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Thomas Christiansen , Denmark
Darkness Clock

E Animated Backgrounds by mcliffe 1 comment

This is very, very nice. Thanks alot for this. Keep em' comming ;)

/tacster - Jan 16 2010
Entrance Black Theme

E Entrance Themes by ZaZo0o 10 comments

This is so sweet looking. A bit ashamed to admit that it gave me odd feelings in my loins ;)

Keep up the superb work.

Tips to those who do not feel safe using the terminal.

Open a file browser > [Right Click] anywhere in the filebrowser window and choose [Admin Mode] punsh in your root pass > locate and copy your newly downloaded entrance theme to [# usr/share/entrance/themes]

[Right Click] The desktop > Choose [Settings Panel] > choose [System] from the top icons > [Login configurator].

Punch in your root password > [Change Theme] > Choose your theme and click it > wait for a second or two and click [ok] at the “Do you like to use this theme for the default entrance theme ?” popup box.

Press and hold [Ctrl] [Alt] [Backspace] and viola! You should be looking at you new sexy entrance theme.

- Jan 16 2010

Enlightenment Themes by verdegal37 6 comments

Very, very nice work. Really soft on the eyes. Thanks a lot for this theme.

Keep up the brilliant work you have done. - Jan 15 2010