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Nov 21 2007
I've installed the latest Suse 10.1 64bit RPM and was getting a libsland error when trying to run, so I created a link so my libsland and now LMMS starts up.

When LMMS starts I get errors saying plugin not found and when I try to load a demo project, again it cannot find any of the plugins.

I have /usr/share/lmms/presets which appears to have all the files but LMMS doesn't seem to find them.

Any idea's??? - Jul 22 2006

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by jce
Score 50.0%
Jun 14 2006
The screenshots look great!..

I run make and get lots of errors relating to xml?

I'm using suse 10.1 and have libxml2 version 2.6 installed.

Any idea's of what could be wrong? - Jun 13 2006