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Sven Festersen Kiel, Germany

Conky by sventhef 12 comments

You can set the color and transparency of the border in the theme config files in hex format.
The transparency of the white space can not be changed by the theme, because the task list is a simple gtk widget. Its appearance is controlled by your current gtk theme. - Sep 23 2010
Clearlooks Revamp

GTK2 Themes by zentili 33 comments

This is one of the best themes ever! There are only two things that could be improved (in my opinion):

Choosing a custom background color for selected items does not change the color of selected list items. Is this intended? This is ok for me, because i like the blue color.

There is another problem regarding the color of selected list items: they are blue in most applications except Evolution. In Evolution list items appear purple. (see
Is there a way to fix this? - Aug 18 2010

Conky by sventhef 12 comments

I'm glad you like the screenlet. Thanks for reporting this bug. I never tested special characters in titles and comments...

I fixed the bug as you suggested. XML entities can no be used in task titles and comments without crashing the screenlet. - Aug 12 2010

Conky by sventhef 12 comments

Thanks for your suggestions.

I must admit that I'm not very happy with the separation of the the local version and the ftp version. I already considered a combination of them. I'll try to create a running prototype in the next days.

Implementing your idea concerning the colors should not be hard. I'll see what I can do. - Feb 19 2010

Conky by sventhef 12 comments

I'm glad you like it :-)

I added two new themes: 'RealBlackSquared' and 'RealBlackRound'. Hope you like them.

If you want to customize a theme, it's really simple: just edit the theme.conf file in the theme's folder. The options should be self-explanatory. Colors are given in rgba hex format (#rrggbbaa). - Feb 14 2010
Yeah, the photos are really great. But not only the copyright is a problem: the pictures were taken from slightly different angles, so transitions between them would look ugly. - Apr 24 2008
Oh, I didn't think of that. Yeah, I'll try to fix that. - Apr 21 2008

Network by sventhef 6 comments

I now implemented all the features seraphyn suggested. You're right it wasn't that hard because ffmpeg does all the work...

And the project is now hosted on, it's much easier to work with that version control (bazaar) than it was before (I used darcs). - Oct 12 2007

Network by sventhef 6 comments

That's a good idea. Perhabs it may be possible in the next release. - Oct 05 2007

System Software by highno 6 comments

This is a great app! I had something similar implemented using some scripts, but your program works much better. - Sep 24 2007
Hamburg Harbour

Wallpaper Other by roland0815 1 comment

I think a photo taken from the other side of the Landungsbrücken would be nicer...

Anyhow, nice to see pictures of that beautiful town here! - Apr 17 2007

Full Icon Themes
by tiheum

Jul 30 2010