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Gnome Shell Themes 23 comments

by txen
Score 77.9%
Oct 24 2013
I've added experimental support for Gnome 3.8 on github. - Sep 29 2013
By now I'm still testing version 1.6 for gnome 3.6.x. There are some issues, which I am not sure they come from my theme or from gnome itself. I don't want so make 1.8 for gnome 3.8.x as long as I haven't resolved the problems, because 1.8 will use the code of 1.6 as a base. - Jun 25 2013
An unstable version for 3.6 can be found at github (link above). I have some trouble with the theme, therefor I don't think there will be a release for 3.6. Next milestone is 3.8 - Apr 09 2013
Hi, clock is a ClockScreenlet with plain theme. - Jul 19 2012
V0.5: bottom right tray should work much better now. - Jul 12 2012
Hi, in my opinion it is not really necessary to have the icon in the top-bar and it also doesn't look really good in this place. I couldn't find a better matching place, therefor it has been deactivated in this theme.

The tray is still under construction. I need to have the background in normal-mode, but I don't want to have it in the overview-mode. It's a bit tricky to get both working. Hopefully there can be found a better solution in future. - Jul 10 2012
LittleBigMod (RC1)

Gnome Shell Themes 17 comments

by txen
Score 77.1%
Aug 09 2012
Never tested it, but I don't think it is. I have it on my to-do list, but this might take a while. I simply don't have enough time for now. - Sep 27 2012
Hi, somehow I ever liked the default GTK+ and icon-theme, therefor I mostly used Adwaita and Gnome. Zukitwo is my other favorite, especially the window-theme. - Jul 17 2012
You may also use the "Text scaling factor" in the "Advanced Settings" (gnome-tweak-tool), it is a bit more detailed. - Jul 12 2012
Hi, easiest way is to use the accessibility feature of gnome. You can find it in the "System Settings" under "System" "Universal Access" and than changing the "Text Size" under "Display".

After doing that, you'll also need an (ALT F2) + r or logout/login. - Jul 12 2012
thanks, hope you like the newest addition, too. - Jun 20 2012
Sorry, don't know. You said, the problem occurs on every theme but the default one. Did you try to install a theme into /usr/share/themes/ ? - May 22 2012
It's not a Conky theme, it's the FreemeteoWeather Screenlet which has been modified a bit by me. - May 21 2012
KDE 4.5 - KMENU Logo icons (SVG)

Icon Sub-Sets 21 comments

by txen
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Nov 07 2010
thx, completely forgot about this - Nov 07 2010
working on it and some more ;) - Aug 21 2010

KDE 4 Splashscreens 4 comments

by txen
Score 76.7%
Sep 14 2010
I realized, too. If you don't change the given resolution in the "Boot Loader" Vga Mode, you'll have to manually "mkinitrd" or exemplary "mkinitrd -s 1680x1050" for your preferred resolution.

I'll update the manual shortly - Aug 27 2010

KDE 4 Splashscreens 2 comments

by txen
Score 58.0%
Sep 14 2010
Trying my best. Maybe you could tell me, what exactly you don't understand? - Aug 26 2010

GTK3 Themes
by lassekongo83

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Oct 03 2012
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Jul 08 2012
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Jul 08 2012
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Jul 08 2012
BLO (3.4-3.6-3.8-3.9.3)

Gnome Shell Themes
by as00270

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3   Sep 30 2013
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9   Jul 08 2012
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9   Jul 08 2012
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9   Jul 08 2012
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9   Jul 08 2012
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9   Jul 08 2012

Gnome Shell Themes
by clavichord93

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9   May 21 2012