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Typhoid Hippo

Skydomes by simpson-fan 4 comments

He means it looks good, even at a resolution of 1440x900. He's saying good job, and I'm saying it too! - Apr 07 2007
Melbourne Docklands

Skydomes by LeeSieLung 1 comment

Your preview does not do this picture justice. This really is...just gorgeous. I strongly encourage others to actually download this picture, as it may well be the prettiest picture of a city/skyline/shoreline there is. The preview doesn't even show half of this picture....just wow! It's beautiful! - Apr 07 2007
Beryl Cloudy SkyDome

Skydomes by darknoize 2 comments

Thanks a lot. Very nice. - Apr 07 2007
Cubic Confetti Dream

Skydomes by demiurgicdaemon 10 comments

I think you should call it "A bunch of little semi-transparent white squares that somehow, despite sounding like a horrible idea, actually looks really good."

- It'd be me, at least.

Great job, by the way, looks great! - Apr 07 2007
These are amazing! Thanks a lot! - Apr 07 2007

Wallpaper Other by myirax 10 comments

This is fantastic! Thanks a lot! - Apr 06 2007
Ubuntu Glass Soul

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Zeenux 4 comments

I registered here just to tell you that this is gorgeous! Thanks a lot! - Apr 06 2007