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David Mills
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements

Various Plasma 5 Improvements 703 comments

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Dec 23 2019
Your already on the web page... :) - Jan 29 2004
Thanks, If you don't mind, we'll be including this in the kleardock project :)

David - Jan 02 2004
Could you tell me when it happens exactly? And, if possible, could you reply to d.mills at, or go to the kleardock project page on sourceforge, and subscribe to the mailing list. We'll be doing a release in a couple of days, and we'd greatly appreciate it if we could get some feed back on how it fares on other unices.

btw: Were you useing a patched version or the standered ksmoothdock 3.1.4?

David - Jan 02 2004
The SF project registration for KlearDock (Thanks selan ;-)) has just gone off. I should have an awnser within a day or two.

A message has been sent to dangvd to explain the situation, and to say that if, when he reads it, he wants to take up the project again, we'd be only too pleased to let him join us.

Apart from that, I think it was Balmer who said 'Developpers! Developpers! Developpers!' and I'm going to do the same, so if anyone reading this wants to help, just mail me at d dot mills at tiscalli dot fr, so we can get things going.

I probably won't be arround from the 20/21 to the 28 though, so don't get discouraged if I don't awnser your mails streight away. (Also got exams comeing up which won't help :-()

David - Dec 15 2003
I like it, KlearDock it is then :-) - Dec 15 2003
Here it is:

Changelog: added a "Location: " entry to the config file, valid values are Top Bottom Left and Right.

No bonus points in guessing what it does... :-)

As far as forking is concerned, I'm submitting a request to sf this evening, and will post back asap with details.

David - Dec 15 2003
Right, I've almost got another patch ready, which, on top of correcting the background bug, also impliments positioning of the bar, so that it can be on the top/bottom/left/right of the screen.
A bit more bug bashing and it should be perfect, I'll probably post it before Firday.

Now on to the sticky part. I've been trying to get in touch with dangvd at but haven't recieved any response. Added to the fact that he hasn't posted since September, I'm compeled to believe that he's abandoned the project (or mabey hasn't got Internet access atm...). This, coupled with the fact that these patches are getting bigger and bigger, tempts me to fork the project (either keeping it here, or moveing it to sourceforge, or both). But before I try this, I'd like to ask for your opinion on the question: should I fork or not? should the project move or not?

TIA for your time

David - Dec 01 2003
If anyone downloaded the patch last night, could they do so again, as there was a small bug that stopped it working correctly on desplay sizes other than 800x600.

Sorry again

David - Nov 24 2003
I've just put a patch online that sorts out the wallpaper bug, providing you have your wallpaper 'scaled' in the desktop preferences. It also takes care of a couple of warnings.
In essance, what it does is rewrite the loadwallpaper() member, to take the wallpapers streight from disk, rather than try to get them from the xserver, when they could very well not be there (and aren't at startup).

To install, unpack the archive to {$ksmoothdockdir}/ksmoothdock/ , build, run, and post back here if I've made a terrible mess of things.


David - Nov 23 2003
First of all, check the DockOpacity option in the preferances, (you can find them in the right click menu on KSmoothDock), if it's not there, set it to 50 (ie DockOpacity=50), and reload the config.

If that doesn't work, try flipping through the desktops and try again (this is especiallyh true if you have individual wallpapers for each desktop).

If that fails, post back, including the output of ksmoothdoc (just run it in a console, and paste the output here).


David - Nov 23 2003

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 24 comments

by TWD
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Jan 12 2004
The tool tip bug is on our todo list :) Thanks for the support... - Jan 19 2004
In your $HOME their is a Autostart folder located at ~/.kde/Autostart (you won't see it in konq as .folders are hidden). Just put a link in it to kleardock. In the console, just type: "cd ~/.kde/Autostart;ln -s `which kleardock`;" (without the ") and it should work. If you want more tips, their are some on the web page.

HTH - Jan 19 2004
Could you mail me with preferably a screen shot of the bar (but not to big since I'm on dialup). Since I thought I had that one solved, and it works on my box(s). It could also come from the fact that your useing an unstable kde. I've only tested up until 3.1.4.


David - Jan 19 2004
First of all thanks to everyone who replied.

The download link has been fixed, and as for the bugs that hybrid has noticed: The fixes are being worked on, and should be in CVS by the end of the week. For the next release I'm waiting till I've finished the KControlCenter module for it...

David - Jan 12 2004