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Robert Krambovitis Heraklion, Greece
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Jan 07 2013
Thanks Agustin,

The changes to efm and entry will affect all existing themes.
You will need to update all your themes to make them compliant with the new format, especially since the first official stable release of E is imminent.

Check out these:

Last minute fun - Nov 05 2012
There is now a version called petite-cerium-lh which has the border buttons reversed.

You will find it on the same link as the primary theme. - Oct 22 2012
Indeed !

Thanks for reporting.
It appears that linuxtracker is malfunctioning (I tried 5 different torrents, all have the same error).

Hopefully the operators will already be working on resolving the issue, so it should be back online soon. If it's not fixed by morning, I will try another tracker.

In the mean time, I will see if I can provide a direct link somehow. - Oct 05 2012
Thanks Agust.

I'm not a themer, nor do I have any artistic talent (obviously) :)
Any feedback, especially from such a great and experienced themer as yourself would be really valuable.

I originally started out just to add the min/max buttons and to fix the syscon, but got carried away once I started learning how things worked.

I'm still in the process of tidying up and minimizing the code. Compared to the original cerium, this version is certainly faster and runs really nicely with composite module. - Oct 05 2012
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9   Jan 03 2013