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by Barud
Score 80.7%
Feb 20 2020
Hi,I did that. Didn't solve it.
But you set me on the right path. I just copied the stock-folder.svg and renamed the copy to "inode-directory.svg", and as you see in the screenshot, it worked. Link here:

Very happy with it, so now it only remains for me to make the systray in the upper right corner match your theme. It's a lovely theme indeed :) - Sep 30 2015
Tried it on another install. Same issue for me. The only blue folders are the ones you see in the screenshot.

All other folders is in the kaki/brownish color. Not only bin, tmp, and backup. But all other folders and subfolders...

Could it be because I don't use GNOME or any other DE. I use openbox... - Sep 28 2015
I'll look into it. I multiboot several installs, so I can try it with another install. - Sep 28 2015
Here is a link to a screenshot...

- Sep 28 2015
But I see that it inherits Adwaita, and for me that results in light-brown/kaki folders in the file-manager, except the default user-folders which looks bluish as I expected. How can I get the same color, or a matching color on all other folders? - Sep 27 2015

Full Icon Themes
by Barud

Score 80.7%
9   Sep 27 2015