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VCoolio Anon , Netherlands

Full Icon Themes by alecive 523 comments

Awesome theme, nice customization script, although a gui would be even better for previews. There are themes that already have that. Also I'd like the script to check first if nautilus exists, or to ask which file manager people want to use (I have thunar for example, no nautilus even installed).
What I'm really missing though is a folder-templates.png file. I get nice folders in my home but then also a default ugly gnome folder for templates. Easily fixed of course. Still, might be nice to add it.
Thanks for your work, it's great. - Mar 04 2011

GTK2 Themes by ceebeebg 49 comments

Hi, nice theme, especially the buttons; some comments:
- check button prelight gets a ticked box even when it was unchecked;
- I think the progress bar is too bright now; up to you though.
Have fun. - Dec 08 2010
Grey and orange

E Enlightenment Backgrounds by maria4955 4 comments

Good wallpaper; I have it for two days which for me is kind of a checkpoint where you can tell if a wallpaper is good enough. It goes well with the efenniht theme too, which has orange elements as well.
Only consideration is that the e logo now has a reflection for no apparent reason. The background has nothing to suggest that it's some kind of wall or mirror or something. Or if the background is meant like a reflecting surface, it could be emphasized by more contrast from top to bottom (as in dark-light) and/or putting the pattern in perspective, so: tighter together on top, broader at the bottom. Just some suggestions; have fun. - Dec 07 2010
WDT - Web Developer Tools

Various Gnome Stuff by petrakis 122 comments

Looks nice. Care to share a link to the source code so non-debianusers can give it a try? Thanks. - Sep 03 2010
Tunable GTK RGBA module

Various Gnome Stuff by KennyStrawn 10 comments

Hi, looks interesting, but I don't understand yet how to use it and where. Does it replace the need for modifying the murrine source, and do I put your lines in .profile, or is it able to configure different transparancy levels for different widgets in gtkrc? - Jun 25 2010
Pulse Glass

Cursors by KuduK 63 comments

Thanks for the speed-tutorial; I thought I needed something to build the source to a cursor theme. Didn't know I could edit the files like that. All solved and in use! - Jun 17 2010
Pulse Glass

Cursors by KuduK 63 comments

I don't think I'll bear the pulse in the long term (I have a dark theme, which makes it much more visible than on a bright background). I do like the cursors very much though. Could you provide a non-pulsing version? Or share the build script / command for the source when edited? Thanks in advance for considering and my compliments for the nice theme. It's quite consistent throughout the different cursors (link, resize etc), unlike many others. - Jun 16 2010

GTK2 Themes by VCoolio 9 comments

On the left and right two shelves (like panels), with start module, pager, forecasts module and two ibars (launchers) and on the right a systray module and a clock. In the middle itask-ng (a dock), with the taskbar module. All e17-only. - Jan 29 2010

GTK2 Themes by VCoolio 9 comments

Well, couldn't resist. But it's very subtle. Let me know what you think. - Jan 28 2010

GTK2 Themes by VCoolio 9 comments

Thanks for trying my theme!
Well I could do a prelight effect, but the e17 theme doesn't have that and I want to stay close to that. I could add a little shadow on prelight so we get an animated effect when the button is pressed at the same time. Thanks for the suggestion though.

I'm planning to do some code cleaning and adding color references on top of the gtkrc file, so at least you'll be able to change the fg color easily. - Jan 28 2010
RGBA Gtk+ module

Various Gnome Stuff by aleksey 56 comments

Actually, if you change line 46 to

fprintf (stderr, "\nprogname=%s; RGBA=on\n",progname);

it seems to work. - Nov 17 2009
RGBA Gtk+ module

Various Gnome Stuff by aleksey 56 comments

Hi, thanks for your app, works nice. One thing bugs me though (I posted this at the murrine site too, but cimi made me aware of this being an issue with your module): the console output disables usage of zenity. Like this:
echo `zenity --entry`

if I type "blahblah" the output is:
progname=zenity; RGBA=on blahblah

Don't know what to change; I guess the code in the .c file on line 46 (printf ("\nprogname=%s; RGBA=on\n",progname);) should be different.
- Nov 17 2009
Elegant Pattern

GTK2 Themes by Netsu 54 comments

Thanks for your theme and inspiration. I've just uploaded a murrine port and heavy modification of your theme here: I just wanted you to know that you have followers ;).
It also includes sort of a solution for the openoffice menubar bug the poster above complained about; it involves pointing openoffice to a second gtkrc file where the menubar is not black.
Let me know what you think. Greetings. - Oct 19 2009
Blue Leopard

Wallpaper Other by neonboy 2 comments

It's a beautiful wallpaper but plz get rid of the apple so it can be used in linux... - Oct 13 2009
Folderview Screenlet

Conky by Whise 163 comments

I have the same problem. Solved it by hacking into ~/.screenlets/FolderView/ The part where the opening of files / folders is set begins at line 700 (for version 0.7.5). Now for files changes the four lines where 'run' is defined (+/- 712, 714, 726, 728) to:
run = "gnome-open %s" % (uri)

This will open files with your default gnome mimetype associations. If you don't use gnome, make it kde-open (KDE) or xdg-open (common).
For folders, change the two lines that begin with "xdg_open(chr(34)" (+/- 717, 730) to:
os.system("thunar %s" % (elem[0].get_path()))

Change thunar to whatever file browser you prefer. Hope that helps. Remember to start the lines at the exact same point using the same amount of tabs (not spaces).

It would be better of course to really troubleshoot what the problem is, but I'm not into that. - Oct 12 2009

GTK2 Themes by nale12 39 comments

In clawsmail the parts which list folders and mails (treeview?) have white text on white background. Maybe that happens elsewhere too? At least a workaround / fix would be nice. I never understand which of text/fg active/normal in the gtkrc rules these things.
- Sep 12 2009

GTK2 Themes by nale12 39 comments

For the confused: I get a file without extension on extracting. If I do 'unp thatfile' in terminal it extracts to the folder and maybe you can also open it with file-roller (archive manager). Nice theme, first one I used where it pays off to have half-transparent menus. - Sep 10 2009
No, it's more like 12-15% for me and it shows up as "python" under top or in conky. Playing or not playing doesn't matter, it's always 12-15% and when I press buttons in it it peaks to 30%. - Aug 21 2009
is it me or is cpu usage very high with this screenlet? It's not mpd because sonata doesn't use as much. - Aug 21 2009

Openbox Themes by siema 15 comments

after copying the theme to ~/.themes obconf wouldn't start anymore. After deleting the theme, it all worked again. There is really something wrong with the theme. - Aug 13 2009

E Enlightenment Backgrounds by verdegal37 2 comments

it's nice, but I don't particularly like the background, matter of taste. Could you post / point to a pic of the e17-logo part with transparant background, so with Gimp any background can be 'enlightened' by pasting the e17-logo part? I think it may work well with some more abstract wallpapers. Thx in advance and keep up working on e17 themes. - Jul 05 2009

Nautilus Scripts by VCoolio 4 comments

Wow, thanks a lot for this. I was going to an ordeal trying to get your suggestion working. It is so easy in the end. I updated to 0.2 with your improvement, as you may have noticed. I changed the name of the script back again to evade confusion with sharing with samba or whatever.
Now for 0.3 it would be nice to have the url copypasted e.g. to the clipboard, so it isn't lost when clicking the window away. A new message window which does not block the process would be easier to create, but can also be annoying. Also the process of woof is now pretty much lost. In the commandline it prints who is downloading and when it is finished. Ideas are welcome here. - Mar 05 2009

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Grey and orange

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