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Christian Galander , Germany

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by mcder
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Jul 06 2014

The screenshot (German) shows KDE 4.8 after a relogin. This error appears only if your theme is activated and shows first after i logout and login again. With Xenon, i had no problems.

I hope the screenshot helps you.

My pc with an nvidia graphics card (Closed source driver - dual view configuration) and my notebook with an ati mobility radeon graphics card (opensource driver) are not affected.

Sorry for my english - Apr 30 2012
If i activate this theme on my second pc with kde 4.8 and dualview configuration, krunner crashed every time.

Hardware: Intel Core i5 | Intel HD2000 graphics card | 2x 1920x1200 dualview.

I use arch linux (x86_64) with latest kde 4.8 packages. - Apr 28 2012

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by mcder

Score 76.7%
9   Apr 28 2012