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Oct 29 2012
System > Preferences > Autostart programs (or something similar) - Jan 17 2011
Conky Meet Faenza

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Sep 10 2011
I'm interested in it too - Dec 13 2010
Win2-7 Pack

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Aug 23 2017
Hi there, I suggest you a new feature for your theme pack, a windows to linux theme converter.

The steps are very easy, you need 7zip installed:

1) rename THEME.msstyle into THEME.7z
2) extract

Then you can read the infos in the main file and use the background images as you wish.

;) - Nov 10 2010



rar x Seven.rar $HOME/.wine/drive_c/windows/Resources/themes/Seven -Y

Then you have to copy the "$HOME/.wine/user.reg" of an installed theme (your) to the "$HOME/.wine" of the user =)

Easy =) - Jul 24 2010
It's not that difficult, you have a part in which you have:


you can cut and copy that in a separated text and then by script you can sobstiture VAR(1-N) with "text" =)

However in that way you can easily sobstitute and correct sentences and, moreover, the localization is automatic =)
So no more "choose your lang pleaze" but "you're using spanish, so read this" xD - Jul 24 2010
For the localization:

In the bash file after the "#!/bin/bash" line you have to put:

export TEXTDOMAIN=win2-7;

where *** is the path in which you put the lang file (default is /usr/share/locale).

Be aware that the path MUST be as below:


and you must write ONLY the part before the lang folder (en, es, it, etc)

The second export takes the name of the .mo lang file, choose whatever you want.

After that in the scripts you must enter the texts in this way:

"$(gettext -s "Text to be translated")"

ex. echo
"$(gettext -s "Hi folks")"

Then you must create a file with all the entries:

msgid "To run this program you must be ROOT!"
msgstr ""
msgid "Code:"
msgstr ""

In the msgstr part you must enter the translation and then save the file in "win2-7.po".

Then you can send me the various file to me and I'll compile them (of course with the name "","", etc).

The wine theme is at this link: - Jul 23 2010
Hi all,
have you inserted the win7 wine theme too? =)

I can pass it to you if not, with some instructions =)

However, for the lang thing, I can teach you how to use localization instead of "if lang=xx then VAR=..."

It's easy to manage and translate.

However I can help you in the spare time for Italian translation =) - Jul 22 2010
The translation system you're using is not correct.

It's more easy use the localization stuff.


#: localizated in
msgid "I'm spanish"
msgstr "Yo soy de Espana"


echo "$(gettext -s "I'm spanish")"

Check more online, I suggest you to use this system, it's easy and quick to translate and, moreover, no need to ask for the current language (it's automated) (however I'm italian) - Jun 16 2010
If you use dropbox to store the tar you can create an installer script that will download always the same pack => you can create the UPDATE function in the theme itself (such as "check for updates > updates available, do you want to download them?" and so on. - Apr 22 2010
It's better to use dropbox to share the project and not Megaupload that limit the download (think about a university that has the same ip for EVERYONE =) ). - Apr 22 2010
The alert icon is the yellow and triangolar one with the exclamative point.
Right now I have no more crashes, so, no more screenshots =(

The theme for dockbarx is linked below in the other comments ;) - Apr 19 2010
Wrong command.

The right one is:

if [ -f FILE ]; then

remember the spaces after the [ and before the ] - Apr 19 2010 - Apr 19 2010
I have a version of the gnomenu menu for seven that is without text, if you need it I can send it to you.

I use the same dockbarx theme =P Its real great!

The command to check if there is a program:


and it returns the path, if exists.

But sometimes it doesn't work so you can check for a particular file:

if [ -f /path/file ]; then # file exists. - Apr 18 2010
Hi again, I'm testing the theme and currently I'm having some problems (or I had to solve them alone):

1) I'm not sure the part of the script that let you choose the panel is working (I had no panel at the end of the installation)

2) The seven theme for gnomenu is not working and causes crashes of gnomenu itself.

3) For gnomenu is missing the menu theme and above of all the ORB!
You can easily find working pieces here on gnome-look (I can link them to you if you want)

4) For the blur, it's better if you place a picture of the tweaks needed because I'm having problems settings the right stuffs too.
I've a sort of blur but is very very poor.

5) DockbarX has a seven like theme, I can link that project too.

6) The alert icon (in actions, windows icons) is somewhere badly setted because in the lower right corner is displayed stretched as hell.

7) I't a very nice work =D Damn, not a bug =P - Apr 18 2010
First of all, great work ;)

I found 2-3 little "mistakes":

1) I suggest you to add at the very beginning of this script:

"if [ ! $( id -u ) -eq 0 ]; then
echo "You need to be root to run this script"

To prevent users to run the script if non root.

2) The command "uname -m" returns the right architecture (32/64) so you don't need to ask users to insert it ;) - Apr 17 2010
Mono Icons for any Icon theme

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by 4lwan
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Nov 06 2010
Hi, your project is very similar to the one I've developed, Eclip-X (though your is quite at the beginning), if you want we can share some points and join the projects.

Alex - Nov 07 2010
Classy folders

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by Naf71
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Jun 25 2010
Consider creating a multiselection set like hydroxygen.
It's not difficult to create, with imagemagick you can join 2 images into a 3rd (HOME EMBLEM + FOLDER BASE = folder_home). - Jun 24 2010
Create Background Slideshow

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Dec 18 2010
Translated =D - Jun 10 2010
Awesome project mate!

I'm willing to translating your app into italian (and later to include it in a project of mine).

Just a suggestion:

Create a "all-day-long" preset, so you'll already have all timings done.

(E.g. if you set 4 Images you'll have that TIME = (24*60)/20 # Minutes ) - Jun 10 2010
Ubuntu 10.04 Start script

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Jul 14 2010
However, you can create a new script that launches the main one with:

gksudo -k

in this way you would remove all the sudo inside the script and preserve the $HOME and $USER variables. - May 29 2010


%maintitle%Lucid Script
%kerneloption%Do you want to remove it?


zenity --title="$(grep "$maintitle%" en.pot | cut -d'%' -f3)" --text="$(grep "$kerneloption%" en.pot | cut -d'%' -f3)"

Let me explain:

"$(grep "$maintitle%" en.pot | cut -d'%' -f3)"

$() indicates that the variable is the result of an operation (such as you mean with ans=$(zenity...)" )

grep TEXT FILE returns all the occurences of TEXT in FILE


cuts a particular string (or more) into pieces depending on the DELIMITER, so, take for example %maintitle%Lucid script:

cut -d'%' cuts the string in:

1) ''
2) 'maintitle'
3) 'Lucid Script'

-f'FIELD' selects the field you need so the result of the commands are only the translations, give it a try. - May 06 2010
if [ "i686" = `uname -m` ]; then
sudo apt-get -y --force-yes install googleearth googleearth-data
sudo apt-get -y --force-yes install ia32-libs
sudo apt-get -y --force-yes install googleearth googleearth-data
sudo apt-get install -f -y

Will become, better:

sudo apt-get -y --force-yes install googleearth googleearth-data

if [ "i686" != `uname -m` ]; then
sudo apt-get -y --force-yes install ia32-libs
sudo apt-get install -f -y


echo "a" >> file
echo "b" >> file

is just useless:

echo "a
b" >> file - May 06 2010
The method you're using is quite a mess, I've tried it before too, but it has a lot of problems, especially on updates/changes.

The best way is using localizations:

script) $this is a var

file .pot) $this is a var = THIS IS A VAR

The medium way is to use this trick:

lang file:


script: .. title="$(grep "%IDENTIFICATION_WORD%" file.pot | cut -d'%' -f3)" ...

zenity --checklist supports --separator=$'\n' option instead of using IFS=| - May 06 2010
The method you're using is quite a mess, I've tried it before too, but it has a lot of problems, especially on updates/changes.

The best way is using localizations:

script) $this is a var

file .pot) $this is a var = THIS IS A VAR

The medium way is to use this trick:

lang file:


script: .. title="$(grep "%IDENTIFICATION_WORD%" file.pot | cut -d'%' -f3)" ...

zenity --checklist supports --separator=$'\n' option instead of using IFS=| - May 06 2010
I'm reading your script, while doing this, I'm posting some "errors" I'm dealing with.

For the language choice:

var="$(zenity --list --hide-column=1 --column=HIDE --column=Language "en" "English" "it" "Italian" .... "wt" "Whatever")"

You'll save a lot of stuffs, and, moreover, why would you search in a radiolist for MORE items??? - May 06 2010
At least you can include working project:

However the calendar part is useless (and caused to some users some problems).
New version of lucid are fixed for that "problem" (that is caused by a bad installation of the languages (if it is so)) - Apr 29 2010
Maybe you can use my comment in a constructive way, as it was meant to be, and not just as a bad note.

You MUST check your scripts before releasing them, in some case it can harm.
However, if you just like to publish non-checked stuffs, you're welcome, if not, you can ask for directions (not necessary to me). - Apr 29 2010
Before posting stuff you can consider the idea of fixing them first.

How does the second part works?
Do those checks really mean something or not?
Do they check if the program is already installed?

More over, repos, programs and some of the features of the first part are already present in Ubuntu Tweak and in Ailurus isn't that enough? - Apr 29 2010
Nebula Remix #1

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Apr 28 2010
Not necessary, the image has 4 areas ( the 4 rectangles ), so, you create 4 images with only 1 rectangle and the game is done =D - May 01 2010
Nice work, if you still have the various layers you can consider making an animated desktop (that changes with the time).
;) - Apr 29 2010
Ambiance_R (Ambiance Right Side)

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Jun 25 2010
Terminal>gconf-editor> /apps/metacity/general/button_layout/

Set it to minimize,maximize,close



Ubuntu Tools > configure buttons


As you wish. - Apr 30 2010
It was easyer install a program to change the position without making a whole theme just for that stuff o.O - Apr 29 2010
Radiance_R (Radiance Right Side)

Metacity Themes 9 comments

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Jun 25 2010
With the various tool you can find, first of all Ubuntu Tools, I think that the metacity disposition is the less importan stuff in a theme. - Apr 30 2010
If the only thing of this theme is the position of the buttons...
Well this theme is useless.

There are a lot of programs to change the position, or better you can use the gconf-editor options. - Apr 29 2010
Change Window Buttons

Nautilus Scripts 8 comments

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Apr 24 2010
Nope, Ubuntu Tweak tunes the gconf-editor not the Ambience nor Radiance script. - Apr 27 2010
This "script" is already present in Ubuntu Tweak. - Apr 26 2010
Resize Image

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Aug 19 2009
sudo apt-get install nautilus-image-converter

It does the same (and more) thing - Apr 26 2010

Nautilus Scripts 62 comments

by Thura
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Jul 07 2012
sudo apt-get install gprename

that program already exists. - Apr 26 2010
Compiz Experimental Plugins U/D 3-18-12

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Mar 18 2012
It's simple, if you select an option, this will auto-disable after a while, so you have to re-check that option (of course that check will be auto removed after another while).

So the options are unavailable. - Apr 23 2010
Same for me too, Lucid Lynx 32 bit RC ;) - Apr 23 2010
imagelabel - Attach text to images

Nautilus Scripts 3 comments

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Dec 17 2010
First of all, you can save time and lines using "$(whoami)" variable instead of that long line for $iam.


my username is "killer".

echo "Hello $(whoami)"

Output: Hello killer

It's an interesting script, but is confusionary, and, moreover, you CAN'T exit!
Have you inserted some exit functions?

For example after a zenity dialog:

if [ "$?" -eq 0 ]; then

I suggest you to use a dialog per time:

Zenity dialog 1:
[] Change font
[] Change color
[] Show preview

and so on. - Apr 23 2010
The Days of Grays

GTK2 Themes 37 comments

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Jul 06 2010
Just set the panel BG hight to 30 or 36 pixels, so lower values will result in a simple stretching of the image ;) - Mar 29 2010
Dynamic Ubuntu Sun

GTK2 Themes 6 comments

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Mar 21 2010
Nice work =D

I've taken your script and modified it to fit with my Chamelon theme, I'm trying to change the color of the metacity theme during the whole day (a change every 30 min).

The problem is, I think that is for the original script too, that if I've an open window and the metacity changes, the window displayed freeze so you have to minimize and maximize it to have it working again.

Any idea? - Mar 25 2010
The Last Amazing Grays Iconset

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Jun 29 2010
Deus contact me by mail or whatever, I told you you can ask me to create some icons by script to ease your great work ;)

Alex - Mar 19 2010
Dropbox Screenlet

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Apr 19 2010
Hi mate!
I'm trying your screenlet, but I've got one problem:

when I'm downloading a file I can't read the complete text but:

Downloading 1 file ( 120 K...)

And I can't resize the screeenlet to read the complete sentence.

How can I read the complete (120 Kb/s etc) ?

Alex - Mar 11 2010
NewLucidWall-logo-by Pablomoreno v.1.2

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Mar 06 2010
Nice and voted UP =P
Great job mate! - Mar 07 2010
Fun Fonts

Fonts 15 comments

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Jan 14 2010
That's a very nicy work, a great collection!
Unlucly you can't install too much fonts because it would slow a lot the startup process.

So, IMHO, best way to avoid slow performances is to check the previews at the main website and then download only the choosen ones.

(Even if a classification per genres would have been easier and faster) - Jan 14 2010
New friend of pengvin

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Oct 20 2014
Nice but I think the beaks would be better a little lower ;) - Dec 27 2009
Dropline NOU!

Icon Sub-Sets 32 comments

by ertz
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Sep 02 2008
Added too ;)

Alex - Dec 22 2009