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Apr 14 2013
You can make any changes you want. No problem.
Best regards! - Nov 12 2015
which version of gnome uses?

I remind you that at the beginning of the post specified gnome 3.6, not ubuntu

if you use gnome 3.8, not a bug, is that the theme is for gnome 3.6
not gnome 3.8 (in case you have upgraded to gnome 3.8) - Jul 25 2013
Hola, esas barritas no son de nautilus, son de Nemo, un fork de nautilus hecho por la gente de Linux-Mint

Aqui puedes encontrar información y como descargarlo

Saludos :) - Jul 08 2013
Hola hombre!

Ya recuperado gracias :), precisamente estoy en plena faena con gnome-cupertino, preparando el proximo update 2.1.6 para gnome 3.8.x, en cuanto resuelva un par de problemillas que se me estan resistiendo un poco lo subo, con suerte a lo largo del fin de semana estará terminado.

Saludos :) - Jul 05 2013
I have a temporary problem with my eyes, a little inflammation in the optic nerve. It is declining, but I still have a little time before it can continue working with the themes.

I had to drastically reduce the time that I can be looking at a computer screen.

Anyway, sooner or later return with updates :)

- May 14 2013
It's hard, because not find the way I like it.

The Xfce window manager in Xubuntu gives problems with narrow borders (1 pixel or 0 pixel) and wide edges (more than 1 pixel) do not like, anyway try something for the next update.

About doing a dark theme for gnome-cupertino, I'm thinking ... but it is not likely to do - Apr 22 2013
You have to keep in mind that nautilus has two types of views, IconView and ListView (rows)

for icon view mode (example background dark #383838)
NautilusWindow .view {
background-color: #383838;
color: #ffffff;

for List View mode
NautilusWindow GtkTreeView row {
background-color: #484848;
color: @theme_selected_fg_color;


If you also want to distinguish between rows odd/even
NautilusWindow GtkTreeView row:nth-child(odd),
NautilusWindow GtkTreeView row:nth-child(odd):hover {
background-color: #484848;
color: @theme_selected_fg_color;

NautilusWindow GtkTreeView row:nth-child(even),
NautilusWindow GtkTreeView row:nth-child(even):hover {
background-color: #525252;
color: @theme_selected_fg_color;

I hope this helps :)
regards - Apr 19 2013
The problem is that the theme (v2.1.5) is for gnome 3.6.x, still not compatible with gnome 3.8.x

Although I have that problem already solved there are still others to solve.

Soon I'll upload the version 2.1.6 with support for gnome-3.8.x - Apr 17 2013
Well ... better late than never :)

Furthermore from now an inseparable part of the theme, I liked it - Apr 16 2013
I've been watching his phenomenal collection of icons, I have really enjoyed 'Elementary Sky-Blue' and 'OSX-Nostalgie' for this, and to my other theme 'Uncomplicated', going really well

great collection, thanks :) - Apr 14 2013
Please download the third link, version without dependence of 'unico-engine'

and tell me if it went well - Mar 31 2013
When you want a color or gradient applied specifically to nautilus (menubar and primary-toolbar) can do it this way:

NautilusWindow .menubar {

NautilusWindow .primary-toolbar.toolbar {
- Mar 16 2013
Yes I know, so I do not understand what was going, because prior they looked good.

I've fixed and this weekend will post an update for MediterraneanNight - Mar 15 2013
MediterraneanNight Series

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Jun 20 2013
I use gnome 3.8 and I have no problem with nautilus desktop backgrounds (managed and unmanaged by nautilus) - Jul 21 2013
The quickest way is to download my other theme 'Uncomplicated'

Inside the theme folder there is a folder called 'textures', inside are the instructions to disable the textures.
The process is the same, but applied to MediterraneanNight folders instead of Uncomplicated folders (not difficult :) ).
- Jul 18 2013
Please see the last message: 'Firefox/libreoffice toolbar' or the annotation at the beginning of the post about fedora 19 and gtk2-engines (in case this is your problem) - Jul 09 2013
Hi, I installed Fedora 19 in a vm (virtualbox) and effectively gives problems.

The problem is that the installation of the package gtk2-engines, not install you really need, which is this (in my case the 64-bit):

Murrine GTK2 engine
gtk-murrine-engine-0.98.2-3fc19 (64 bits)

after installing it, everything worked correctly

I hope I there been helpful
- Jul 09 2013
In the third screenshot, appear in this order the following themes:

the one further back of the three
with Faience Icons (Blue folders - Faience Azur)

in the midst
with Faenza Icons

the one at the front
MediterraneanWhite - Jul 08 2013
Pidgin, google chrome or firefox not gnome 3.8 applications (GTK3), are GTK2 applications.

For GTK2 applications need to meet the requirements explained at the beginning of the post

- GTK2 theme uses gtk2-engines-murrine and gtk2-engines-pixbuf

There are distros that bring the engines for GTK2 preinstalled and others you have to install them manually from repositories. - Jul 02 2013
This is the right way, but it has to be noted that:
1.- If you are using gnome-shell should modify metacity-theme-3.xml

2.- If you are using unity or fallback mode metacity-theme-1.xml

In any case, start by giving to X the value 10, here the quotes are usually look bad but it would be something like x='10' then go changing your taste. (no need to change the value of Y)

- Jun 27 2013
I also made another theme like MDWhite/MDWhiteNight, 'GrayDay', and this is for gnome 3.4, try it if you like - Jun 22 2013
the theme does not work in gnome 3.4, is for gnome 3.6 and 3.8 - Jun 22 2013
I think with MediterraneanWhite, MediterraneanWhiteNight, MediterraneanTribute and MediterraneanTributeBlue not have problems with 'medit' - Jun 21 2013
Hi Sadi,


For the first question, nautilus sidebar bgcolor codes in dark, light, etc ... there is every chance that these options are available in the next update v2.04.

For the second question, lol ... no secrets here, is open source :)

in the file ../gtk-3.0/gtk-widgets.css on line 1208, GtkHandleBox widget is defined in the same way that the toolbar

.toolbar {

' .. toolbar bgcolor in my favorite text editor, medit.'
are already an old problem that I can not solve, the GTK2 dark toolbars give me many problems with qt applications. But I will pick up the problem in case I can do something. - Jun 21 2013
I would recommend that you install in '/usr/share/themes'

but I've seen that you have done on your own

you solved your problem? - Jun 21 2013
No problem with that, it's easy :)

If you want to change the buttons on the title bar for the other variant, the folder:
contains titlebar buttons of all variants of the theme for Metacity and the Unity panel.

For the option that you want:
- copy the contents of the file "metacity-buttons-white.tar.gz" in folder '../MediterraneanWhite/metacity-1/'

If you use unity:
copy the contents of the file "unity-buttons-white.tar.gz" in folder '../MediterraneanWhite/unity/'

More or less this explained in the readme.txt file off the folder 'MediterraneanNight' (while I recognize that with a lousy english)

regards and good luck! - Jun 21 2013
It's fixed in v2.03 beta - Jun 18 2013
in one or two days I'll upload the version 2.03.
If you want you can try the 2.03beta, I just have to finish some part of metacity in dark themes.

regards :) - Jun 16 2013
I have a temporary problem with my eyes, a little inflammation in the optic nerve. It is declining, but I still have a little time before it can continue working with the themes.

I had to drastically reduce the time that I can be looking at a computer screen.

Anyway, sooner or later return with updates :)

regards - May 14 2013
Sorry, but that does not work. I tried it a while and causes many black backgrounds in some widgets.

It is an unnatural solution, widgets must have a background color (including transparent), and it is logical that nautilus desktop mode allows to put a transparent background color as it was so far and do not understand why now does not.

said this, I have the hope that gnome people end up giving a solution (or an alternative) to this problem
- Apr 26 2013
It's a bit strange, the textures are only in gtk3 apps and firefox is a gtk2 app.

Anyway, it's a bit experimental and between today and tomorrow I will add a download without textures. - Apr 24 2013
Edit /gtk-3.0/gnome-mdi.css, about line 856

find this:

NemoWindow .notebook tab:active,
NautilusWindow .notebook tab:active {
background-image: -gtk-gradient (linear,
left top, left bottom,
from (shade(@theme_base_color, 0.90)),
color-stop (0.15, shade(@theme_base_color, 1.00)),
to (shade(@theme_base_color, 1.00)));


There you can change the color of active tab
good luck :) - Apr 23 2013
Thanks for the feedback, and happy that you like the theme :) - Apr 23 2013
Yes, I know the problem (when you select the option 'let the file manager handle the desktop'), so I say partial support gnome-3.8

Anyway I'm working to resolve it as soon as possible, I also want to work with gnome 3.8 :) - Apr 23 2013
Jeje pues sí, seguimos con el tema de la barra de herramientas. La verdad es que no lo tengo del todo claro y además no eres el único en esa lucha. Poner las toolbars de GTK3 claras significa que no he podido resolver el asunto y es algo que me molesta, soy muy cabezota.

Además, estoy seguro de que si las pongo claras, se me va a quejar mucha gente, así que estoy en una encrucijada que tengo que ver como resuelvo. Puede que en el proximo update ponga la opción de elegir uno u otro estilo y asi dejar zanjado el asunto.

Saludos :) - Apr 22 2013
I'm on it, when I get a stable system with gnome-3.8 try to do.
In any case, sooner or later will be done.

By the way, with which distro you're using gnome 3.8? is for testing me too :) - Apr 16 2013
After over 11,000 downloads the first complaint of this.

It is more logical to think that something is wrong in your system?
It has tried to download the file with another browser?

Just download and unzip the file without any problem (5 mins ago)

regards - Apr 08 2013
Well ... although the theme uses the 'GTK3-engine-unico', I think it can work without it.

But it would be good to find out because it gives the problem. - Mar 15 2013

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Jul 11 2013
Si se puede lograr, no es un problema del tema es un problema de configuración de tu distro.

Dime cual usas y seguramente pueda ayudarte de forma más concreta.

El problema basicamente es debido a que esas apps (firefox y otras) no son gtk3, son gtk2 y necesitas instalar los engines para gtk2, en concreto gtk2-engines-murrine y gtk2-engines-pixbuf, practicamente todas las distros los tienen en sus repos.

Otra cosa a tener en cuenta es instalar (copiar) los temas en la carpeta '/usr/share/themes' en lugar de instalarlos en la carpeta personal.
- Jul 18 2013
Hola, si tienes razon con los botones metacity, a unos les gustará más y a otros menos, de todas formas dejaré los anteriores como una opcion (en el próximo update).

No me acuerdo donde encontré el wallpaper pero te pongo un enlace para descargarlo aquí, la verdad es que a mi también me llamó la atención el día que lo ví

Venga un saludo y gracias por tus comentarios :) - Jul 12 2013
I also :) - Jul 01 2013
Entre hoy y mañana tenía intención de publicar el update para FlatStudio 1.04, con todos los fallos arreglados y con soporte total para gnome 3.6 y 3.8, en un pequeño desastre que tuve ayer lo perdí por un fallo mío.
Para bien o para mal ha sido el unico tema que he perdido y ahora solo vuelvo a tener la version de web v1.03. Mira que tengo backup de todo, pero ha sido pulsar formatear y me he acordado que justo no lo tenia de los ultimos cambios de FlatStudio ... jeje como decimos por aqui en casa del herrero cuchara de palo.

Volveré a hacer el update, pero se me retrasará una o dos semanas tenerlo todo listo de nuevo para su publicación.

- Jun 26 2013
Hola Guillermo!

Es fácil, lo tienes en el gtk.csss en estas 3 definiciones, es para independizar los widgets de ListView y ponerlos como quieras.

@define-color theme_LW_selected_bg_color shade(@theme_selected_bg_color, 1.75);
@define-color theme_LW_selected_fg_color @theme_text_color;
@define-color theme_LW_shadow_color @theme_shadow_color;

y para las ListView de gtk-2 sobre la linea 815

style "treeview" {
base[SELECTED] = shade (1.75, @selected_bg_color) # seleccion row focused
base[ACTIVE] = shade (1.75, @selected_bg_color) # seleccion row unfocused

si ves que tienes problemas dimelo y afinamos más.
Tambien te puedo preparar unso gtk-swich personalizados

Saludos - Jun 26 2013
I just broke my linux installation because of the ATI drivers. So today I'm not able to do anything.
Morning with a clean installation and better mood which now see what I can do. Anyway MediterraneanWhite I think I put these buttons to Xfce, well ... review tomorrow ...

regards :) - Jun 25 2013
Thank you for your words! They are a good encouragement to keep working :) - Jun 25 2013
try with the version for GTK3 - Jun 24 2013
Glad you like :)

Also just published a Gnome-Cupertino Mint variant, try it ;)

- Apr 16 2013
Version 1.01 with support for Xfce is ready!
I hope you like

regards :)
Rafa - Apr 03 2013
The theme supports nautilus 3.4.x installed in gnome 3.6 (as in ubuntu 12.10), but NOT MADE FOR GNOME-3.4.x, gnome 3.6.x only

If I'm not mistaken, I think elementary-OS is based on gnome 3.4 and therefore is not supported by the theme, I'm not totally sure, you can confirm that? - Apr 03 2013
I do not usually put support for Xfce in the first version, in order to focus more on the problems with GTK3.

In the next update (v1.01) will have full support for Xfce

Thank you for your suggestions :)

- Apr 03 2013

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