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tonny ncorp
The Ultimate Bashrc File

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Aug 27 2018
from when i started to use that Ultimate bashrc to now many changes has happened for the better really appreciate is there any way i can communicate with you other then here ? - Feb 27 2011
will like to thank you and everyone involved in creating this Ultimate bashrc.
I feel naked without keep up the good work - Feb 26 2011
Hi again

When running screencast you end up with 2 files 1 audio and 1 video

I found a way to easy combine (merge)

Audio Video file together to 1 avi file

I made a script i call mine combine

here is the code:

ffmpeg -i output.mp4 -i output.wav -vcodec mpeg4 screencast1.avi

It seem to work well for me

i am sure there is many other options let me know if anyone have other solution - Nov 30 2010
Yes thanks again for your quick response

I do not see how i did everyday without your Ultimate bashrc.

One question when you run screencast you get output of 1 video & 1 audio file what do you use to combine them for best result.


- Nov 28 2010
I got screencast to work by installing latest FFmpeg and x264

From this page:

- Nov 27 2010

Hi again

first i want to thank you very much for all your great work in making ultimate bashrc.

I really find this script very useful

I did try screencast & screencastw and i get error i do not know if you or others have any idea

see the pastebin url for error i get

Thank you - Nov 27 2010
Hi i will like to thank you for all the great work in customising this great file.

One thing i find not working is i cant get my bash history to work will like to record my previous commands be able todo a history 10 all i get is scrolling screen showing status of previous installs

I have used many different Linux distros never had the problem.

My install is Ubuntu 10.10 did a fresh install no other systems installed - Nov 24 2010
The Ultimate List of Radio Stations

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Apr 09 2014
Hi thank you very much for sharing

Good stuff - Nov 30 2010
The Ultimate Bashrc File

Various Gnome Stuff
by inameiname

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Dec 15 2010