to/;
Then build the deb:
make deb
Now you can find a deb file in this directory.
Have fun : ) - Sep 19 2012
The build step is described on github.
PhotoKit depends on some other projects. Before building you should initialize these projects.
1. rm -rf src/ezlog src/NextEffect src/ProgramOptions
2. git submodule update --init
3. git submodule foreach git pull origin master
Now the source code is ready. You can use qmake like this:
BUILD_DIR=/your/build/dir qmake -r
e.g. BUILD_DIR=$PWD qmake -r
Then make - Sep 05 2012
I'm so happy that you like it. Thank you for your sugguestions, I think's it's not difficult. - Sep 04 2012

Video Players 142 comments

Score 79.2%
Dec 26 2018
I compile again using Qt SDK's mingw and it works. Thanks - Dec 26 2012
i have sent you an email with the QMPlay2 i build. - Dec 25 2012
I can compile QMPlay2 with your library. thanks. Do you know why it can't work with the latest ffmpeg? It seems like ffmpeg can not decode the audio, then QMPlay2 can't play sound. You ffmpeg is ok. - Dec 25 2012
1. I build the latest ffmpeg and use the configuration as yours, then i build QMPlay2 with this ffmpeg successfully. But QMPlay2 can not play the sound. I am confused
2. I built your latest source code with your latest development files, got those error:
Warning: .drectve `-aligncomm:"__fcConfig",2' unrecognized
Warning: .drectve `-aligncomm:"_FcDebugVal",2' unrecognized
E:/dev/qt/multimedia/QMPlay2-src-23XII2012/QMPlay2-src/mingw/lib/libass.a(fcname.o):(.text+0xeee): undefined reference to `__chkstk_ms'
E:/dev/qt/multimedia/QMPlay2-src-23XII2012/QMPlay2-src/mingw/lib/libass.a(fcstr.o):(.text+0xeca): undefined reference to `__chkstk_ms'
E:/dev/qt/multimedia/QMPlay2-src-23XII2012/QMPlay2-src/mingw/lib/libass.a(fclist.o):(.text+0x462): undefined reference to `__chkstk_ms'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
mingw32-make[3]: *** [..\..\app\qmplay2.dll] Error 1
mingw32-make[2]: *** [debug] Error 2
mingw32-make[1]: *** [sub-qmplay2-make_default-ordered] Error 2
mingw32-make: *** [sub-src-make_default] Error 2
if i use your old libass(with fontconfig, expat, freetype), no link error. The same error comes when linking to libcdid. may be the libraries have some problem. - Dec 24 2012
The crash is not QMPlay2's problem. Using ubuntu's ffmpeg is ok. sorry. I doubt why this project has such a low score. Many media player just use mplayer, but this is different, and not an easy work. It's really a good player! - Sep 06 2012
I'm not sure. I like fresh things. lol. But it seems that ffmpeg has more features.
btw, i have compile error: "./PortAudioWriter.hpp:38:2: error: unknown type name 'PaStreamParameters' ". The program can run, but crashed when open a file with this message: [avi @ 0x91e91e0] max_analyze_duration reached - Sep 06 2012
I can't compile this on ubuntu 12.04. It lacks libswresample which is in ffmpeg. In libav libavresample is availabe. I think using libav is better.
It's a good project! - Sep 05 2012

Qt Components 5 comments

Score 58.0%
Mar 08 2012
You can watch the project, then you will see my updates in github. It seems like no email will be sent. - Mar 14 2012
Not support now. I will think about it. - Mar 11 2012

Utilities 2 comments

Score 41.4%
Oct 29 2011
It's only a a gui application to show the compressing and decompressing progress. You must use it with other program to do the compressing and decompressing, such as tar zip, unzip, 7zip. You must use some special arguments of these programs. Qop will parse their output information and show the correct progress. Qop means Qt Output Parser for compressing/decompressing tools.
I really hope that i could write a pure qt based application like 7zip to manage kinds of archives. But i find it's hard. I will add some built-in methods to support some archives. Now it only supports unpacking a tar file, because it's the easiest.
I wrote some scripts in the folder "test" to show the usages of qop.
Thanks for your attention! - Jun 19 2011

Video Players
by zaps166

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Sep 17 2012

Graphic Apps
by marcaemus

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Sep 05 2012

Image Viewers
by kicher

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Dec 11 2011
Virtual Keyboard

Qt Widgets
by AlterX

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Dec 11 2011

by lsn752

Score 58.0%
Dec 11 2011
Score 70.0%
Dec 11 2011

by argon-od

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Sep 18 2011
Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard

Music Production
by plcl

Score 62.5%
Oct 04 2010

Video Players
by zaps166

Score 79.2%
9   Sep 05 2012

Image Viewers
by kicher

Score 85.0%
9   Dec 11 2011
Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard

Music Production
by plcl

Score 62.5%
9   Oct 04 2010