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Henrique Lechner , Brazil
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Various Gnome Stuff

Various Gnome Stuff 24 comments

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Jun 05 2010
thanks. very good application. i like the combination of SimpleRemoteControl and this GTK+ theme, what your GTK+ theme? - Apr 17 2009
Azenis GDM

GDM Themes 7 comments

Score 63.3%
Dec 31 2008
perfectly,thanks very much for this bugfix. - Jan 03 2009
but have an issue:
on Portuguese (brazil) GDM put "Nome do Usuário:" (name of user:) and not "Usuário" (user:).
is very long.get out of lines.

what need change to not use the default sentence of GDM,but use own sentence?

sorry for my bad explication :P - Dec 30 2008
Experience Gnome

Wallpapers Gnome 1 comment

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Dec 26 2008
excellent!!! i love this style of wallpaper. great work
best wallpaper - Dec 29 2008

Full Icon Themes 508 comments

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Dec 25 2008
i dunno exactly but the system create,for example the image previews and changed icons for recover if need.

exactly i don't know.but on my theme (boulevard icons) i remove this archive. test your self,remove this file and nothing change on theme - Sep 19 2008
beautiful theme
but friend you don't remove the archive "icon-theme.cache" it is not necessary is only cache and size of file is 113mb for this motive your theme is too big

if your theme compacted with .tar.gz (removing this cache file) the size is 28mb


- Sep 19 2008
Boulevard Icons

Full Icon Themes 16 comments

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Sep 15 2008
the icons 16x16 is really complex to update and recognize,but the visual effect is good. the apps for use ideal on panel,and for actions (gtk,stock,etc) for example

danrabbit very sorry for only now i reply your message - Sep 19 2008
is very good see the people like the theme.
it is an good incentive for continue updating the theme. - Sep 19 2008
sorry for this problem.
the solution is:
create a symbolic link on (scalable/filesystems) with name "stock_folder.png" link the archive "gnome-fs-directory.png"

create on (16x16/filesystems) too.

the next update i fix it.

thanks - Sep 19 2008
very sorry but is not possible.
all of my icon are (.png) - Aug 19 2008
strange. but i don't get from this software,i get the icon from deviant and i edit - Aug 17 2008
Neon Glow

Beryl/Emerald Themes 1 comment

by vs8
Score 63.3%
Aug 19 2008
hey this theme is very beautiful,great modification!
i use now,but i changed color of base "#F7F7F7" for "#DAE6F3" for best integration with my gtk theme - Aug 23 2008
boulevard - emesene (theme + emoticons)

Various Gnome Stuff 2 comments

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Aug 19 2008
thanks for tip.
posted on forum of emesene - Aug 20 2008

Metacity Themes 21 comments

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Jul 05 2008
great work.
but create a small version of your metacity my resolution (1024x768) is very big.
thanks - Jul 03 2008
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Wallpapers Gnome
by kestal

Score 50.0%
Dec 29 2008