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Plasma 5 Menus 221 comments

by Zren
Score 86.0%
Jun 29 2020
Great work! I really love the idea and will keep using it!

but i have one request. could u use only plasma-widget elements? Because on some of my themes elements like the search bar, the left sidepanel (and the hover effect on that panel) and the big- appstarters on the right look a bit out of place.

panel-appstarter: please dont do a hover-effect
left sidepanel: widgets/frame.svg(z)
hover effect: widgets/viewitem.svg(z)
searchbar: widget/lineedit.svg(z)
big-appstarters: widgets/viewitem.svg(z)

between left-bar and the "letter"-categories a little gap. on smaller resolitions it really looks bad.
and for the appdescriptions it would be nice to just use the normal font color with more transparency, that works even on colorfull plasma themes :)

ohh and if you want to.. please add a donation thingy ;) because a cup-of-coffee is waiting for you.

- Nov 11 2016
Workspace-Strap Effect

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 122 comments

Score 80.8%
Oct 25 2014
is there a plan to port it to a kwin script effect (if that is possible)? - Jul 10 2014
Suspension Bridge Kubuntu

Wallpapers Kubuntu 2 comments

Score 50.0%
Jan 09 2014
thats the logo of Kubuntu, not KDE (: - Jan 05 2014

MP3 Taggers 217 comments

Score 86.5%
May 10 2020
i think i understand it now

& thank you for the fix (:
- Dec 13 2013
TaglibMetadata is available and enabled..
ok forget that is 'dont work'. I was just trying to take a screencast of the problem. first drag and drop didnt work, after that i've tried with "open with" and it has worked, now the drag and drop works too. really strange .. - Dec 11 2013
Hi. dont know if this is a kid3 bug or some building bug of debian.
in 3.0.2 i can change things in opus, with the Qt(4) only version.
if i try to open an opus file in the KDE Edition, it wont work.

both where build with libopus 1.1 as well as taglib 1.9.1

beside this.. its a great app and my favorite tagger (: THANK YOU! - Dec 10 2013
Tiled Menu

Plasma 5 Menus
by Zren

Score 86.0%
9   Nov 11 2016

MP3 Taggers
by ufleisch

Score 86.5%
9   Dec 10 2013