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Tony Jaudon , United States of America

GTK2 Themes by MrGreeen 29 comments

Heh, theme for openbox linked: - Apr 25 2009

GTK2 Themes by MrGreeen 29 comments

Added Openbox theme based on LSD, I can't view Metacity so it is based on the screenshot. Feel free to package it along with everything else (your wall, metacity, acid gtk and openbox themes). - Apr 25 2009
Cyclotram Chilled

GTK2 Themes by darkmusic 4 comments

What iconset are those desktop icons from?

Still waiting on a "dark" version, black bars and dark gray interiors. - Apr 25 2009

GTK2 Themes by MrGreeen 29 comments

Go in to theme directory and open gtkrc in favorite editor. Go to line 1622 and uncomment, this line can change the colors you mention without altering the other text. You may also change the color code to something you prefer. - Apr 24 2009

GTK2 Themes by MrGreeen 29 comments

While it is usable to me I do agree the text in the selection fields are a bit too dark and could be closer to white.

I like he gradients, would having a verticl scroll bar with more rounded ends (ends more similar to Dust GTK or Oxygen's rounded scrollbar ends) be a tad better?

In any event I really like this theme. - Apr 24 2009
Cyclotram Slim

GTK2 Themes by darkmusic 6 comments

I agree.

I don't think you really need to change anything else, but you can try and see what you get. Having a font like HandelGotD would give it a more futuristic feel. OBHandel is freely redistributable, HandelGotD is not.

Not sure about a completely black theme, dark gray is probably strong enough. Just change the red bars and buttons to black.

Cyclotrauma? Heh. - Apr 23 2009

GTK2 Themes by MrGreeen 29 comments

This theme looks very nice I can't believe it was getting voted down? Anyways rated good! - Apr 23 2009
Cyclotram Slim

GTK2 Themes by darkmusic 6 comments

Just because something is good for kids doesn't mean it isn't good for put cartoon icons and comic font in this and what would you expect to be the reaction?

Anways how about a black theme? Change the red to black, try a stronger font like HandelGotD or OBHandel, make it darker and slim, and voila! Cyclotram Darkside - Apr 23 2009

GTK2 Themes by darkmusic 14 comments

While you may have not intended it to be specifically I find this to make a good "kids" theme. - Apr 22 2009
Military State "Refine"

GTK2 Themes by Tokio-VS-Nepal 48 comments

I agree about the window border, I also think the scroll bar could be improved. Lets be useful and make suggestions:

1. Window Border Buttons: change from the glass look to a more rugged beaten, chunky metal look. Worn olive drabs and beaten chrome.

2. Scrollbar on right: Change to a more chunky flat, instead of rounded. Make more olive drab than white metal.

Overall very nice theme though, good job. - Apr 20 2009
ICE icons

Full Icon Themes by daz4126 46 comments

Disregard this entire string I created, I have just discovered this issue is only present with that one GTK theme. Sorry to have strung this out. :(
- Apr 19 2009
ICE icons

Full Icon Themes by daz4126 46 comments

The icon issue:

With side pane turned off:


I don't know how this will display in other file managers like Nautilus when using a dark theme like MurrinaDarkWaters, but I suspect any GTK that has that icon will have similar issues. Basically this icon should appear the same when active as it does when inactive, and only the pressed state should change. - Apr 19 2009
ICE icons

Full Icon Themes by daz4126 46 comments

I don't submit much, usually only openbox. Anyways here is what I do when fixing other's icon issues: open up Tango and find all the similar arrows or whatnot and make sure the broken them has them all with the same names. Works for scalable or png. Another thing I noticed is the "Open Side Panel" icon is "lit" always if panel view is enabled. This is very ugly in a dark theme like Murrina Dark Waters (which the icon set fits well too, other than for that effect). I use pcmanfm for my file manager, it causes one ugly effect of a blue blur box on that icon.

NO rush man, take your time, just pointing out things I find to help you improve theme in future updates. - Apr 19 2009
ICE icons

Full Icon Themes by daz4126 46 comments

Ugly arse green check mark is inherited, either you missed naming an icon or you forgot it. Either way, not good.

Overall great, great theme. You should see my MurrineChrome+Personal Openbox Ice theme+your icons. nICE! - Apr 19 2009
NewWave Planks

Wallpaper Other by hackerdl 3 comments

would be 1920x1080, this is typical for HD resolutions as well. It's the larger equivalent to 1400x900. - Apr 19 2009

Openbox Themes by anubis2591 3 comments

Too colorful for my tastes but +1 for effort in creating a theme that is different. Rated Good. - Mar 30 2009

Full Icon Themes by mrkane27 4 comments

For use when Eikon2 isn't quite blue enough.

Good job. - Mar 26 2009
Small and Lite

GTK2 Themes by bINX 47 comments

No one was offended, I was merely pointing out a misplaced Screenshot, no offense intended or taken. - Mar 24 2009
Small and Lite

GTK2 Themes by bINX 47 comments

It isn't a GTK theme you uploaded, this goes in Screenshots or Gnome Other, like all the other screenshots.... - Mar 24 2009
Small and Lite

GTK2 Themes by bINX 47 comments

Screenshots don't belong here...this is for actual GTK themes. - Mar 24 2009

Openbox Themes by kmbr 2 comments

The link goes to deviant art, which has a download of the .obt file... - Mar 20 2009

Openbox Themes by TonyJ 1 comment

Try these for a nice, basic black theme:

gperfectionV2 icons:

Darkening Redux GTK theme: - Mar 11 2009
Openbox Shiki Brave

Openbox Themes by djura-san 2 comments

Unfortunately for me the top border blending in with Shiki-brave's own color (at the top of the GTK theme) gives the appearance of a top border of about 1" depth. Not really sure how I would recommend changing it, perhaps just reducing the top border size a bit. - Mar 11 2009

Full Icon Themes by envyouraudience 3 comments

Window border, etc? - Feb 26 2009
Mac4Lin ver.0.4 Emerald Theme

Compiz Themes by infrareddude 13 comments

It works fine on ubuntu, I was using it for the past 4 days until I decided to go back to PCLinuxOS. - Jan 14 2008
Vista-like panel+menu button for Ubuntu

Various Gnome Stuff by KristoVeeR 4 comments

Wallpaper link? - Jan 09 2008
Gimmie vs Vista menu

Various Gnome Stuff by slawomir 14 comments

How long did it take to configure this from scratch? I installed gimmie but the default was horrid and I left it at that (about a week ago). - Jan 06 2008

Icon Sub-Sets by rencore 7 comments

I like it, it looks slick, to bad the link doesn't work or I would use it. - Jan 02 2008