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Be-Shell/Bespin 1662 comments

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Apr 25 2013
try r1438, should fix.

Bespin has no real word in lancelot, but either the plasma theme doesn't support uncomposited environments or plasma sililarily doesn't notice the uncomposited state.

The color of the corners is btw. irrelevant - just uninitialized, so if that memory area was previously not used it's likely black, if t has been white, white, if pink .. you get the point ;-)

Compositing doesn't work for you? - Dec 16 2011
Happens when turning off compositing, apparently i "forgot" (?) to implement the watcher (or was deco change on compositing change triggered by kwin in 4.6? no idea)

it's fixed in r1437 - many thanks for the report. - Dec 16 2011
fixed r1433 - at least for koffice, but the code is generic enough and should also cover calligra.
I also fixed their "we counted pixels and set the dimension" iconview there ... tsss =D - Dec 15 2011
Ok, i'm pretty sure that 1430 will fix (or work around) it.
Side effect of a broken viewport usage in eg (then) krita which prevented easy dragging. - Dec 15 2011
Ok, thanks. It's the same widget used in the notifications, i've checked those and can successfully click links (but as you mentioned, cursor change doesn't work)

please try sending yourself a link in a notification and click it:
"wall '<html><a href=""></a></html>'"
(whether or not wall will trigger notifications can be configured in "kcmshell4 notify" / "Local system message service")

If this does not work either, please mail me your bespin config - otherwise just say "weird" ;-) - Dec 14 2011
Ok, however i /will/ need a screenshot since i've absolutely NO cluea what you're talking about - i installed and added the plasmoid, entered a fake account for and got a (clickable) user icon and an input field which remained static acoss tab changes.
And that's it. - Dec 14 2011
can you post a screenshot so that i know what i've to look up the microblog sources for?

can you select that text with oxygen? (ie. is only clicking links broken or all interaction) - Dec 14 2011
a) can you use the mouse to select text in that view?
b) since the microblog wants me to log into some twitter account or similar (what is not gonna happen), i cannot test it locally. If we cannot fix it in two or three comments, please file a bug at - the forum isn't really suitable for this task :) - Dec 14 2011
"bespin config", "kwin decoration hints", set color to "Window" and gradient to "none" - will apply to all applications started from now on.

Is that what you meant? (no idea what would be special about systemsettings unless it's your only Qt application or you've a rule on it or all other windows) - Nov 30 2011
addedndum: acktivating the "sliding popups" effect and having yakuake let kwin perform the animation will work as well.

The problem is triggered by the mask update and bespin updating the blur region with the show event (so when the region is updated, yakuake is heavily masked and the large number you observe is a negative offset) - Nov 16 2011
figured it - it's because of the (generally wonky...) sliding out feature, no idea why this affects the offset but i'll have a look.

Setting the animation time to 0 in yakuake and restarting it will work around this. - Nov 16 2011
> No. I mean that "blur" doesn't work, when I start
> yakuake with oxygen style (and bespin as
> standard). The style option works fine. Blur works
> only if I set oxygen as standard.

That is weird - to say the least.
Please start yakuake with bespin, call "xprop | grep -i blur", click the yakuake window and post the output (if there's any)
- Nov 15 2011
Yes, because they're part of the plama process.
The mouse is internally grabbed and the panel doesn't even notice it's lost.

I'll have to look a little deeper in the box of dirty tricks (tm) ;-) - Nov 15 2011
I just read sth.
running "yakuake --style oxygen" does *not* work?

Sounds like yakuake is still running, try "kquitapp yakuake" first.
You /must/ restart to apply bespin blurring.
- Nov 14 2011
bespin doesn't set the panel blur areas.

do you use a version >= r1133 ? - Nov 14 2011
I'm not quite sure about that, the panel reacts (timer delayed) on mouose-out events.
I could probably catch the hide() event and just reshow it, but that would probably flicker.

Have to test. (Since i rencently figured how f**** small 1366x768 is, i'll have to add an XBar server to the decoration and thus touch the code anyway. - Nov 14 2011
"bespin config", "windows page" -> "translucent window"
check "blur", restart yakuake. works fine for me. - Nov 14 2011

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 31 comments

Score 74.0%
Dec 14 2011
yes, as mentioned it's very likely that hardcoded padding which dows not belong at this space neither fixes the remaining glitches.
I'm working on the latter and in this of course removed that nonsense padding. - Dec 16 2011
Well and i /know/ it's the very same texture filter, because i touched the kwin window scaling code quite a lot (the actual effect, where i btw added the texture scaling mode =) merely sets the window scale factor, the backend does the rest.

You're however right in that the nvidia driver seems to ignore the filter setting - there's chance that the driver selects the method internally (make bigger -> smooth, make much smaller -> fast)

As mentioned, that routine isn't any specified like OpenGL - you throw in sth. and get out sth. where sth. is sth. =D

However, there's still a chance that you've a, well, "false", assumptions about the outcome of a plain linear down -> linear up pass (try with gimp, even bi-linear looks ... improvable - NOT boxblur, that's entirely different)

Now use gimp to perform a 4x (or even 8x) bilinear scaledown, then perform a minimal gaussian blur (what's not really possible with xrender) - try a 3x3 kernel - and then perform a bilinear scale up.

See the difference? (btw: use a desktop screenshot or sth. for this. surprisingly the result with a picture of say, clouds, is much better ;-)

The XRender approximation is to displace the pixmap, in the next version you can try w/o, but you won't like it =) - Dec 16 2011
While stepping across my older code - there's an hardcoded padding to the blurarea which does not belong there. Since your plasma shadow is rather small, i guess this (4px) <strike>is</strike> was it... - Dec 15 2011
The function already uses the same filter (XRender doesn't specify things like GL_LINEAR but you can set the filter to an arbitrary char*: "good" and "fast" are supported by at least the nvidia driver. "fast" looks certainly like "GL_NEAREST" and smooth looks like a linear filter (but no way like GL_LINEAR)

I tried to query supported filters here (to get an idea whether there's more possible) but the function returns a null pointer.
So for now, i don't know about more filters. If you'd know that the nvidia driver would eg. support a "boxblur" or "lanczos" filter string, i'll happily add it :)

Regarding the shadows: please post window geometry and blur region. Whether the new shadows are use or not afaik depends on the theme - no idea whether the gl blur code has some legacy support or so.
- Dec 15 2011
The function already uses the same filter (XRender doesn't specify things like GL_LINEAR but you can set the filter to an arbitrary char*: "good" and "fast" are supported by at least the nvidia driver. "fast" looks certainly like "GL_NEAREST" and smooth looks like a linear filter (but no way like GL_LINEAR)

I tried to query supported filters here (to get an idea whether there's more possible) but the function returns a null pointer.
So for now, i don't know about more filters. If you'd know that the nvidia driver would eg. support a "boxblur" or "lanczos" filter string, i'll happily add it :)

Regarding the shadows: please post window geometry and blur region. Whether the new shadows are use or not afaik depends on the theme - no idea whether the gl blur code has some legacy support or so.
- Dec 15 2011
"linear" - NOT "bi-linear" ;-)

yes, that's "normal" (linear down / linear up doesnt' look like blurred at all :)
Could be that the filter setting is indeed ignored on your side but you should anyway use a 2 pass blurring (even when scaling) for better results. 3 pass is usually overhead.

I'll add more configuration to only scale and not displace as well as scale factors for coming versions.

The windows set the "to be shadowed" region themselve, please grep the property and compare it with the window dimensions (eg with xwininfo)

However plasma is meanwhile supposed to use the same system as the bespin decoration and the oxygen popups to draw it's shadows, so ultimately if it works with them, it's a plasma bug ;-P - Dec 15 2011
Yes, my bad - the propertyNotify is still a virtual and no slot (and the region is updated _after_ the client is shown, ie. added)

Easily fixed.
I'll do some more (behaviour with Highlight effect sucks; try scaling - i've an nvidia chip here annd yes: as mentioned it scales pretty fast. Might be even better performance since it's not that fast at allocating pixmap memory ;-) and make an update tonight or tomorrow.

Sorry for the trouble - Dec 12 2011
I actually had suggested such approach for the gl bluring (in the far past) because it can heavily reduce the processed data amount.
(Simple bilinear down / bilinear up however doesn't work at all, looks crap)

However when i wrote this, only the nvidia driver was -more or less- capabel of somehow fast (and smooth, pixel repetition doesn't work at all) scaling - do presentwindows etc. work smooth for you (with "smooth" scaling which *has* to be "smooth", the driver may just ignore this) - Dec 10 2011
The window type is not taken into consideration - only whether the client is currently moved.

Does it happen with _all_ "Normal" windows?
What window decoration do you use and what does
"xprop | grep -i blur" and clicking on such client print? - Dec 10 2011
Errr..., sorry :s

The version (0.2) I just uploaded today is only for 4.7 and up.

0.1 should have compiled on < 4.7 - if you drop me a mail (check source code for address) i'll reply a tarball of the prev. version. - Dec 09 2011

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 285 comments

Score 85.2%
Mar 04 2012
Recompile - the Effects are not ABI stable and every now and then the API version is bumped because of this. To prevent plugins from crashing, they're denied when they propagate the wrong API version number.
So whenever the API changes, the plugins must be recompiled against that version. - Dec 14 2011
You can change the font. "kcmshell4 kwincompositing", "all effects", filter for BeClock or scroll your fingers wound, click on the second right button (the left one ;-)

"Digital Display" groupbox, maybe i better turn "Choose.." "Choose font..." :p - Dec 10 2011
that is why you should try 0.15 =)

(KDE 4.7 brought fundamental changes to shader usage etc., therefore glColor becomes ineffective for various GPUs with shader level > 2 support and for 4.8 shader level 2 as well) - Nov 06 2011
Nevermind, better a little confusion than a big bug ;-) - Oct 29 2011
Generic Animations (BeGeneric ;-)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 117 comments

Score 81.1%
Jan 30 2012
Conflict between built-in sliding popups and experimental support in generic effects? (as the tooltip says: deactivate the other ;-) - Dec 11 2011
Bespin will likely prefer the XRender architecture (allows pixmap sharing etc.) - i'm gonna test how the reaster engine performs but (since it's been just activated at 4.7 for kwin) it's stepchilded. Yes. - Dec 11 2011
Hummm... do you use the raster graphicssystem (i think debian/ubuntu compiles it into Qt by default since a while, all others will have -iff- some environment variable)


In case: is the situation the same when running "kwin --replace --graphicssystem native &"?

Also: do you use window borders? What if you ("layout" in config dialog) set them _all_ (side and bottom) to "0"? - Dec 10 2011
You can make any window look like this, but by default this only applies to modal dialogs (if you type "bespin config", you can actually make it look like a lot of things ;-) - Dec 10 2011
The maximization code is the same (and esp. to the effect which does not even care where the resize came from at all) - so it must be in the decoration (painting code, eg)

Both windows are activated (have input focus) when you attempt the maximization?

Which decoration do you use?
(please dont say: "bespin" ;-)
-> Tried another? - Dec 09 2011
Hehe - i'd like to see this replacing some of the "retarded" effects in KDE 4.9 or so.
BeGeneric would not make it there ;-) - Dec 01 2011
That output is from a BeShadowed compilation... ;-)

I've downloaded and inspected the sources from kde-look, they are ok.
For your advance, we'll just assume that kde-look had a database bug and handed out the wrong file to you... ;-)

(ftr: BeShadowed will not compile on KDE >= 4.7) - Nov 30 2011
you can monitor this subject here:

Don't be too eager - usually there's a "2 weeks in master before backport" rule of thumb (and though taskbars are pretty useless, they're used alot - so this isn't a far corner item) - Nov 30 2011
Ahh, ok - thanks (i don't use taskbars ;-)
That's a bug in the taskbar thumbnail effect (it doen't care about effected transitions when calculating the position for the tiny window)

I'll try to fix ang get it upstream before tomorrows 4.7.4 tagging - otherwise it'll be fixed in 4.8 and i'll "blacklist" those windows for resize animations. - Nov 30 2011
Looks like yt doesn't like your encoder (the video is just gray) - Nov 29 2011
you mean the mini version of the window (when hovering a task entry) and the "highlight window" effect (all windows but the hovered become translucent) lack coordination?

Maybe (i don't use taskbars) but that's not handled by this effect. (Or I completely missed your point ;-) - Nov 28 2011
I beg your pardon?
Assuming you're referring to popup (context) menus but what minimization do you refer to not work correctly (and "how" does it not work correctly, ie. please explain your observations compared to your expectations) - Nov 28 2011
Compiz is a window manager of it's own.
You can use it alongside KDE, no problem "compiz --replace" (there's even a GUI setting for the window manager)

I can however not say it would be significantly faster than kwin, also it doesn't support and uncomposited system or the xrender backend (but is spellbound to opengl)

I think there was talk to replace kwin by compiz around the 4.0 release (what would have been a disaster, given the fragmentation the compiz/beryl projects saw then)

However, this is an effect plugin for kwin - one could not simply port it to compiz. - Nov 28 2011
Indeed, the original idea was to animate that case, but it required changes in kwin that didn't make it so far (and possibly not at all for 4.8) so i looked for another solution, figure that i could just animate any resize (unless the user resizes the window) with nearly no overhead and would get animated fullscreen encounters just as well as animations when eg. combobox dropouts resize.

Regarding krunner: in the Quicksand mode the popup seems to "judder" what actually would expose a bug in that element (since constant resizes / reshows are a needless expense on the compositors side)
The "normal" krunner didn't actually resize too much here (no box below -> box below) *shrug* - Nov 21 2011
Actually the resize is pretty hardcoded (just takes the difference into accout) - but i've seen such as well (windows seem to take a banana curve or are overscaled)
I think it's either a bug in kwin but whenever i've added som debug output, i was unable to reproduce it.
It /might/ be related to invalid old rects, so i've added "if (!old.isValid()) return;" locally and watch out whether it reoccurs.

You can btw. ask as much as you want, but will have to live with my respose speed - which might vary quite some ;-) - Nov 21 2011
cnp error. one set controls rising desktop number, the other on falling (so you can have windows slide through) - the string should obviously better reflect this ;-)

i'll have a look at krunner, but would prefer a solution by condition, not by case - Nov 21 2011
> yes, the first and second one are already
> now possible.
No, i meant "adaptive" ie. _only_ for windows which have just been shown (resp. got activated because another window was closed) and in doubt delay by waiting unitl the other animation has ended.
Just plain stupid delaying would appear laggy :)
- Nov 04 2011
There's no setting to oversee, i contemplated about how to deal with this.
In your particular case, the outcome would be either of:
- Big Bump -> small bump (delay activation animation)
- Big bump only (drop activation animation)
- Big bump & sth. else (add another event like "Activation of just shown window") - Nov 03 2011
Possible it is.
The question would be whether to simply drop the activation effect, delay it or maybe add "Activation for show" (as well as "Activation for close" - or a generic "Implicit activation" hitting close and show)

I'll do some for the next release - meanwhile you've the opportunity to spell your opinion :) - Nov 02 2011
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