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Be-Shell/Bespin 1662 comments

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Apr 25 2013
"worksforme", can you please mail me your ~/.config/Bespin/Style.conf?

Is the depth of the tree somehow important?
Can you define the working area more precisely (the arrow on the first layer is right aligned, so it does not work on it's outer right edge) - Dec 26 2012
Thanks, i fetched the font - gonna check what's weird about it (probably some outranging glyph) - Dec 15 2012
Can you please try which one exactly? (coment them with '#')

There's a problem with the font metric calculation - I guess you'll somewhere have special font settings in kmail (eg. for the message view etc.)

Ideally, please try which font (some Script?) causes this (and where it's set) and share that knowledge.
Thanks - Dec 15 2012 should be fixed.

"interesting" - anything special about kmail (bound preset, "--stylesheet" parameter for fonts etc.) on your side?

What happens if you add


to ~/.config/Bespin/Style.conf, [Style] section? - Dec 14 2012
I upgraded to the new backend.
Maybe that killed the reporting permission settings.
Were you logged in when trying so?

-- reg. bug: never seen such (but haven't used kmail for quite a while)
Special font invoked?
Can you drop me a screenshot? - Dec 14 2012
Yupp, i "fix" the tabbar mode during polishment.
This should however maybe reported as (minor) but in dolphin (because documentMode is probably what they want in general) - Dec 12 2012
should not happen anyway, because dolphin is kind of a "document" tab (like browsers) but apparently the tabbar does not provide that hint.

There's no setting, but it's just a stylehint (so just unconditionally returning the left hint is not very hard) - Dec 10 2012
Is it, because the tabs are centered?
(What happens, if you make more tabs?) - Dec 10 2012
- QTimer::singleShot(250, this, SLOT(postInit()));
+ QTimer::singleShot(1000, this, SLOT(postInit())); - Oct 16 2012
Sure you're on r1623?

You could try raising the value from 250 to 1000 - Oct 16 2012
Fixed that yesterday night.
Comes with recent threaded kwin start and a race on the selection owner to check whether the compositor runs.
Was a nice bug to track down (because there's absolutely no backtrace or other hint or deterministic behavior on this) - Oct 16 2012
There's a thin outline w/o compositing. With compositing you could utilize the shadow (use them as halo) and if you configure the deco hint to sth. that's not the Window role and set "None" as gradient you'll also get a border (if the edge and base sizes are > 0)

Does that fit your needs?
Otherwise please illustrate the faced issue with screenshot. - Sep 29 2012
There's a thin outline w/o compositing. With compositing you could utilize the shadow (use them as halo) and if you configure the deco hint to sth. that's not the Window role and set "None" as gradient you'll also get a border (if the edge and base sizes are > 0)

Does that fit your needs?
Otherwise please illustrate the faced issue with screenshot. - Sep 29 2012
Ok, this one is trivially fixed.

Can you please open bugs for the other two at and post/attach your ~/.config/Bespin/Style.conf there?

Also please record the used compositor (GL, EGL, GLSL, XRender) and the graphicssystem (set in Advanced tab of "kcmshell4 kwincompositing") - Sep 04 2012
Unrelated - the alphablending doesn't match between shaping inner (shadow) and outer (deco) round areas away :-\ - Sep 02 2012
What revision is that (i lately changed a lot on the deco - while actually this should be safe because the glassy thing uses plain colors) - Sep 02 2012
neither FF nor chromium can use bespin since they're gtk+ applications (where FF is not even that)

you'll be using gtk-qt (a gtk+ style which wraps around a qt style)

1. don't expect gtk+ applications to look too much like qt applications because gtk+ simply can't do a couple of things (foremost generic contrast swapping on hover is pof)

2. iirc the div by zero error used to be a bug in rather old gtk-qt versions which failed on non-visible scrollbar buttons, so i'd try to either enable those in "bespin config" or update gtk-qt

if you're interesten in a certain look, a native gtk+ style like orta will rather fit you for those applications (bespin also ships a chromium skin in it's svn repo) - Jul 15 2012
Bitrot ;-)
-> 1581, sorry - Jul 07 2012
Ok, that's just the "i forgot the stone gradient" case.
-> r1580 - Jul 07 2012
"Similar" to most gradients, yes (biggest issue here is that they won't create gradients anymore and the dark/dright edges)

None, Simple, Sunken, Metal & Shiny should have no lower limit; I forgot to add Stone to that list.

-> I have to commit adjustments in that area anyway (protecting glosses against bright saturated colors) so if you've got a certain issue, better state it now ;-) - Jul 07 2012
No. The color is capped because it's f****** hard to cast a shadow on black ;-)

You can however control the cap (i just see the default is 70, what's actually to bright, i use 48 - tsts..)

If you've a recent version of bespin it's sufficient to enter
bespin write style Bg.MinValue 48
to konsole or krunner, otherwise you'll have to edit ~/.config/Bespin/Style.conf and add the key by hand.
The value _has_ to be between 0 and 255 (while setting it to 255 is maybe not the smartest thing one can do ;-)

I'll update the default, sorry for the trouble and thanks for the report. - Jul 06 2012
I have no idea ;-) - Jun 27 2012
Yupp, i accidentally used a function introduced in Qt 4.8 - since the current minimum is 4.6 i fixed it in r1562.

Thanks for the notice. - Jun 27 2012
"kcmshell4 kwindecoration", press configure.
on the first tab you can configure gradients and colors (since the kwin color kcm no longer provides that) for the "Default" decoration. This is used for any "unknown" window.

For bespin styled windows, the style signals the window the current look and what colors/gradients are intended.
You can suppress that in the "trick" (yes, silly name) tab of the decoration config dialog. Just check "ignore bespin style hints"

If you want to alter the style controlled look, that's configured with the style, eg. run "bespin config" and adjust settings in "kwin decoration hints" - Jun 23 2012
It is unfortunately not that simple :-(

The geometry calculation is unlikely the issue, but the font hinting and dpi as well as the set font metrics impact the result. To get a realistic idea of what the default font looks like, i actually paint a string with a lot of chars and count pixels (eg. some fonts have huge extents)

Unfortunately i set this font dynamically during painting the widget, so painting a nice image and count pixels by try-and-error to get the "ideal" size is not a great way to achieve this.

For the moment, i tried to use the flooring point size since i assume pixelsize will use pointsizef and thus may cause a ceil through hinting on your side (r1495)

You could also run "kcmshell4 fonts" and check the detected dpi, resp. try forcing 96dpi as well as the actual dpi of your screen ... - Apr 25 2012
Yes, I've actually not tried to adress this one so far.
The reason is however for most sure a "failure" in QFont::setPixelSize() - either because of the font, libfreetype or even Qt (doesn't occur here however, with no tested "regular" font that does not rely on invalid as/descends anyway, eg. zapfino or so)

I'll probably have to seek for more reliable ways to get the font metrics (did you know about hidden FontExtent & FontOffset config items? Don't however apply here, but on buttons sizes etc.)
- Apr 24 2012
The title is pot. wrapped?
Do you have a screenshot (or just name the application where this happens if it's not for each and everyone) - Apr 20 2012
Hi, please don't stash bug reports or wishes in or after cheering text, because i usually stop reading the latter after the first lines.

Also ideally report bugs or wishes at since they'll easily get lost here.

> when the menus are transaprent, not all are blurred
yes, plasma gets some special treatment (because it uses translucency and blurring itself there would be too much interferecence)
I enabled blurring for at least QMenu popups
-> r1487

> Konsole is not blurred
that issue is not as trivial as you think and there's even a bug report on it.

> the transitions won't always work.
tab transitions do not work with ARGB windows, mostly because xrender does not support additive composition and by this you cannot eg. crossfade between two transparent elements (but will always get some overpainting because the lower elements are too strong)
(iirc i however control this by the bespin config setting, ie. you'll see the effect with an ARGB konsole background)
- Apr 15 2012
try r1486 - Apr 15 2012

change was actually intended - but feel free to try r1482 ;-) - Apr 09 2012
thank you. fixed in r1481

the "issue" here is that the application has no parameter, thus attempting to access the first one (usually the process command) causes a stackoverflow.

bespin bug, because i took unguarded access to a foreign data structure, but still quite weird - you may want to inform the authors of pyqwt or the python process or whatever about this.

sorry for the trouble. - Apr 06 2012
as mentioned on as well:
can you provide a backtrace (eg through gdb) - ideally with unstripped libbespin?

(i wouldn't know how to invoke pyqwt) - Apr 06 2012
Doesn't help though.
It's a graphicsview so i've little control about that thing.

animated treeviews is just a setting the developer needs to turn on for his treeview, and i did that for those who forgot - but this simply is no real treeview but a movie that looks like one. pro of the latter is the superior speed of the scenegraph.
- Mar 16 2012
Nope, not a local issue. Guessing from the kinetic scrolling behavior i assume the class was changed (it's simply no longer a treeview but some QML flickable)

I'm gonna check what's going on there, thanks for the notice. - Mar 15 2012
Bespin "detour"

Be-Shell/Bespin 2 comments

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Jan 01 2012
feature, not bug :-)

run "bespin config", on the "windows" page open "modal dialogs" - untick "invert colors"
Newly started applications won't invert them anymore. - Dec 12 2012
KFaenza Smplayer icon theme

SMPlayer/MPlayer 6 comments

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Oct 23 2012
Ah, it's in the KWin screenshot effect then.
Perhaps related to the blur effect?

However - it's not in bespin (or on the desktop), so i rest my case =)

Thanks for your help. - Oct 23 2012
Rather this one - the dark corners - Oct 23 2012
And why are there those dark shoulders on the window decoration?
Local patch or bug and if bug, please provide your ~/.config/Bespin/Style.conf and the exactly used version
Thanks :-\ - Oct 23 2012

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 285 comments

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Mar 04 2012
I like that kind of solution =)
Thanks for the update. - Jul 28 2012
"compilation works, btw" ... so that's not it?

a) sure it's beclock that cannot be activated and not sth. else and beclock just does not show up?

b) Does it work with the xrender backend?

c) the "could not be activated" should provide more information (like wrong ABI, does not support this backend, ... stuff) - Jul 28 2012
I even run it with kwin git master here - did you recompile it?
(the effect ABI changed) - Jul 28 2012
Nice idea, but possibly "wrong" approach?

The "correct" solution would be
sudo ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/US/Eastern /etc/localtime

If you want to update beclock immediately just run
qdbus org.kde.kwin /BeClock countdown 0

Otherwise you'd get diverging timezone display/handling in your system - not sure whether that's what you want (you do have privileges when doing that from networkmanager, do you?) - Jun 28 2012
Bespin "Baghira"

Be-Shell/Bespin 14 comments

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Jul 02 2012
I'm lucky today - came to reply and found you were done ;-)

Feel free to ask questions, but better at - Jul 13 2012
The documentation is still in production, but there're (meanwhile) example configs. - Jul 11 2012
No. My private shell since 2008. unreleased. yet. - Jul 05 2012
> notably decoration & tiled backgrounds.

Decoration is bespin but you need a *very* recent version. - Jul 03 2012
Generic Animations (BeGeneric ;-)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 117 comments

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Jan 30 2012
I'd rather like to know what si specifically challenging - understanding the events or setting up an animation and in latter case what in particular (like selecting matching window types or understanding the value scales or whatever)

If i wanted to ship some presets and allow customization i could have spared the rather complex config ui and asked ppl. to write config strings by hand ;-) - May 17 2012
copied from page 2 of the forum ;-)

UnminimizeAnimations=33:Position:128:400::2:0:0,-1 - Mar 15 2012
The "out of my mind" patch was just wrong, the current version contains the workaround anyway (it's still required) - Mar 12 2012

Audioplayers 40 comments

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Feb 05 2013
Yes ;-)
And as the description actually says: you need (only) libmpdclient (i just did "pacman -Q | grep mpd", libmpd is used by some e17 plugin)

So I was basically wrong in my advice in the forum, nothing to worry about :-) - May 02 2012
Windows 7

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles
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Wallpapers KDE Plasma
by xxx574xxx

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kde start menu

Icon Sub-Sets
by cpliviu

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