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Sep 01 2010
Humm.. You are the first one to report this bug. Try disabling compiz effect (desktop effects) and launch app. Does it still take too much time. - Dec 15 2010
buttons has been removed from talika. Now it shows only images. It gives you freedom to make icon bigger. - Sep 25 2010
There is small handle on leftmost part of talika(a vertical line, three small horizontal line or a vertical solid bar depending on current desktop theme). You should right click there to get desired menu. - Sep 10 2010
just install over it. - Sep 03 2010
This seems to be an issue with fedora packaged X library.

For quick fix, go under src/xutils.c and comment lines having XSync .

It is there for some erroneous conditions. If everything is fine, Talika will run fine. - Aug 08 2010
All the bugs fix and features are in svn version.
I will host project translation on with new version , so that it would be easy for translators. - Jun 18 2010
ah! sorry. above method dosen't work. I will soon provide some workaround to change arguments of launcher. - Jun 10 2010
yes. talika works with desktop files.
Did you tried latest svn version? it allows you to change the icon of a launcher.
You can copy a desktop file, change its exe arguments and drag-drop to talika. It will create a launcher with custom arguments. - Jun 09 2010
It looks like there is some bug in talika itself. I will try to fix this one soon. Thanks for bug report. - May 07 2010
A icon is shown in case window is minimized.
Is it shows icon in case of maxmized windows also? - May 07 2010

I don't know about how to create a ppa and don't have much time. I really appreciate if someone could maintain a ppa for this project.

Icons will look sharp at 24,32,40,56 panel sizes.

Future versions will have sharp icons at any size. - May 06 2010
The current svn version show windows from all monitors. Making it a user option is still pending.

If you want to include window from all monitors try installing from svn. - May 02 2010
Thanks for your brainstrom. Few of those ideas are already in development. I am working to get rid of gtk buttons and use images to support themes.

Preview feature is very basic now. It would have been delayed until perfection but i want to share it will all of you even early versions. It is definatly going to be improved.

I will realese a minor bug fixed and updated translations version one or two days.

The next relaese (Big one, might have 90% of features you requested) is going to be after 2-3 months. I have very tight schedule and get less time to work in these days. - Apr 23 2010
Points noted. Feedbacks are welcome. - Apr 23 2010
Fixed in svn.

Build and install from svn.


sudo apt-get install subversion gnome-common libglib2.0-dev libpanel-applet2-dev libwnck-dev
svn co talika
cd talika/trunk/
./ --prefix=/usr
sudo make install
- Apr 22 2010
Thanks for translation.
pot file added to svn.
checkout the latest version. - Apr 21 2010
Yes, it depends on compiz (i.e. called desktop effects). If it is disabled there will be no previews.

It should work with metacity or any other window manager. - Apr 18 2010

can you install from latest svn trunk. I tried to fix it. Let me know if problem still there.

Install using following commands. Make sure you have installed necessary build packages installed.

svn co talika
cd talika
./ --prefix=/usr
sudo make install
- Mar 24 2010
All code have been fixed in svn. Now it will work on older versions too.
Try building from latest talika svn.

svn co talika

and build like:

./autogen --prefix=/usr
make install

** cheers ** - Mar 06 2010
Sorry, my mistake, it is using GTK 2.16 function and you have GTK 2.12. I will try to fix this in next relaese.

If you are using horizental panel, open talika.c file in src folder, and replace line 471 to 503 with:

static void
talika_orientation_changed (PanelApplet * applet, PanelAppletOrient orient,
gpointer data)
/* TalikaTaskList *tasklist = data;
GtkWidget *box = tasklist->box;

GtkOrientation new_orient;

switch (orient)

tasklist->panel_orient = orient;
talika_tasklist_update_arrows (tasklist);

if (new_orient ==
gtk_orientable_get_orientation ((GtkOrientable *) box))

gtk_orientable_set_orientation ((GtkOrientable *) box, new_orient);

And it should compile fine. - Feb 25 2010

You have to run autogen first.

./autogen --prefix=/usr
make install
- Feb 25 2010
Can you try building from talika svn.

svn co talika

If it doesn't work let me know what error compiler gives. - Feb 23 2010
I think it should compile on older versions too, though i have not tested it. - Feb 20 2010
Preview feature is nice. But first i am focusing on grouping of of multiple instance of same application.
I will add this feature for sure in future versions. Its a matter of free time available to me. - Jan 11 2010

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Sep 28 2010
The binary package is for newer version of ubuntu.

You should try to build it from source and see if works. - Dec 13 2010
Try version 0.4. It should work good for bigger library like yours. - Sep 28 2010
Please try new version 0.3 and wait until it load all your albums. Let me know if it is still hanging.

- Sep 24 2010
just use the Album button in the search bar - Sep 19 2010
I installed ubuntu lucid 10.04 64-bit. And installed rhythmarty and its works ok. I upgraded the system to latest and install again. And it works well again. No lockup.

Can you tell me which os and version of rhythmbox you are using. - Sep 19 2010
Do you mean that rhythmarty is not detecting cover art of half of albums and showing missing cover art?


It is not showing albums at all? - Sep 19 2010
There seems some problem with amd64 version on ubuntu lucid. I use i386 version only. I build the amd64 package with Ubuntu Karmic 64-bit running in virtual box.
I am downloading Lucid 64-bit, and see today what's wrong with it. - Sep 19 2010
this is just a quick work. I want to share it at earliest. Next version will have configuration options. - Sep 18 2010