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Aug 26 2011
I have always intended to release at least one more version but I have not managed to make time for this project. I wrote a quick guide in this deviantart comment on how to add new icons to the theme. - Jun 01 2014
This project have been on hold for some time. However I'm considering working on it again soon.

These are calendar programs right? A quick fix could be just make a copy of the calendar.svg icon in ~/.icons/ACYL_Icon_Theme_0.9.5/scalable/apps/ and name it correctly.

A tip for finding the correct name of the icons is locating them in the /usr/share/icons/hicolor/apps/ folder and see what name they have there. Works most of the time. - Jan 30 2013
I don't know how that works so I can't say anything for certain but you could give ACYL_Icon_Theme_0.9.5 a shot as that is the name of the folder. Good luck! - Oct 18 2012
All three of them works without a problem for me. The icon location might be different for other versions of the programs in which case I don't know it. - May 19 2012
Well, the script depends on the python modules listed in the error text. I don't know which packages they all originate from. But most of them should be pretty standard and come with an installation of python.

You should have the "sys" module if you have installed python. I have no idea why you get an error, although I have gotten this reported to me once before. It was on a fresh install of ubuntu 11.10. That time it seemed to solve itself after a reboot. Sorry I can't be of much help. - May 14 2012
Heh, I just noticed from some older comments that you have changed versions in the script before so the last part of my previous post is somewhat redundant. But I guess it could be good for other people with similar problems. =) - Jan 27 2012
The script does NOT support python 3.xx. I think it would work if you install version 2.6 or a higher 2.xx. It should not be any problem having two version of python at the same time, but I recommend you look it up to see if there is something special that needs to be done.

If you do decide to install python 2.x you might have to tell the script what version it should use.
And here is a mini-guide on how to do that:
* Find the file in ~/.icons/Any_Color_You_Like_0.9.4/scalable/scripts/
* Edit the first line in a text editor, it should be something like #!/usr/bin/env python2.x when you are done. Where python2.x should match the version you have installed. - Jan 27 2012
What does it say exactly? And what version of python do you have? - Jan 27 2012
Good to hear you like them! Your gtk theme looks similar to my own, but I guess thats because we both use the HC engine. =) - Aug 10 2011
It would certainly be possible, and very easy to do with filters. However, rsvg which is used by gnome to render the icons has a bug that makes blurred object render incorrectly for some sizes. This is enough reason for me not to implement it in the official release as I think it looks bad.

Here is the bug:

It was reported 2004 and I have submitted a patch for it but nothing indicates it is going to be fixed soon. It isn't even marked confirmed. =( - May 09 2011
First of all the icon needs to be an svg file. The svg also needs to be structured properly.

The svg should only have one path, and it's id should be "path-main" and it's style properties should be "fill:none".
Somewhere in the svg there also needs to be the these tags "<acyl-settings></acyl-settings>".

If you have done this correctly it should be in the correct color after running the script.

It is hard to explain and I wrote this kinda quickly. I suggest you take a look in one of the icons and see how it is structured. If you have any questions after that, feel free to ask. =)
- May 07 2011
Well the theme already has an ardour icon. It might be that I've got the name wrong or that ardour doesn't follow icon-themes.

Thanks anyway. =) - Apr 12 2011
Good to hear it all worked out for you. A quick question tho. Does it still work if you change the script to say python2.6? - Apr 07 2011
Thanks for your comment. I will look into it. =) - Feb 25 2011
I haven't made any plans for the next release but I will certainly look into it. =) - Feb 22 2011
Okay, well from the error message given it does fail when loading the modules. I haven't got any more ideas of what the problem can be. So I can't help you without any more information. =( - Feb 22 2011
Arch comes with python 3 right? Maybe the modules are installed for version 3 and not 2.7? I think it is something to look into at least. - Feb 19 2011
Ok, then it should be one or more of the modules listed that are missing. It could also be the gettext module, it should be listed there but I guess I missed it. - Feb 18 2011
Alright, if you have been looking in the python file then you might have seen which modules is imported. Those should be the only requirements to run the script. I don't know which packages contains these modules as I have never tried arch... Bash and perl would also be needed for everything to work.

What kind of output do you get when running the script? - Feb 18 2011
Which version of python do you have? - Feb 17 2011
Well, the apply panel idea was nice. But the implementation was bad. This is because the panel icons comes from icons in other categories. It is unlikely that I will bring it back, unless someone actually makes a panel category for icon themes and that it is widely implemented.

If you are really desperate I have some ideas of how to get different icons for the panel. I will tell you the one I think is the best. I have not tried it, but I think it will work, but make a backup of the icons, just in case. =)

This assumes you use both the 0.9.2 and 0.9.3 versions.

Edit the "index.theme" file in acyl 0.9.2

Set the "name" attribute to something like "AnyColorYouLikePanel" then add a line under it that says "Inherits=AnyColorYouLike".

Now, go the the "real_icons" folder, still in 0.9.2 and remove all directories except the one named "panel". After that you should remove all the broken symlinks you can find in the icon categories located in the scalable folder.

This should make the 0.9.2 version only affect the panel icons and leave the rest of the icons to the 0.9.3 version. Just make sure the icon theme you use is the 0.9.2 version. =)

Hope this helps! - Feb 04 2011
My guess it that fedora uses ver 2.7 of python. The script is set to use 2.6 but 2.7 should be compatible.

Go to: ~/.icons/ACYL_Icon_Theme_0.9.3/scalable/scripts/

open the file in a text editor. The first line looks like this:

#!/usr/bin/env python2.6

Change it to:

#!/usr/bin/env python2

This will make the script use any version of python 2.x that is installed. If this doesn't work I need more information, like terminal output. - Jan 30 2011
Thanks. =) - Jan 25 2011
Nice to hear it worked and that you like the theme. If you find any more problems with it, tell me and I will do my best to fix them. =) - Jan 23 2011
I think I may have found the problem.

To fix it go to:

Find the file named "battery-100-charging.svg". Copy it and name the copy "gpm-battery-charged.svg".

Do the same with "battery-000.svg" and name the copy "gpm-battery-empty.svg".

I can't test this myself but this will very likely fix the problem. =) - Jan 22 2011
I get what you mean now. I can observe it on my gnome-panel for example. And as you say it is out of my hands, so a screenshot is not necessary. - Jan 20 2011
Actually I don't really get the idea.... =)

Maybe a screenshoot could explain it better? - Jan 20 2011
I know! I have thought about it for a long time but never found a design that I like. I will try harder for the next release. =D - Jan 18 2011
I don't really know what the problem is. You could try to copy the "help.svg" icon in the "apps" directory of the theme and name it "help-contents.svg". I don't think it would matter but it is the only thing I can think of. =/ - Jan 18 2011
Taking a quick look trough the .desktop icons I estimate that there is about ten of them that needs special fixes. The rest I think wouldn't be a problem to fix for the next release. - Jan 18 2011
I assume you mean the icon. After having looked into it real quick, I suspect this could be one of those icons that does not follow the standard gnome-icon-theme. - Jan 17 2011
I do not choose where the gtk-help.svg icon is used. If I place it anywhere else the programs won't be able to find it.

If I have misunderstood something, please clarify. - Jan 17 2011
Wow thats a lot of apps. Don't know if I will manage to go through them all. It would be much easier if you could find the actual icons and send them to me. This way I wouldn't need to install all the programs myself.
If you are interested they are usually located in


If the icons can't be found there, then the program don't follow the regular standard. If you really want to see the icon themed you need to bring it up with the developers for each app.

This is the case for the WICD icons, however I have made a special fix for these that can be applied under the "other" tab. Although I have decided to stop making these special fixes as it is just to much work. And I think it should be done by the developers of the apps. - Jan 17 2011
Okay, but there is already an exec icon in the theme. But the extension one can be fixed. =) - Jan 02 2011
I don't understand what icons you are referring to. Do you know what their file name is? - Jan 02 2011
I will look into it. =) - Dec 18 2010
I usually use it have worked nicely for me so far.

I have taken a quick look at the code and changelog and it seams good. The current state files are for the cli interface if you were wondering. The cli menu won't recognize them automatically but it doesn't matter as I'm dropping the current cli anyway. =)

The reason why I'm using gtk... Well basically it is because I looked around a little and found glade which seamed pretty easy and that is for gtk. Are there any big advantages with tkinter? I guess better portability is one thing. So maybe one day I'll redo the gui if I think it's worth it. =) - Nov 11 2010
If you tar the files that have been changed and send them over I will have a look at it when I have time. Right now I'm kinda busy so I don't know when I'll get around to it tho. - Nov 05 2010
Hi! I am glad you are showing an interest in my icon theme and want to help.

The easiest way would probably be to pack them in a tar and upload them to a hosting site then post the link here. Then I can just integrate them myself and ship them with the next release. =)

The svgs have to have a certain structure to work with the script, if you have it all figured out then thats all and well, if not I can post the icons again after I have made sure they work. - Nov 03 2010
Good to hear it worked out for you. =) - Oct 24 2010
Yes the plan is to phase out as much bash code as possible and do things in python instead. Dunno when I will get around to it though.

I'm not sure how to represent what icons to apply settings on in the gui, I do not really like how it is now. With so many options it feels cluttered.

Good luck with the coding, if you have any questions ask and I will try to answer the best I can. =) - Oct 18 2010
Actually the changes only applies to icons in the acyl folder, if the script were to change the color of icons in the pixmap folder it would need root access and I didn't want to have that for such a general command.
So you have to copy the pidgin icons every time you make a change to have them matching the rest of the icons.

You could rename the pidgin icons in the acyl folder so you won't have to do it every time you want to transfer them, I do not think it would cause any trouble.

I'm gonna try a few things later when I have time so things might change for the next acyl version, what pidigin version do you use? - Oct 13 2010
Thats strange. Fedora seams to handle root privileges somewhat differently then what I am used to. I did a fresh install of fedora 11 and after adding my user to the sudoers file everything works as usual with the permissions. It throws some other errors but those seams to be unrelated and do not affect the system.

This makes it is very hard for me to help you as I don't really have anything to go on as I am unable to reproduce the bug. =( - Oct 11 2010
Try starting the application with sudo. Thats the only thing I can come up with at the moment, if that don't work I will have to do some research. =) - Oct 11 2010
Hehe, of course. Guess I was a little to fast to send away that message without checking things thoroughly. xD - Sep 22 2010
As I said to berserk137, there will be a gentoo logo in the next release. =) - Sep 22 2010
Thanks for helping out! There will be a gentoo logo in the next release, dunno which one tho as I now have three to choose from. =D - Sep 22 2010
Any Color You Like

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Jan 18 2010
I haven't used gtk3 yet so I don't know how it works. I might look into porting this theme when I switch distro to something using gtk3. But I don't know when that will happen. - Jan 24 2012

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by Naf71
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Nov 18 2010
I take that as it is alright then. =) - Oct 10 2010
There are some very nice icons in here, would you mind if I use some of them in my acyl set? =) - Oct 09 2010
Monochrome Circle

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Jan 26 2010
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Jul 19 2009
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Mar 09 2009
London Smoke

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