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KDE Partition Manager

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Sep 01 2010
Looks like you're trying to build against a too-new parted that already had its file system functions removed. Try an older libparted version or KDE Partition Manager trunk. - Sep 01 2012
This is already possible in trunk. - Aug 28 2011
Just added support for libparted 3.0 today in trunk. - Aug 28 2011
You come across a bit like trying to troll both with your unfortunate choice of icon and headline.

If you really care about the subject matter, please read:

This article discusses why what you encounter currently happens (in 1.0.x) and why that's the expected behaviour. It also gives an overview on why and how that will change in future versions.
- Sep 24 2010
You use the live CD that is linked to above on this page. ;-) - Sep 17 2010
I'm afraid the 1.0.x branch cannot correctly handle those drives yet. You'll have to get the trunk version from SVN and build it yourself or wait for a 1.1 release.


for more information about this topic. - Sep 04 2010
There currently is no feature in KDE Partition Manager to reorder entries in the partition table.

Why did you need to do that? The order of partition table entries usually does not matter. - Jun 14 2010
I agree this would be a feature worth thinking about.

However, this is a little bit outside the scope of KDE Partition Manager itself, so it would be best to suggest this on the KDE brainstorm forum:
- Jun 05 2010
Yes. No ETA currently, though. - May 18 2010
What you describe is completely orthogonal to the file system (in your case NTFS) in use.

If you're running Vista or Windows 7 and used it to partition your hard drive, you will have partitions aligned at MiB boundaries. KDE Partition Manager 1.0.x does not support that and will align partitions the way it was the norm for 25 years.

The next feature release, 1.1, will support different aligning schemes.

Background reading:
- May 18 2010
1.0.x reads fat labels but doesn't let the user change them.

In the next feature release there will be support to set labels for fat volumes.
- Mar 26 2010
In 1.0.x it doesn't have a well thought out DBUS interface that you could use from the console.

1.0.x does however expose its actions over DBUS. You can use qdbus to explore what these actions are. - Mar 19 2010
1.0.0 and 1.0.1 always align partitions to cylinder boundaries as has been the norm for MS-DOS partition tables for the last 20 years or more.

In the next feature release there will be some new feature to (optionally) account for MS Windows Vista/7's way of aligning partitions (which is optimized for 4k-sector-size hard disks). - Feb 22 2010
What exactly do you mean with "raid support"? What are you missing? - Feb 02 2010
GPT is working in SVN and will be in the next feature release. - Jan 29 2010
Committed today to SVN. Will be in the next feature release. - Jan 29 2010
Not yet. I'll look into this for the next feature release. - Jan 18 2010
The above wasn't written with eternity in mind, apparently ;-)

Anyway, from RC1 on ext4 should work even when using patched libparteds from Ubuntu or other distributions. - Aug 03 2009
The good news is that ext4 is already supported.

The bad news: Depending on the Linux distribution you use you might encounter

with any KDE Partition Manager version currently released in binary form. The next binary release will include the fix already committed to SVN for this.
- Jul 16 2009
Alright. On popular demand ;-) beta2 now features a kcm.

It's a lot less user friendly, mind you, because kcm's cannot have menus. But it's there and it's working, too ;-). - Apr 30 2009
What would you be able to do with KDE Partition Manager if it was a kcm module that you cannot do now? I fail to see the benefit. - Mar 18 2009
Thank you for letting me know about this problem.

Please, do report this on Doing so will greatly help fixing a bug like this.

Thank you very much. - Feb 22 2009
You're executing cmake for the wrong CMakeLists.txt. Run it for the top level directory, not the src directory. - Nov 29 2008
Sure, supporting things like RAID, LVM or SMART status of drives are all desirable features for the future. I couldn't agree more with you.

There are others too, like support for additional file systems (file systems being a hot topic currently with stuff like ext4 and btrfs coming up).

Additionally, many things in this regard (SMART and other device related matters) should in my opinion be supported by KDE's own "Solid" hardware layer, thus there are opportunities for synergetic effects.

However, the short term plan is now to stabilize the application for a rock solid 1.0.0 release. That should happen pretty soon, given the current state of things. Afterwards new features like the above mentioned ones will come into focus.

Feature requests, bug reports and patches are all welcome. Please use for that, though, so nothing gets lost. ;-)

- Oct 29 2008
There once was a project called KParted, so that name was and is out right from the start.

KDE Partition Manager strives to do more than just being a front end for libparted (as goes GParted, by the way). I therefore don't think the <xyz>Parted naming scheme is really that appropriate (for either of them, but for GParted it's a little late ;-)). - Sep 25 2008
You're right, at the moment you need to know the executable name. The build process tells you what it's called, though.

I'm not a big fan of naming KDE applications with a "k" in front. Also, once KDE Partition Manager is part of your distribution, you're going to run it from the KDE Menu anyway, so you won't need to know the executable name.

The KDE project is, I think, trying to get away from the "k<whatever>" naming schemes itself. - Sep 25 2008
Thanks for your comments.

This is a KDE4 app, so all dockable panels can be turned on and off, resized, stacked on top of each other etc. If a user does not want to see the log output panel, he can just close it. The default for both the log output and the information pane is off.

I did think about including the devices in the main "partition tree view" for a while, but decided against it to keep the partition tree view as simple as possible. Additionally, there _are_people with six or more external hard disks who might not really want to have them all in one big tree. I'm not sure if my decision to keep this separate was the right one. I might reconsider that depending on more user feedback.

The information panel shows context-sensitive information, i.e., if you select a device but no partition, it shows information about the device itself that is not otherwise available. You're right though that the information there about the currently selected partition is either redundant with the partition tree view or not terribly interesting to the end user (start and end sector, number of sectors). I'll see what I can do about that.

- Sep 19 2008
You're probably missing the uuid-dev package. - Sep 18 2008
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Sep 02 2017
Thanks a lot to the author for this wonderful weather plasmoid. This looks like it's the definitive one for me.

Kudos! Great work! - Aug 17 2009

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Jan 05 2009
The download link doesn't seem to work for me. What I get is a gzip-compressed PNG image of a ... hamburger ;-) I don't suppose this is on purpose? - Jan 06 2009

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